The Flatus Show

Reviews For The Flatus Show

Who'd have thought I'd enjoy ukelele music and vaudevillian high humor so much? Kentie & Jose' are awesome and never cease to amaze me with new experiences and new flavors of podcasting! Looking forward to many, many more!
Kentie has a wonderful podcast. A podcast that is so good that I'm actually going to go back and listen to all of the shows. Trust me, I haven't done this in ages. His earlier podcasts are just as wonderful if slightly different. Kentie's greatest charm is his ability to speak frankly and openly while having a less than traditional experience. I've never heard any other podcaster that would talk with his/her mother-in-law's about family history and do her/his own unique and unusual performances on air or talk about the Decalogue. You won't be disappointed...
This show is really satisfying. Kentie puts a lot of work into the show. Silly and serious, dumb and quite smart all at once. Sometimes hilarious; always entertaining. Ukulele tunes from the Jazz age too! The show is full of wonder.
Kentie (and Jose) give us a weekly dose of a modern-day vaudeville show, complete with ukelele songs, recipes, political commentary, readings from Brenda Starr, and just about anything else you can think of. Highly recommended!
You would be hard pressed to find another podcast that blends so many subject matters and remains listenable as Kentie's Flatus Show. Listening to him is hearing a friend sharing more you think he'd want to share, yet you can't pull away.
Kentie has a wonderful podcast full of diversified views. You never know what you will hear there from week to week! There is nothing quite like a ukulele. Cheers foir the show and for Jose!
Grab your poodle and ukulele and give this show a listen. What.... you dont have a poodle and a ukulele? A variety show that that always is new and fresh.
But I'm always awake as I listen to The Flatus Show. Kentie continually surprises me with the vast range of topics he presents week after week. From politics and sociology to music and literature, The Flatus Show is a blend of informative and entertaining that is rare in the podcast world.