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I’ve given a couple of podcasts a listen and I can only muster halfway thru the podcast before turning it off. Do you routinely talk and shout over one another? You can’t possibly believe this makes for easily listening. I can watch “the View” if I wanted to hear a bunch of cackling.
I've been listening since before Deathly Hallows came out. Although I wish they would produce episodes more frequently, this was the first podcast I started listening to. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to any Potter fan.
They have interviews with cast members, just good content, and it’s age appropriate for anyone about 7 and older!
On Pottermore.com is says that Dumbledore himself trained her in Transfiguration, so I believe he for sure would have know what her animagus Tabby Cat looked like.
Sometimes... It sounds like the cast of Scooby-Doo sitting around talking about Potter stuff. It used to be a bit more structured... professional. It's fun. Its just... at the end of each podcast I ask myself, "What was that all about?"... Oh... Please stay away from politics. One could make a Potter comparisons to any political party (good and bad). Heck... I still think it possible that Umbrige and Voldemort were running against each other (polyjuice). Hard to know which would be worse.
I am a Harry Potter fanatic. I have read the books multiple times, watched the movies too many times, and know more than I should about a fictional universe. That being said I love listening to the podcast and being able to listen to a first time reader delve into it all. Do I agree with all of his opinions? No. But I do get some great laughs. If you are looking to relive reading these books... yet as an adult this is the podcast for you.
I only discovered this podcast about a week ago and am obsessed. I've always loved the Harry Potter movies and have read a few of the books but this podcast has inspired me to go back a reread the series in full! I love the work you guys are doing and find all your fights and discussions beyond entertaining.
I started listening to this show in 2008 (and haven't stopped since then), which was after the last Potter book was published, so I missed out on all of the theorizing and anticipation that happened between books. I did go back and listen to older episodes, which clued me in on all of the fun that I had missed in the years before that, but I was jealous that I missed out on all the excitement! Now that we're in this time between "Fantastic Beasts" films, I'm hoping this podcast will continue to be the amazing place for fans to listen and get their geeky fandom fix! I've loved all of the discussion and theorizing from the hosts about future films since the first "Beasts" film, keep up the fantastic work!
I've been listening to Pottercast since the beginnng and have never written a review! It's time. Pottercast has always been important to my life but 5 years ago, I moved to the mountains in Puerto Rico to start a sustainable farm with my partner to not only grow food but medicinal herbs for my (very small) business; creating tinctures & potions makes me feel like a real-life witch and I LOVE IT. Anyway, my point is, in my somewhat isolated location, Pottercast fills my heart with so much warmth and gives me the potter-obsessed friends that I never had, making me feel a little less lonely; there's nothing like talking to someone about Potter who also KNOWS potter. I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to hear them discuss things I've already thought of myself, feeling like I am actually there in the room having these conversations with them, diving into details. I'm so excited for future conversations about Fantastic Beasts & whatever else the fandom brings. So, from a little corner of the world, on a little island in the Carribbean, I just wanted you to know that Pottercast plays in the background as I craft herbal medicine to heal my community. THANK YOU for the laughter, for your good energy, and for your commitment, always. xo: Megan
I started listening to Potterless because my sister told me about it. I am an adult who loves Harry Potter and this podcast has me laughing all the time. It's so good. There are so many things that I didn't catch when I was younger and it great. I've already recommends it to several of my friends.
The way she laid into Frak for saying JK was being aggressive was just malicious. She used that situation to bring in the fact that she is a feminist and anti-trump. Frak has no ill intention bone in his body. Look, I don't like trump and I believe in woman's equality in the work place and beyond, but the way she went after Frak was malicious and down right mean. She could have been so much nicer about and presented feminism in a way that doesn't support the notion that feminists are just angry women trying to find any little thing to turn on men. I really expected better out of Melissa.
Takes me back to 2007. So much fun to have you guys back on the air!
I have been a fan of Pottercast since the beginning back when Half Blood Prince had just been release. This podcast was actually my very first foray into the podcast world and I loved it! It was always filled with great discussions about the series and world that we all love. But ever since they have returned after "ending" the show it has been a mess. It's been very disorganized and just sort of a jumble of random topics. I miss the great Potter discussion they used to have. I am truly disappointed in how negative the podcast has become in recent episodes. I know there is a lot of negativity in the world and discussions of politics are everywhere right now, but I don't come to my Harry Potter podcast for them. In the two most recent episodes especially Melissa has taken large chunks of time to just go off angrily about politics or feminism. I am not saying I don't agree with her views, I just don't think a Harry Potter podcast is the place for them. No one (and I mean no one) comes to Pottercast for that. I truly cannot deal with the negativity and anger that seem to be a major part of Pottercast now. I am sad to be hitting the unsubscribe button after over a decade of diligent listening.
I tried, I really did. I used to listen to them way back when, and they got pretty annoying. I came back after Christmas and thought maybe they had gotten better. Nope, if you want to listen to people argue and interrupt each other and not listen to what the others are saying, this podcast is for you. If you want to listen to political rantings every time you tune it, it's all yours. Heaven help you if you do are not March stepping right in line with their ideals. I am done. Too many podcasts that discus things I enjoy, like Fantastic Beast, and the original HP.
No other potter podcast has had the great JKR take the reigns and give an interview away. You should listen. More editing is required. They are so informed that sometimes they ramble with info I'm not familiar with, but I want to be where they are at. If they gave the background it would be great to hear that specificity. they are regularly killing the game. They are fun when they debate you can tell they are passionate this is like their bible. I want to say thank you so much for the episode in which your hostess with the most told the truth about tolerating hate. We tolerate people we don't tolerate hate. Thanks for your bravery. I'm sure you won't loose listeners but if you do thanks for speaking the truth.
I've been listening to this podcast for 7 years, and every episode is fantastic fun. The chemistry and the humor among the hosts, the news, the theories, the insights, and the genuine enthusiasm puts this podcast high above other Harry Potter podcasts. Bring J.K. Rowling back on for another episode!
Absolutely the best podcast to listen to if you love Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World! I've been going though the old episodes and it's so much fun. Keep up the great work!
Thank you John, Melissa, Frack and Zack for providing the only in depth conversation about Harry and his world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
So, I have insomnia, and so every night I struggle. However, that was before I discovered this podcast. Now I listen to it before I go to bed every night and can find a way to smile and laugh and be happy about something. Thank you! Keep going! I'm a big fan of this podcast and love it so much! I'm pretty sure I even remember hearing I live by one of you guys and got so excited and happy to know that I'm not so far away from everything!
With all the new stuff happening in the Potterverse, it's great to have the old crew back (well, some of them, plus some new additions) to keep us all up to date.


Hilarious and enlightening to listen to!
I’ve been listening to Pottercast since 2006!!!! I’m so glad they’ve come back, it feels like hearing old friends again :) Please keep up the great work! P.S. when is Jo coming back on the show? ;)


By Tk8436
I look forward to each new episode and really enjoy listening.
My favorite potter podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! Takes me away from the escalated doom and gloom we now see in the news and creates a bright spot in my day! Love listening to John and Melissa duke it out over theories. All four of them bring an interesting take and offer opinions on the HP world that makes me want to dive deeper into this magical world. The Four of them are absolutely wonderful! Thank you!!!
Pottercast was a staple in my life during the late 2000's, and I'm so glad that not only is the HP fandom bumping again, but also that some of my favorite podcasters are regularly recording again!!


By juls828
The first podcast I ever listened to and it's still my favorite after all these years.
Fantastic, entertaining, and just amazing overall!
One of the best and longest running HP podcasts out there. Very intelligent hosts and excellent production.
i love pottercast so much. seven years ago, i got caught up on all of the pottercasts to that point. now, revisting this podcast fills my heart with so much joy. it's funny, it's light, but it's also incrediby engaging. i'm excited to see where it goes with fantastic beasts -- i've missed listening to pottercast.
I first subscribed to Pottercast years ago but hadn't gotten around to listening to the episodes until I was taking a long drive to escape a destructive relationship a year and a half ago. I was searching through my hundreds of podcasts on my Ipod hoping for something to lift my spirits, and decided to finally listen to the episodes. I quickly found myself laughing, agreeing, and wanting to join in their conversations! I love the passion and insight Melissa, John, Sue (you are missed <3), and Frak bring to the books and movies. Now that we have "new" Potter-world material from J.K. Rowling, I'm super excited to hear the new observations, theories, and insights from the Pottercast gang! I even had to see Fantastic Beasts a second time after listening to their initial review, which is a big deal since my closest movie theatre is 70 miles away! I look forward to the continuing episodes of Pottercast, and more Fantastic Beasts (J.K. Rowling is my hero!).....and I'm really looking forward to eventually watching the epic duel between Dumbledore and Grindlewald, and hearing the Pottercast gang talking about Potter for many years to come!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Love this podcast!! Very well done, and the hosts have so much insider knowledge, having been working in and around the HP world for so long.
Pottercast in 2016?! Regular episodes?? I'm so here for it. The new Fantastic Beasts franchise would not be NEARLY as exciting for me if I didn't have Pottercast to listen to for all the new theories and debates. I am so looking forward to making the new episodes be part of my routine.
Get all around insight
I found this podcast almost exactly one year ago and over that year I listened to every podcast listed. I enjoyed them all. The hosts are like old friends and they make me laugh out loud and feel like I have real friends in the Wizarding World. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is a Potter fan and also an Avatar fan from time to time.
This podcast couldn't be any better!! I've spent the last couple days listening to the first episodes
I reviewed this show way back in 2009, and have been listening to it since 2007. PotterCast was everything to me and got me through so many years. I've gone through new computers and new iPods and I've lost my big file of all the PotterCast episodes, and the website has probably been down for years. But almost nothing makes me as happy as old episodes do. I will always love this show and treasure it more than almost anything.


Seems to be more bickering on this podcast and hosts picking at each other about proper use of vocabulary than actually talking about HP. I just started listening to mugglecast a few months ago and have listened to a couple episodes of this one and I think mugglecast’s hosts do a better job overall
I tried a LONG time ago to download your "last ever" podcast. It didn't work, and today while sitting around I thought "Why not see if that was ever fixed? I listened for a long time and I'd like to see how they went out". Once I saw you had new episodes I thought "YAY!" Surely it's been fixed now!" NOPE. It is STILL not working. Guys, come ON. Hundreds of episodes and your last one has never been available on iTunes to listen to it? Ridiculous. I give you five for a good podcast but subtract three for laziness.
This is one of my favorite Harry Potter podcasts. I'm also happy to have a new episode even though there aren't many.
Man, this thing stank! I listen for 2 min and the only part worth it was J.K. Rowling's voice and she was just announcing the podcast! Don't waste your time like I did on this nonsense!
There’s something wrong with this episode on iTunes! I can get all the other ones to download, but this one won’t preview or download! I’d really like to listen to it, and I love PotterCast, but it’s not working. :( I hope it’s fixed soon!
You guys don't know how insanely happy I am for your return. I missed the Pottercast shenanigans. I guess the things we lose really do have a way of coming back to us in the end ;)
don't go now I have something for you to talk about they are making a new movie and I love listening to you talk it makes me feel like I have other Harry potter freinds to talk to you are my true freinds and nothing will change that and I think your funny frank and the new movie they are making is fantastic beasts and where to find them
You guys babble and make noise for the sake of it.... Very annoying... Try to be like other Podcasts out there... It's not difficult
I will miss you guys...thank you for everything <3
Where is the 250 esipoide
i love this show. i use to listen every week but now i switched computers and can only download 24 podcasts. i want all of them!!!
I Love Pottercast but what's up with the podfade? i,ve been waiting months to hear ep 250 that you guys were suppose to record at leackycon!