A School In the Coulee Podcast

Reviews For A School In the Coulee Podcast

The Coulee Kids show how podcasts can be used with all content areas and can be done on a regular basis. Just listen to how much fun these kids seem to be having.
It is amazing knowing that 12 and 13 year olds can pull off this kind of stuff and I can't! I think that this is a great way to help kids learn about things and help them remember! Great work Coulee Kids! Beat the WillowWebers!!
As a fellow middle school teacher, I'm impressed by your use of technology. Great work Coulee Kids!
This is an excellent Podcast that is created by Kids. I have been listening from the beginning and am constantly impressed and amazed with how the students in this class make the curriculum come alive. They have improved with each episode. It's good to see teens who are excited and empowered to learn expressing what they know. This is a great example of how schools, and the students in them, can communicate with the world (not just their own community) in a meaningful way.