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I’d like to hear more about core principles rather than the chess game of politics. The unfortunate argument against socialist being obsessed with power and short on arguments rings a bit true here. Smart kids....who could benefit from, less name calling, more push back, some debate and honest self reflection. I’ll keep listening.
Dan Denvir’s interview picks are kind of uneven, like the US left. But genuinely interesting interviews. Suzy Weissman is great. So is Sunkara. Not so crazy about Aziz Rana.
I recently posted a somewhat negative review about some production problems the podcast had. It’s obvious the hosts really care because they’ve been consistently improving the production quality and mic techniques. The shows are all very listenable now, and the subject matter is very good.
A great alternative to the worldview of the Democratic elite which is pushed by MSNBC and CNN. Those looking for a good source of left analysis/critique should subscribe to Jacobin Radio.
The latest episode on Marx’s book on the French revolutions and how they apply to class struggle and comparisons to modern American democracy was superb. Expertly navigated and immensely needed depth in the discourse that must be shared more often on the supposed left in our government.
Excellent podcast, drawing on the expertise of Jacobin contributors and others.
The podcast arm of a brilliant, muckraking magazine! I highly recommend it!
Great podcast openly airing different socialist perspectives and holding the kind of discourse we need. Unlike the stereotype, there’s no wall placed between understanding the world and the actual organizing we do based on our understanding. Would recommend!
i’m a lefty & i dig the topics of this podcast. it’s definitely ideological, but not super partisan, which i appreciate. there’s analysis & theory & commentary, & also practical calls to action.


Start here for your training on how to resist the alienation and oppression of 21st century Capitalism. Mr Denvir is your MC, but his guests are the thought leaders of the left world. Real people making real change.
“Tax the rich”=tax the middle/upper-middle class Ever notice how many spoiled rich kids support socialism? Not to mention rich people in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, DC, etc?
This is easily already the smartest leftist podcast I’ve found and I’ve found a lot. Actually thought provoking material. And this from someone not on the left.
Just to clarify, this is Jacobin Radio, not a single particular podcast, so as a catchall it has previously included some other casts like Behind The News. The main podcast Jacobin Radio plays, however, is The Dig hosted by Daniel Denvir or something. For the most part, brilliant. You won't go wrong with this podcast so download today and start at the beginning and work your way up to the present.
An incredibly well researched podcast, with probably the highest frequency of weekly episodes released (generally 2 per week). I can always rely on the Dig to fill in the gaps and dig deeper on headline topics as well as broader structural themes that are often altogether unaddressed in Left media.
So this is really 3 shows in one feed. I enjoy all 3 to varying degrees. Great analysis into the what’s and why’s of today’s Hell world with some hope for change. I do very much enjoy the theme songs for all three.
This feed actually serves up two different programs. One is called "Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman," and the other is called "The Dig," which is hosted by Daniel Denvir. "Jacobin Radio" is always excellent. It tends to run between 30 and 60 minutes and features a discussion of current events and political trends in America within a leftist analytical framework. Sometimes the limited time results in the exchanges being (or at least feeling) rushed, but the quality of the discussions is quite good and these episodes are always worth a listen. "The Dig" tends to run longer, usually an hour minimum, sometimes up to 90 minutes. In rare cases, mega-episodes run longer that two hours. These episodes feature similar discussions to Jacobin Radio, but the subjects are usually different (as far as I know, there isn't any programming coordination between the two hosts, Suzi and Daniel). As with Jacobin Radio, the analysis of evets, trends and forces is from a leftist perspective, and is very informative and educational. If you are eager to hear about the political events and personalities of the week from a leftist perspective, you can't miss out on these two podcasts. Additionally, there's extensive discussion of ongoing, as opposed to "flavor of the week," political, legal, and economic issues that affect American society, usually with a good amount of useful historical contextualization. I have one small annoyance with "The Dig." Daniel is a good host, and clearly a very smart and committed guy, but he has a tendency to interrupt his guests, raising his voice to talk over them as he makes some particular point or adds clarifying information. It's well intentioned and not exactly rude, but it is impolite and can sometimes cause things to get disorienting. Listeners want to hear everyone's remarks, and it would be better if Daniel would hold back until there was a pause, or simply inteject with "allow me to add..." or something similar, before just charing ahead full speed to make his comments.
The podcast is educational and entertaining at the same time. Daniel is able to weave his dark but “I smoked a lot of weed in high school” humor together with his almost inconceivable nerdom. He digs in deep but also listens (example: racecraft episodes). If you are looking for a socialist viewpoint on lots of current issues this podcast is for you. He tells interesting stories that don’t get enough coverage (ex: Houston episode post hurricane Harvey. Anyway, I’m a broke college kid and I still kick the dude down $10 a month on Patreon. As Marx once said, “listen to the dig, chumps”.
There aren’t many true leftist podcasts out there, and most of them aren’t rigorously researched and produced with great quality. The Dig from Jacobin Magazine brings meticulously researched and carefully thought out pieces. They also bring on authoritative and knowledgeable guests to bolster their discussions. Keep up the good work!
Interesting interviews, discussions on both current events and more broad subjects. Love the tone of all the shows. Calm, mildly academic, interesting, and never crass.
I actually prefer this to the magazine, believe it or not—though it does feature critics and academics who cover a lot of the same material, it's much more straightforward and by nature of its range never gets bogged down. The guests are excellent, the topics are vital, and the interviews are controlled and professional. To put it more simply—when I started listening, I thought "no WAY will I be able to keep up with the pace of new episodes". I was wrong, because it was just far too appealing for me to slack off. Bravo!
The american left has made some great idealogical strides in a short time using identity politics, bringing more radical interpretations of the 'old oppressions' of racism and sexism to the fore, while also exposing oft-overlooked structures like ablism. But these achievements have remained largely confined to the existing left while alienating those just outside it, including most of the (white and nonwhite) working class, with a pernicious elitism that demands hyperfocus on language and on representation as such. Id pol has introduced many young people to radical politics, but its currently popular form is self-hobbling. Jacobin's careful analysis can save id pol (and a nascent leftist youth) from itself. The answer to "class or race" is not one or even both, but that they are two parts of one system of power which must be analyzed and fought as a whole.
I really appreciate all the podcasts on the network. There is a wide range of interviews and I always come away learning something new! Definitely worth a listen. - joshua
Whether you’re a baby socialist or a seasoned socialist, this podcast is for you! Lots of great analysis on leftist politics, and not much of the “filler” material you would get on other shows.
Great conversations and analysis.
Love each of these podcasts and hosts. The topics are current, varied, and relevant.
Noam Chomsky said it best about Jacobin, and the quote extends to this wonderful podcast.
Great mix of shows, love them all.
Jacobin radio is my number one source for a leftist reading of current events.
(40 rose emojis)
Frustrated with our failed two party system I turned to Jacobin - as a leading socialist platform - for renewed social and political energy. When mainstream news and politics are delivered through corporate filters they are no longer unbiased and so it's absolutely essential to have alternative critical analysis that can reveal the systemic flaw that influence our society. It's exciting to learn about new movements around the country and the world through this series of podcasts, especially The Dig with Dan Denver. Great for all ages and levels of exposure to socialism.
If you're tired of milquetoast centrism on NPR, this is the podcast for you!
Jacobin has been putting out and bolstering the best voices in the rapidly changing politics of contemporary America. Everyone should listen to two shows in this network: THE DIG and FROM STOCKTON TO MALONE. Great stuff! Keep it up! Power to the people!!
THE honest podcast, come here to be motivated to struggle, but more importantly, come here to get a perspective that is devoid of someone trying to sell you a clear party or a product. Socialist journalism, at least when they are out of power, is the gold standard of journalism.
While the publication features some good articles, the podcast just seems like the Bernie Sanders for External Affairs office. Everything through the lens of Bernie. Everything for Bernie. There is no hope for this country.
I don't like to listen to that many podcasts. I view a lot of progressive talk show stuff as venting and white noise. But this was different. It's helpful and informative and very grounding. I appreciate the work put into producing a show of this quality.
More than other podcasts, I look forward every week for the new podcasts from Jacobin Radio. If you're trying to understand better this messed up world we live in and are trying to do something about it, you should check it out.
My personal favorite is "The Dig"
I love The Dig and Doug Henwood's Behind The News and Suzi Weissmann are also excellent. If you like your politics on the critical side, this is for you.


An excellent companion to the magazine.
Support these folks on Patreon if you can!
Perfect supplement to the quarterly publication
Subscribe - then organize, organize, organize!
This seems to be shaping up to be a counter to the media empire of panoply. I enjoy all of its offerings.
This is the political education we need in this moment (and always). Thank you.
Excellent commentary and insights from informed people on the true left.