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Just wanted to say that I loved the podcast, I am now going back and listening to all of the old one for the first time. Marc and Andrew play off well off each other. Marc is the quintisential Auto-Harper who does a great job harping about hiself. while Andrew is a man who needs no introduction.........or at least there is none that is fitting of him If you like topics from sci-fi to medival you will like this one, it is a plethora of geekiness. I listen to the podcast when I need a good laugh at work I am hoping to see them perform on day, and look forward to hearinfg the next episode.
I am so glad to see that you guys are back with new programs. I love your podcasts. Great songs and fun to listen shows. Sincerely. Georgeta
It's about freaking time guys! I'm so glad to have a new podcast to listen to from the Bards. I've really missed Marc and Andrew's work. More More More!!!!!
I am buying all of his itunes music to support him. His podcasts are great, and he does it because he loves it and that shows. He seems to be a genuinely good soul who loves cats! But best of all, his music is like none you will find anywhere else. It is light and humurous, and just plain fun! Especially after a few pints, eh? Great work Marc!
Best filk music out there!