Reviews For BirdNote

Outstanding shorts about our feathered friends. Great, concise information with beautiful bird recordings. A nice way to start or end your day!
BirdNote is wonderful - this bird nerd’s daily treat! Two min of always interesting facts and sounds. Necessary Antidote to the other morning news...
I look forward to hearing bird note at noon on the radio. If I ever miss it, I love catching up listening on the podcast.
Great podcast for bird trivia.
BirdNote is one of my favorite podcasts. Daily I get to learn something about birds and hear bird song. I've taken up bird watching and learning bird songs because of this podcast. THANKS to all who work on creating this podcast!
Cheesy mock-dramas (comedy?) and corny beats made of bird calls are not why I subscribe to Bird Note. It used to be so great. Oh, well. I guess it was too good to last in this world.
I'm a wannabe birder. Great stuff. Is it just my app or do they only keep like 10 episodes on their feed? Wish there were more but I can't complain
Love this podcast. It's two minutes an episode, and they include just the right amount of info. Great job with sound too! I've learned a lot and always look forward to the next one.
Two minutes of bird brilliance! BirdNote is a fantastic podcast for nature lovers and bird enhusiasts! I loook forward to each episode for its excellent sound quality and fascinating content.
I'm a keen birder, but I think anyone would love this podcast. It provides a charming two-minute break every day during which you will be guaranteed to learn something about the not-so-secret world of birds that surrounds you.
Thanks so much for this sweet but scientific, informative, fun-filled program. It has great creative variety. How about repeating the "dawn around the world" episode from last New Year's Day.
Thanks for this podcast, I start my day with it every day.
I love this podcast! Witty, insightful, and a great way to start off my commute. Bird lovers and nature enthusiasts will learn much about the lives of our avian friends. Keep up the good work!


By Karl_K
Birdnote is my favorite bird podcast!
Sweet little podcast on bird behavior that is informative and fun. I'm going to recommend it to my birder friends.
Even if you think you know a lot about birds, you'll find these brief episodes informative. There is always some little detail that I never thought about that they include when they cover topics such as how do seabirds drink salt water, how city and country birds of the same species differ, or what chickadees do to stay warm on a cold night. I also enjoy hearing the songs, whether alone for us to compare to something else or as background to the spoken information.
I don't even particularly like birds. But this podcast does such a good job of transporting you to another world it's amazing. In a short two minutes I feel just as stimulated as reading a book.
A series of short segments that call attention to the birds around you and their behaviours - calling attention to what gets tuned out in your daily lives. Encountered first on my local NPR station, later came to the podcast for the items I missed.