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I’ve listened to GoNintendo for over a decade, when the rumors of the Nintendo Revolution controller were at their peak. I’m sure the podcast isn’t for everyone (which is obvious from the baffling lack of only 5 star reviews,) but it is always a highlight of my weekend. They are the Tim and Eric of Nintendo news, and it’s clear they bring joy and passion to every podcast. Not to mention RawMeat’s hard work as the lead editor and creator of the website. It’s raw (no pun intended), absurd, and surprisingly dense with knowledge and in-jokes that span years now. If you have a cursory interest in Nintendo news and appreciate off the wall humor, then I think you’ve found a new audio feed right to your brain for your next morning commute. Or if you’re just grinding away at some mats for your next upgrade in-game. This is the best shovel on the internet. I give it five stars, one Project HAMMER E3 Demo, and two GameCube controllers where it had that built in hand cooling jets and was so dope, out of five stars.
Not much else to say. RMC knows everything thing about Nintendo and surrounds himself with one person who knows a decent amount, one person who doesn’t listen or really participate in the discussion, one person who acts like he never played a video game in his life. It’s a casual podcast that’s why it works. I still think this is one of the best Nintendo podcasts and it makes me laugh a lot
Been listening to a bunch of Nintendo podcasts ever since Nintendo launched their official one. On its own, this one seems okay, but I don't know, I feel that the competition here is rough and Go Nintendo isn't quite up to the speed of the others out there.


Bad. Really bad. I wish I could give it 0 stars. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is so disappointing. It’s almost impossible to understand because like 8 people are all talking over each other at once. There’s always at least one person laughing at a horribly unfunny joke. The latest episode is a bunch of people talking over themselves for 17 & 1/2 minutes before Nintendo is even mentioned. The audio quality is horrific. It’s one bad, cheap mic in the center of a room. This is awful. Don’t waste your time. There are a a dozen Nintendo podcasts out there that are far better. Guys....do better. This is really, really bad. Nobody wants to listen to eight people talk drivel for 2 hours.
Not to say this one is BAD but there are certainly plenty of better ones out there.
Just don't like the way they talk and cover things.
RawMeatCowboy and his crew have been doing this a long time. They are enjoyable to listen to most of the time, they genuinely love Nintendo. They do go off long tangents at times, but as a whole if you enjoy NIntendo news and discussion, this is a good one.
Decent podcast but unfortunately it plays out more like a group of friends sitting around talking than a professional podcast such as IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat. The host, RMC, frequently makes fun of his commenters. His guests often have no clue what is going on in the Nintendo world such as one saying as much as "the Switch is a portable?" which leaves it feeling a little disqualified and less reputable than other podcasts. The banter between this group is often distasteful and they usually run off into other non-Nintendo related chit chat that prolongs this podcast. You are often ready to just turn it off and listen to something else like Rebel Force Radio or even opera... good luck getting through one episode.
This podcast is all over the place. it's random jumble. Save your ears.
I have tried for months but this podcast always gets errors when downloading. Sad because I would love to hear it. The host is awesome and funny with a great sense of humor.
I don't mind the belching by the host. His obnoxious delivery style, the woman yelling from the background off-mic is grating, and the too many other rarely-identified people in the background piping in with the most cliched, overused, non-sequitir jokes should probably be on mic if they are going to be there at all. I find myself zoning out constantly because the host's delivery style is not conducive to listening to information being conveyed or telling stories. Also, if you're going to do a Nintendo podcast, learn how to pronounce Mario. Either that or don't say Mario every 3 sentences. I recommend IGN's "Nintendo Voice Chat" or NintendoEverything's "Here's a Podcast For You" instead.
Good podcast but when the host repeatedly burps out loud it's pretty off-putting and disgusting. For god sakes man, stop burping directly into the microphone.
I made it through maybe 20 minutes of this podcast and I got so annoyed with the host burping I couldn't take it anymore and quit listening. It has to be by far the worst 20 minutes of podcasting I've ever heard.
I really enjoy the podcast and it's insight into the world of Nintendo. My only suggestion is to quit the burping. It's unprofessional and really off putting into finishing the podcast. It would be my favorite Nintendo podcast otherwise.
...but a hot mess as a podcast. Does it annoy you when a podcast features people constantly trying to talk over eachother? Do you get slightly irritated when the host belches or blows his nose directly into the mic during sentences? Would it bother you if half of the hosts of your Nintendo podcast were completely apathetic to Nintendo games and had next to nothing to contribute to the show? If you answered yes to any of these questions, save yourself some time and pass this one by.
I got through about half an episode and the hosts incessant burping really grossed me out. It's unprofessional, it's disgusting, and there is no reason for it. It was gross when Howard Stern did it, and it's disgusting here. The news is obviously taken from a google search done right before the show is taped. Official Nintendo Magazine and Indendo are much better podcasts for the latest Nintendo news. I will never listen to goNintendo again.
GoNintendo has been around for years and continually tops the charts as not only the best Nintendo-themed podcast, but video game podcast altogether. The crew is memorable and full of jokes, and you will be waiting all week for the latest episode to be uploaded. Highly recommended.


Very good podcasts with entertaining hosts. Female gamers are a plus. SUBSCRIBE!!!
Great podcast listening since 07
I abosolutely love this show! I listen to it every week. Every time you can expect great news coverage of Nintendo as well as hilarious banter. :) Give it a listen!
One of the oldest and best Video Game podcasts anywhere, and fine even if you don't care about Nintendo or Games! The cast has maintained most of it's members over the years, and it's a gathering of great friends getting together, joking around, which provides pretty great entertainment. If you're not listening, you're missing out! I catch it everyweek, hoping they'll finally have their long awaited contest where I can win a date with Crazy Lube! (One of the funniest podcast sidekicks on the whole internet!)
Havent missed a show since episode 62..... It has become a staple if my life. The people and conversations are hilarious, and the news is great!


By dstins
You guys are brilliant. This is always pure entertainment ;3
You're welcome for the popularity boost ⬆
I love GoNintendo podcast. Tons of great Nintendo talk and als pretty funny. All in all I recommend you listen to it.
I've been listening for years and its always a blast.
you get attached over time
This podcast has been my favorite for years. I love the crew more than my family.
The GoNintendo Podcast is not for everyone, but it's certainly for me. If you are going into this podcast looking for a bunch of news, just don't listen to it. Read the website. This podcast is actually just a group of friends talking mostly lightheartedly about Nintnendo news and the games they are playing. What you get is a lot of inside jokes, laughter, and stories. While this is a video game podcast, the show often ventures into other subjects including the personal lives of podcast members, and I really like the show for that. Some people, however, will be turned off by the endless Tim and Eric and Simpsons references, potty humor, and funny stories. RawmeatCowboy (the owner and administrator of GoNintendo) covers Nintendo news literally all day long. When he and his friends sit to do the podcast, I see it as kind of a release from the constant onslaught of Nintendo news he has to cover. They do talk about Nintendo, the Wii, 3DS, DS, Wii U, etc, but they also have a good time. You can tell that this friends aren't nearly as passionate about gaming as he is and because of that the podcast is a bit unfocused, but I like it because of that. Give it a try. If you like it, great. If you don't, stop listening to it.
I have listened to this podcast everyweek for the last 2 years. They have not missed one show and are very interactive with their fans. Rmc's website gonintendo has all news nintendo an is a great source of information. This podcast offers a part of that great information as well as the opinion and the chatter of some really likable friends. I look toward to this podcast and it's various features everyweek and I thank the podcast crew for what they do. A must listen!!!!!!!
I'm always listening to the GoNintendo podcast during work hours to make the day go by faster. RMC and friends do a great job keeping me up to date on all things Nintendo. Keep it up guys!
Everything you would ever need in a podcast.


By Avox196
I have listens to this cast ever sence cast 63 and the site and cast are both great and the members are sooo kind it's sooo fun it's like listening to a comedy show Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rmc Aka Kevin Cassidy
This is a very devisive podcast, as you can easily see from the reviews here. Some people will immediately dismiss it for it's wild and hectic style and at times shoddy audio quality. But to others, it's a great podcast. I'm part of the latter. When I listen to the GoNintendo Podcast, I feel right in place. It's very relaxed and a joy to listen to. It's hilarious and all the crew members are likeable. If you want boring talking heads reporting the news, feel free to listen to The Wiire or Radio Free Nintendo. However, if you want a podcast with personality and that you can feel like you're with all your friends with, take a listen to the GoNintendo podcast. You might find it one of the best around.
Just Subscribe! it great! its simple as that
Just a group of people talking about "what are you playing". I listened for about 20 minutes and there was no info, news, tips, or reviews.
I really love this podcast. Mom brain can be a bit annoying though. The all guys shows are particulary epic
great podcast, my friends and i use you guys's inside jokes as our own, and the fun just never stops! heres to another 100 podcasts!
You guys have the greatest podcast ever.!
This cast of podcast crew is so amazing I feel like I know them and have been their friend for years. If you have not listened to this podcast, I highly reccomend taking the time to. You will not regret it. You may regret peeing your pants though (from laughing)
Rawmeat & Co. never fail to deliver a podcast that is funny and informative. I love the vibe of a buch of joes (and janes) sitting around a table talking video games. The segment at the end where they try to identify the games from which certain music comes from is particularly fun.
I listen to the GoNintendo Podcast nearly every week, and they never fail to impress me with their extensive news coverage concerning all Nintendo platforms and also their general hilarity each week. Smart, funny, and sometimes slightly ireverent, the GoNintendo Podcast has it all! By the way, RawmeatCowboy's beard is said to have magical properites of healing and lazer charging. If you look closely enough, you may be able to see the baby bluejays that reside inside his beard as well!
This is the best Nintendo podcast that will have you laughing while dishing out the news..Hey go Nintendo crew Let's get a pettition out for more then 2 v.c games out a week and maybe 1 from each system ..Great show highly recommended..
This podcast is so funny, and I listen to it every saturday. They never skip a week either. I notice a lot of these reviews want Mom Brain off the squad, but I love her. I don't get your problem with her. It does get confusing with all the people around, but once you listen to it a lot you get used to it, and you remember whose who. Long live Gonintendo!
I hate to diss these guys but they cover news for 5 minutes and crack jokes about nothing for the rest of it. Check out The Wiire podcast instead.
Easily the best Nintendo News site out there! The podcast however suffers from constant interuptions, and low sound quality. I find it puzzling there are so many talking heads in the podcast. This podcast would be better served with the main host and a co-host. I'll continue to surf the site, but listening to the podcast is unbearable!
this podcast is sooo good that i cant explain it in words... You will get all the nintendo related news you could ever want. This podcast is also freakin' FUNNY! If you have an ipod you must listen this!
Seriously, these guys are hilarious. Great cast, great content, great everything. Seriously, why aren't you listening to them right now? Go download the new episode. I know you'll like it.
Who ever thought that news could be so fun! The way that rawmeat does his podcast is nearly flawless. It has the right mixture of news and humor. You can really tell that all the crew members are great friends. My favorite segment is the music quiz. I have yet to find a podcast more informative and more fun than this one. I highly recomend to all to give it a shot! Try it once and you will be hooked.