Reviews For PotterCast: The Harry Potter Podcast (since 2005)

A once great podcast that feels totally directionless now. The hosts’ hearts aren’t in it anymore, episode releases are sparse and irregular, and it doesn’t seem like they know what they want this show to be anymore.
So appreciative of the conversations around the trans and other marginalized communities in the fandom as I wrestle with my own feelings towards the series I love and hate that I cannot support. Y’all are great!
Been listening since the very first episode. Love that it’s still fun and funny and that there’s still so much to discuss. It’s changed somewhat over the years, but the hosts (& the folks that assist in so many different ways!) are a great. Not afraid to confront the shortcomings of the stories and “real life” but they do it with intention and respect, which is appreciated.
Hysterical and creative HP convos that still feel fresh even in 2021!!!
Love this podcast and the hosts. I’ve been listening to this show for years and I get excited every time there’s a new episode. They have so much love for the fandom and all of the people in it, it is truly a bright spot in what is sometimes a tricky fandom to be a part of. Love you Pottercast!
This is my favorite HP podcast. There are a few long-running HP podcasts but I admire this one the most for not shying away from political issues and criticism of the author. Other shows have distanced themselves from the author but are not so explicit in their denouncement and shy away from discussing political opinions for fear of losing listeners. I respect Pottercast more for expressing their views because it’s the right thing to do. Trans women are women, trans men are men, and Pottercast knows this and wants everyone to know that too. The fandom is a very accepting and loving place and anyone who wants a home here can find it.
... at least. I’ve been listening to Pottercast for so long they’re like family to me. From Melissa to John, to Frankie and Sue, my mind is comforted when I hear their voices. I think they stand up for the right thing, like the Order of the Phoenix would, including Trans rights/respect and overall will to see light in a dark world.
Just writing to say I appreciate how great this show is at addressing things that matter. This show is hilarious, ethical, and amazing.
I just recently started listening to this podcast. I started with some episodes in 2007 to hear what it was like when the 7th book came out. I also listened to their newer episodes, and let me just say that it has gone very much downhill. In 2007, the show was nothing but pure Potter celebration and magic. But fast forward to now—if you like a show where the hosts do nothing but ramble about their conflicted feelings on the trans movement or how they feel about Trump, or their frustration on representation, then this is the show for you. Instead of a show where the hosts love Harry Potter, this has become a show where the hosts hate Harry Potter. It’s really quite sad because it used to be so great. Now it is just depressing, political, and controversial. #PotterCastgotwoke #expectopaWOKE
I understand if people don’t agree with others opinions, but the length people go to try and demonize people just because they don’t share the same opinion is the antithesis of what is SHOULD mean to be an adult l. I’ve told my 7 year old a couple times that “it’s ok not to like the same thing” when his friends don’t want to play with his toys. I feel like these host didn’t get the “it’s ok to be different and share different views” as kids. I blame their parents
The hosts got woke and ruined the show.
You mean a spin off covering the history of the Ministry of Magic? Like from the first Minister to the current? I could see that since there is a lot of information on Ministers. I actually have listed them by years according to the information that I have found. Also, was the DADA classroom on the 3rd floor? Finally if anyone knows the names of the Wizarding Schools that we haven’t already seen in the films I would be ever grateful.
I didn’t listen to Pottercast as it came out live over the years. As a huge Harry Potter fan, I started listening in 2017 w/ Troll in the Tineline and loved it! A few months later I decided to start at the beginning, and now, 2 years and many walks later, I only have one more episode until I’ve looped back to Troll. So hard to believe. The show is amazing, and while I’m sure it was great to listen real time, it was fantastic to listen to the debates and theorizing knowing what would occur. I’ve now been to two Leakycons, and just love the whole thing. SOOOO recommended for ANY Potter fan!!!!
PotterCast declines in quality and increases in political rhetoric and creates a hostile space for Harry Potter Fans. With dozens of better options out there, skip this one.
This podcast is amazing!! I love it so much!!
You are an iconic podcast. You have fans and a reach that nobody else has. It is time for you to use that power to speak out, on behalf of the trans community. You have talked about it briefly... in the past, but JK Rowling has doubled down, and become a true monster. People need to hear from you. We need more. Please.
Did you know there is a new Harry Potter movie coming out?
Pottercast and the HP fandom got me through some really difficult times, and I really appreciate now how they are tackling the difficult issues with courage and compassion. Much love to you guys Melissa, John, and Frak!
Just recently discovered this podcast and I absolutely love it!!! You guys crack me up and make so many valid points I’m sad I didn’t discover you all sooner!
This is awesome keep it going I love it it has made me so happy
Been listening since the beginning and still appreciate the deep dives into the most random Harry Potter things, the fun, and making sure they stand up for all Harry Potter fans!
Love the hosts and their quirkiness. Also love that they aren’t afraid to use their platform to stand up for others!
These are true fans who aren’t afraid to discuss complex topics. I get excited every time there’s a new episode because it makes me feel like part of the fandom. Forever a fan!
I have been listening to this show since forever and they are like true (virtual) Harry Potter friends. If you need some joy in your life, hit subscribe!
Not only is this my favorite Harry Potter podcast, but it’s also what got me hooked on podcasts as a medium. Funny, loving, smart ... you know... like the Harry Potter books.
I’ve been listening since 2007 and I love this podcast!!!! Thank y’all for continuing to connect the fandom 💖


Amazing a lot of fun
I’ve been listening to these guys since 2005. I love these people!
It’s great to hear from the fandom and have these great hosts share their knowledge and ideas with us. If you like Harry Potter this is a great podcast.
Leaky and Pottercast have been go to’s since Harry Potter started. I love that they’re keeping the fandom alive! ❤️
I don't know if I was listening since the very beginning, but I definitely listened extremely early on. I love these guys.
It’s hard to imagine that it’s been almost 15 years, but here we are. Simply one of the best Harry Potter podcasts online that has maintained it throughout the evolving fanbase.
Been listening to this show since the early days when I had to stealthily download episodes in the school computer lab because our dial up at home was too slow. Always loved it, show is just as good now as it was then!
This show has been, and still is, absolutely amazing!! I love that it has been so long since the books & they are still making episodes. Never a dull moment & always making me feel like my tribe is still out there. Love them!!
I have been listening to PotterCast since 2007, and over the last thirteen years, I have come to love and cherish the group of folks who sit down and dive deep into a book series that has changed all of our lives. Melissa, John, and Frak are funny, kind, weird, intelligent, and make me love the series more than I thought I could. Thanks folks ❤️
J.K. wrote these seven astonishing books, each one more profound, deep and brilliant than the last. J.K. is not manipulated by political correctness and groupthink. She hates groupthink, and she makes that clear on every page of the HP series. Instead, she relies on logic, science and compassion in forming her opinions. Woke is a joke. J.K. is a role model of objectivity and intelligence. Since that’s not what I found here, I’ll pass.
Listen to it if you haven’t already
I’m sorry but, I do thing that there are better podcasts then this. I’m say Swish and Flick is a way better podcast! Please go check them out. Their podcast is entertaining and funny! I listen to it well I go on my run. But NO WAY!
I am a GIANT harry potter fan, and this is the best podcast I have found on harry potter. It is funny and COMPLETELY kid appropriate. This podcast let me go back to the magical land of Harry Potter after I read all 7 books and watched all 8 movies. People share so very cool thoughts and views on the series and it's fun to be able to relate to that. If your a parent reading this, know that I would recommend this to any kid or adult that likes harry potter. I myself am Child, I'm twelve and I have not found anything in this podcast ( so far) that has been inappropriate or disturbing. That's my take on this series, I hope this help you.
I have been listening to Pottercast for years,as well as Mugglecasts. I find their views very interesting it always leaves me with a different way of looking at the Harry Potter fandom of Stories differently than i had before,i give Pottercast five stars because a lot of thought is put into their podcasts and its a fandom of friendships opinion unlike others aren’t judgmental by them,i found they are always open to hearing others opinions ,Pottercast and LeakyCon do a lot and deserve a much better rating and review. It doesn’t change another’s opinion on a subject it makes it more interesting and there isn’t anything wrong with hearing others although ive seen it when it comes to fandoms some are not interested in another’s view only their own but it doesn’t change mine and im open to hearing other opinions thats what i love mostly about panels and Harry Potter podcasts. They are big time fans and love the fandom just as much ,we are all part of the same fandom and they are excellent.
I’ve been a fan of the podcast since episode 1. And through that I’ve seen it grow from a podcast on a series of books to something more profound and important. They are truly a voice of sanity and heart in a sometimes cruel world.
Bad podcast. Listen to mugglecast or fantastic geeks and where to find them, as alternative HP podcasts
If you enjoy divisive leftist idnetity politics. This is for you.
Amazing podcast
It’s not like I thought it was like.🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
Hi guys! I’m listening to the latest episode and I’m screaming at my phone! Now, please note, I think the only reason this information is so crystal clear is because I’m re-reading Prisoner right now! BUT! When Hagrid tells the story about when he went to get Harry (on Dumbledores orders) Sirius showed up and argues with Hagrid over being Harry’s Godfather and being the one who should take him. Eventually Hagrid wins by drilling “Dumbledore’s orders” into Sirius’ head. So he did check on him. It’s just not told to us til halfway through Book 3. Anyway! Love you guys and the Podcast.
This show is an old fave and on a whim I decided to see if it was still active. I picked an episode from about a year ago and dove right back in. I was instantly transported back to 2005 on my college campus, when I listened faithfully to the very first episodes of pottercast. This was a time you received a quizzical look when you said the word podcast. Thank you, thank you to Melissa, John, and Frak for bringing a little more joy into my everyday. I know what I’ll be bingeing for the rest of the summer.
I think this podcast is good but i think it is trying a little too hard to be “trendy” I think it could use some work a little more comedy I would recommend fantastic geeks if you ask me