Reaching for Lucidity Podcast

Reviews For Reaching for Lucidity Podcast

This is what radio used to be, was supposed to be. A cool, knowledgeable host with a good sense of humor and fine musical taste and without a flood of commercials to clog it all up. Keep on rock'n!
Eban has a knack for finding some of the best indie bands out there and bringing them to you in a way no one else can duplicate.
Eban's got a way with words and he always keeps the music interesting!
This podcast is one of the few music podcasts that I like to listen to. Eban does a great job, presents great music and does it in a very professional way. In my opinion this separates him from the other music podcasts out there.
I was drawn to your commentary which is definitely not politically correct (maybe that's why I was drawn to it). The only thing I wasn't into was the hard-rock. But I realize this show is directed toward that audience so I'd have to say great podcast for Hard-rock listeners!
This podcast has top notch production. Eban has a good voice for podcasting and projects energy. However, what he says is really lol funny! The music he picks is also good to listen to.