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I’m doing my first ever shell off full restore of an Argosy. I listen to these episodes while I work on it. Learned a lot so far.
I am restoring an argosy and these podcasts have been priceless!
If you are restoring an Airstream, this is essential listening. Subscribe, buy the DVDs and get the information you need from guys that really know.
My wife and I have been considering buying an Airstream and full-timing. I feel like Tim and Colin have become trusted friends, helping me make the purchase and plan the extensive restoration. There’s a lot of great info here. I listen to each podcast multiple times. I’m sure I’ll be sending in questions in the future. -Dano
Tim Shephard & Colin Hyde provide the most informational entertainment about Airstream maintainence, restoration, and refurbishment! Their stories are funny!! They are constantly sharing new products, new methods, and more details on how to work on our precious aluminum Airstreams. I look forward to the next new recovery story. Years of experience, the still the podcasts continue to improve!
I'm a new fan of the airstream lifestyle. Saving up now to buy my first one. My wife is tired of hearing about them already. I love your podcast. I'm sure hearing all these stories will teach me what to be aware of ,and to look for when I go out to purchase my first vintage airstream. Ive enjoyed every episode so far and congrats on such a long run Keep up the good work.
Outstanding for a newbie. VAP is vital!
TheVap is an outstanding source of information on restoring or renovating a vintage Airstream.
Super helpful and entertaining podcast. Consider it "The best how-to manual" for fixing the ever dreaded PO catastrophes. Thanks guys for a job well done!


By Alva OK
Great show guys
Invaluable talk on everything vintage airstream! Awesome!!
While I really appreciate the VAP and the expertise of the hosts, it would be great to hear more about innovations the experts have considered, tested and executed. Topics such as modern appliances, alternative energy resource capture, storage and usage, hydronic vs. Traditional etc. There is a growing community of enthusiasts and learning the pros position on modern innovations would be appreciated.
The VAP is the best! Tim, Collin, and Rob's enthusiasm is very helpful, They have been there done that! My husband and I own a 1974 Tradewind Land Yacht that we are preserving, updating for safety and comfort. My husband is a retired A & P mechanic. He laughs at some of the rivet, leaking stories. He has also expressed frustration that EVERYTHING has rivets! His aircraft experience is a big help, but would prefer a "crew" to perform the tasks he used to delegate! We listen to the VAP on my I-Touch app downloads with Bose speakers! Awsome tips/advice. Keep it up, hope to meet you at a rally someday or a wave on the road!!!!!! Elizabeth/George Morgan


This is the coolest show. Love to listen to Tim, the host, and Rob, Colin and Frank, as they discuss being a vintage Airstream owner. They give informative tips of fixing just about anything and you can call in or e-mail your questions to this ongoing show, but better hurry before they decide they have had enough and stop.


By Les D.
Fun to listen to and I'm not even an RV'er as of yet.
This podcast is the perfect blend of vintage airstream expertise and humorous stories. The hour flies by quickly. Great job by Robert, Tim, and Colin......Bravo!
The VAP is such an excellent podcast. It's hugely informative and so much fun to listen to! Rob's laugh is probably one of the BEST parts of the show and it's really nice to know that we aren't alone with the issues we come across during our remodel. Thanks so much guys!


The VAP is one of the best resources for the do-it-yourself vintage Airstream Owner. Host Tim Shephard and his Panel of Pros, Colin Hyde and Rob Baker, blend valuable information on Airstream culture, history, parts, accessories and how to do it with fun and humor. I have downloaded and listened to every podcast. It's one of the few that I contribute $$ to on a regular basis. The VAP ranks 5 STARS in my book!
If you own an Airstream trailer (vintage or not), theVap is a must listen. I always get a ton of useful information and a good laugh. Enjoy! P.S. I'm with Rivka, 70's rule!
What a great show. A lot of information and a good bit of humor in there too. Keep up the great work!
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now. Hats off to Tim, Colin and Rob for their dedication and great information, show after show. I'm always amazed by the fresh ideas and info they deliver every time. Keep up the great work guys. Cheers!
What a wonderful podcast...keep of the great shows!!!
I am enjoying listening to these guys talk about life with Airstreams. We enjoy the interview, and it helps motivate us to get out and work on our Airstream (1975 Excella).
Entertaining and insightful! I've learned so much about our old Airstream. Excellent show - Rob's laugh is great, too.
These guys will educate you, entertain you, and make you want to own a vintage Airstream if you don't already! DEFINITELY worth the listen!
Tim Shephard is the consummate host, accompanied by his dynamic duo specialists Colin Hyde and Rob Baker, they can cure your Airstream ills and reinvigorate your passion for vintage aluminum rejuvenation. Don't miss a single episode!
Awesome podcast for the Airstream lover! You don't have to love only the vintage Airstreams either! Your show rocks! Keep up the great work!
A radio quality podcast, finally! Colin's ability to describe complicated concepts and procedures in a confidence-inspiring manor is truely a gift. Rob's infectious enthusiasm for all things Airstream is refreshing in today's society where showing emotion is almost seen as a negative. And kudos to Tim for keeping the show flowing and knowing just when to move on to a new subject or how to get back on track. Wonderful sound, wonderful topics, professional production quality. First Rate. One suggestion - More Frank! I compare it to Don Imus bringing his somewhat slower brother Fred on-air for a few laughs. Great stuff
Tim, Rob & Colin's bi-weekly podcasts provide a groundbreaking platform for the Vintage Airstream community to learn and share. If it’s vintage, Airstream and cool it’s on the VAP. You will find commentary from expert professionals and everyday folks who have gained their expertise through long hours spent working on their own trailers. Interlaced within all the tips & tricks, the “boys” offer a brand of humor that entertains and informs… you might even be treated to an occasional ditty. I don’t miss an episode.
A great resource for Vintage Airstream restoration in the tone of “Car Talk”. Rob even has a laugh that tops both Click and Clack. The VAP is an entertaining and informative program for those who enjoy bringing back to life one of Americas classic and endearing icons.
From Tim's hosting and production quality to Colin and Rob's "panel o' pro's" commentary this becomes more than a podcasat; it's a downright entertaining show. Just the right amount of technical detail to educate and just the right amout of humor to entertain. Keep it up guys. There's a reason that every review prior to and including mine has 5 stars.
For those of us that cannot get enough aluminum, there is the VAP. The show is a perfect blend of humor and knowlege. For those out there with a vintage Airstream this is the show for you. From what to look for when buying, to selling tips it is all there. For restoration, renovation, or remodeling advice, it is all there. I listen to all the shows often and learn something new each time. Tim, Colin and Rob thank you.
I've listened to all of the VAP shows. They just keep getting better. I'm a musician who's now obsessed with saving gig money to buy my first aluminum beauty. Tim's definition of "snowshoeing" is a classic, especially here in Minnesota! Keep the podcasts coming...
I'm a female who suffers from aluminitus, my husband doesn't but he loves the podcast too. I went to a dealership this summer after loving Airstreams for years and I finally got a chance to go into one. I have a playlist of 20 plus VAP episodes and I never get tired of listening. It was great hearing Roger's farm mentioned, a co-worker of mine kept his 30 footer there until the day he died a few years ago. It was great seeing pictures from the rallies held there.
I love the VAP. I am not currently an Airstream owner, but I am in the process of purchasing one from a neighbor that had passed away. I plan on using the airstream for a year or 2 before I do the "full Monty" and completely update it to current standards. This podcast is a great resourse for people who just want to know more about the Airstream trailers. The VAP has great information for a person who wants to know what to look for when purchasing a vintage airstream and for the person who wants to completely redo one. Keep the great informaition coming.
I've been a fan of theVAP for a long time. As a newbie, I find your shows very informative, easy to follow, and a great source of information. Now I'm thinking I could get a couple of projects going this spring. Keep up the terrific work! I have to look at your website and see if there's a show topic with Argosy's. Thanks a bunch. ;)
Tim, Colin, and Robert are just excellent in sharing information on the specifics of vintage Airstream restorations, as well as, practical tips of what to look for in buying and operating vintage aluminum. The shows format is smooth, entertaining, and has excellent audio and editing quality. They also have other guests with different areas of expertise (I really enjoyed the Luhur family experiences of full-timing in both a vintage and a brand new Airstream). Tim, keep up the great work!
Getting ready to go on a trip and just syncing up the ipod with the latest editions of the VAP. Wish this resource was available when whe went through restoring our 1964 Tradewind. This podcast is so informative and the guests are great. Keep up the good work. Eric and Cam, Rockport, MA
Tim, Colin, and Rob, This podcast just keeps getting better and more professional. I keep all of the episodes on my Ipod for referrence and for those not turned on to you guys yet. The VAP should supported and listened to by all Airstream and Argosy owners. The information is highly valuable answering many questions and issues helping many to avoid the potential pitfalls of a vintage trailer.
Great Job, Tim! Excellent interviews, lots of unique content, always informative! You keep me waiting for the next episode every week. Keep up the great work!
While I can't always be out on the road, theVAP keeps me thinking about my next trip. Fun content for anyone who's interested in Airstreams. But it isn't just for current Airstream owners! Glad it's available as a Podcast.
We love this podcast. Great stuff about Airstreams and trailers. We don't even own an Airstream, we have a SOB, but can't wait to get one just to try some of these projects. All podcasts should be this good!!
I get alot out of the programs even though I own the other "canned Ham" This kind of quality programing takes alot of work. Thanks Tim, and ALL who contribute-donate, time and money to this project. DBM 52BoleAero
As an airstream owner, I find the topics of the VAP podcasts interesting and informative. Keep up the good work Tim.