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By Rivball
Heavily mediocre football knowledge and analysis. Try another football podcast.
Entertaining, in-depth football talk I am a long-time listener and cannot wait for each episode. He does two shows a week. The first is after the Monday night game analyzing the games that just played, and the second is on Thursday analyzing and speculating on the next weekends games. They are very funny and the more you listen to more you like the two of them. They give great football information as well as details which I would miss otherwise. I highly recommend listening to NFL Rants & Raves.
Really , 15 min of KATTY perry talk , more testosterone less metrosexual . Fantasy football enthusiast .
I found errors with my team. Makes me wonder what else they got wrong. Oh BTW, guy refers to Patriots as evil empire and refuses to cover them. Yes, they are spawn of Satan, etc., but maybe they effect the rest of the league. Maybe. Just maybe.
Much better now that Jeff Ellis moved on. I don't say that with glee as I enjoyed Jeff's football talk but he was incapable of keeping in topic. It was always about Jeff or his family in some way or another and it smacked of narcissism. I would welcome Jeff back if he stuck to football but Steven is even better than Jeff and without that millstone around his neck he moves much faster and sticks to good football reporting and opinions. If you left due to tangents and off topic meandering stories give this sleeker version of NFL R&R a go!
Listened off and on for about 7 or 8 years. These guys do a great job, especially for fans that live outside the US.
Not good. I think this is supposed to be about the NFL. However, the tangents the conversation veers off into are not amusing. I can take average guys talking about average, everyday subjects in between NFL tidbits. These two are not interesting so their off-NFL banter is pointless and not funny. Sorry dudes. Don't give up your day jobs.
Was looking for some pre-season analysis...these guys has nothing to say about fantasy football. The banter is decent, but it's not informative...at all. Waste of time.
I've found that pro pundits copy these guys week in and week out!! Been listening for 7 years now.
Ok I got introduced to podcasts by listening to podcasts that spend minimal time actually on topic. So I like podcast that get off topic and where the hosts laugh and joke. The fact that there is a podcast like that, that's about football is amazing. This podcast is absolutely perfectly designed to hit all of my sweet spots, keep it up!!! Oh yeah and Cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The latest show took them an hour to talk about maybe 4 nfl stories most was just personal stuff that really forced my hand on writing a review. the guys shouldn't do a new podcast until they have enough content for an episode oh and they should talk about football not how they haven't seen the hunger games or about family members who the audience stays in the dark about. I really want the podcast to be better because it is better then most of the nfl podcasts out there. Maybe it's because they have been doing it for so long they lost their spark.
The football parts of these podcasts aren't bad. Yes, they're amateurs, but that's what's interesting about podcasts as a form. Unfortunately, in order to get to the football parts of the podcasts, you have to wade through way too much chatter--about Steven's pool renovations or Jeff's kid's soccer practice, or what kind of diet soda they like, or the best way to get from one part of L.A. to another. I'm not kidding--it's often fifteen or twenty minutes into the podcast before they even begin to talk about football! This could be a pretty decent podcast if they could just cut out the flag and realize that no one outside of their friends and family cares about their personal lives.
They get off subject too much. Still great.
Ok, if you are a football purist & want to be lectured by some "professor" about the minutiae of every game, this is not the podcast for you. But if you are looking for a good hours worth of humor & rants (not necessarily all football), I highly recommend this. I greatly prefer listening to Steve & Jeff that any afternoon radio host in my NYC market. I wish they were here so I could listen for more than an hour. Yes, perhaps they should spend a little more time on the games, but then it wouldn't be so funny. Come to the big Apple. Please.
I'm looking for a podcast that talks about football, this one doesn't. I don't care about your movie picks. Try spending more than 30sec on a game and less than 60mins on useless banter.
I enjoy the podcast as long as Steven is talking. He really has his finger on the pulse of the NFL. But Jeff is really annoying and brings the shows quality down (mostly due to the amount of audio drops he insists on playing). More football less drops.
Very entertaining!
Great show, lots of content great guys, great pickers, some other great shows
These guys are great! They are funny and talk about football things I want to know about.
Shows are much shorter and compact than they used to be. Now 1hr long. Less rambling/tangenting. Funny content from real funny guys not boring like other shows.
I am a 25 year old daughter of a long time High school football coach. I swear I have forgot more football than these two have ever known. Steve seems to know a LITTLE football. But, his voice is awful like Cosby in rehab. Someone spiked his jello. Jeff should not be anywhere near a football. Listening to him try and talk about defensive schemes is laughable. He has no clue. Someone somewhere she be ashamed giving these guys credentials. Lastly, they don't seem to know the history of the game and don't seem to be interested in knowing the game!
I got through about 12min. Of this podcast before I couldn't take it any more. These are 2 of the most hack radio guys I have ever listened to. The play with their corny sound board entertaining only each other for the bulk of the show. I didnt hear a single football reference made, the whole time i was listening. Then they begin begging for donations?! Unlistenable. Will never download again!!!
Put it this way. They are going to hype up the 49ers and the cowboys, do i need to say more? Im assuming they said wow lets take an irrelevant team and match them with an overated team and lets see if we can make this show even more uninteresting. Dont get me wrong the shows alright but they really do not know the NFL. I am a Falcon fan so yes I am biased and everytime they talk about them they have nothing postitive to say about them. The team who went 2nd in the NFL in the most important stat of winning is overated. What they dont tell you is only 2 teams have more wins in 3 years than the falcons which off the top of my head are the Colts and Patriots. They also go hard on saying Atlanta had a horrible pick because they traded up to get Julio Jones and try to give some insite on the fact that they traded up to get julio over green or peterson but what thy dont know is the falcons traded up to get 1 of 3 players and which ever player was available they would take. so their "rant" on the fact that they didnt try to trade for green or peterson is just uninformed bad journalism/podcasting...."WHHHAHAHAAAAAAATTTT"???? My point is they are extremely biased and they would rather talk about an irrelavent team than something worth the hour of babble in your ears. All in all good show boys keep it up (Insert Loud Fart Noise).
There are a lot of reviews about how this podcast is not enough stats facts blah blah blah... dude its called nfl rants and raves. its two normal guys talking about a sport they love. if u really want stats and facts go watch espn.


By dhkile
It's really a shame that i can't award these guys six stars. Every time they come out with a new show, I hop on iTunes at just about the speed of light and wait for it to download. Don't listen to this show if all you want is to-the-point football stats, but if you're a guy like me who enjoys it when they go off on a tangent, you'll probably like it. If you want to be edutained about football, listen to Steven and Jeff
This podcast is kind of like going over current football news with buddies (dim-witted buddies). When I want that I usually open the paper and then talk with my friends. What I'm looking for in a podcast is someone who is a nerd about sports. Someone who knows history and stats, people who have well thought out debates and who come across as well spoken. That is not this podcast. If you wear a chain, or pop your collar, or frequently have people tell you, "donny, you're out of your element," then this podcast might be for you. I need less of the punchy morning show style, and more content and fresh ideas.
Not sure that either of these guys provides any sort of analysis greater then you would get from ten drunks at a bar. Additionally, they aren't able to go more than ten seconds before hopping topics. Maybe this podcast is just for people who have trouble getting regular information from domestic sources as they reference their listeners in other countries an awful lot. I recommend KFAN's Paul Allen for NFL information.
They do have good insight and unique perspectives WHEN they are talking about football. But I don't care about their cars, family, or religion. I've found myself just skipping an hour ahead into the podcasts but lately even that hasn't been enough.
I used to like this show, but anymore it's less about football and more about they and their families. I could tell you all about Jeff's boy Jordan the baseball player and his little sister Kara the wanna be model...even Jeff's mom and his father that passed away a couple of years ago. Also Jeff's sister who is married to Steven and their two daughters Emma and Ellana. Oh!, and Steven's mom who lives in Texas and likes to SkypIE ..as she puts it. ....So many life stories, where to begin? Well it ends here; I don't want to know anymore about them, I only want to hear about NFL FOOTBALL!!!
These guys are very easy to listen to which helps with long days at the office. Wish they had more shows a week but they are still very in depth with every team. Only negative is they constantly praise the Cowgirls and buy any hype Jerry Jones puts out.


By D7-12
Terrible, beastly, horrendous, abnoxious, horrid, dreadful and just bad. It is amazing that two clowns can ramble for two hours and not give me any quality insight. If you are an NFL fan about to commit 2 hrs of your life to a football podcast, chances are you have more knowledge of the game then these clowns.
This podcast is in itself something to rant about. These two argumentative ignoramuses become annoying in a short while. They could easily cut out 30-40 minutes of rambling. If one would let the other finish what he's saying it would be more enjoyable but the constant interuptions cause the topic to jump too much, too fast. I wish there was a good quality NFL news/opinion podcast. I have too many others to listed to of different topics to spend my time with this one.
I like your show but the breaking into singing is getting to me. I listen on iTunes so I can alteast fast forward but sometimes i am not quick enough. I like your info, but sheesh paaaaalease stop the singing.
They are okay when they talk about football, but they get off topic about 3-4 times on one topic. They tried to preview a game, and 5 topics later they got back to it. This podcast is over 2 hours and i would say 45 minutes is actual football talk. I listen to this podcast when i want to fall asleep now.
Out of 2+ hours of podcast, there were maybe 30 minutes of relevant discussion. Not worth the time it took to download (which wasn't very long).
These guys seem like nice guys but you won't learn anything here. If you are looking for information or the inside scoop....look elsewhere. If you want to listen to a couple of guys ramble on about nothing, then this is the podcast for you.
Hell yeah! Best ever. And if you don't like it, don't listen and don't complain cause they work hard to record this podcast and this isn't their job. All you did was press download for free.
Steven and Jeff deliver insight in every aspect of the NFL. They are fun to listen to, and the podcast is always enjoyable.
I must be a glutten for punishment, because I keep thinking if I skip this podcast for a couple of months it will be better the next time. The first time I heard it last year, it was ok. Now, it just keeps getting worse. These guys talk over each other way too much, and it's really grating when they finish almost every one of each other's sentences. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate humor injected into almost any podcast, but the problem is these guys really aren't that funny. They certainly think they are though, which drags this one down even further. Worst of all, they have a very tenious grasp on any actual football knowledge. A lot of what they spout off is pure conjecture, and they come off more like drunken barflies and less like people who understand the game. I think I'll do myself a favor and finally unsubscribe from this one.
You know what would be great? If you guys would talk about football. Your AFC East preview involved about half an hour of moralizing about Michael Vick, an hour of meandering around the topic of pee-pee and how your summers were, and almost no discussion of the AFC East. I know you guys aren't stupid, and it'd be great if you would start paying more attention to the topic at hand. It's cute when Matthew Berry does this because it only lasts a few seconds. Cut the blather and I'll keep listening.
Like a few others have said, the show was better a couple of seasons ago. They definately favor a few teams, and their opinions become predictable based on the favoritism. The biased opinions have gotten worse the past few season; hence the degration of the show. Also avoid their site as it currently host a pretty bad computer virus. Hope they fix that soon.
I listened to the first 3 years of this show, then it started to grate on me and I would only listen sporadically. I just subscribed for the 5th or 6th time to give them one moore chance, but the egos have gone through the roof. Rather than any useable football information, most of the show now is dedicated to Jeff cracking corny jokes and Steven name dropping or talking about his secret inside sources. It just gets to be too much. Yes, this was a GREAT show when it came out and it stayed that way for awhile, but has steadily traveled downhill for the past three seasons. I think if Jeff were simply a special occasional guest, the show would be much improved. Steven is much more informed and precient in his football knowledge, and has a more mature persona, while Jeff is the overgrown adolescent with the matching sence of humor. I guess it all depends on what you want. If you are looking to be informed and seek something that will deepen your knowledge of the game or the inner workings of the league.....keep looking. If you want to listen to a couple guys hanging out trash talking and pranking each other, all the while blowing their own horns.....subscribe.
Jeff and Steven stay true to themselves and also bring the latest in NFL news. This SHOULD have beaten out the ESPN guys for podcast of the year. With the acception of Steven loving all things Texas too much, (cowboys) this podcast is perfect. I hope they stick around for years to come. It is only a matter of time before they are recoginzed as the industry standard of excellence in NFL talk and prospective.
This review is more directed towards the host Jeff Ellis. He constantly attempts to throw his political views into these podcasts as much as possible. He takes every moment he can to take swipes at Democrats/Liberals and President Obama. He voices his political opinions and tries to promote them as truth! Tell Jeff Ellis to TALK FOOTBALL! Steven Miranda is a great Co-Host on the show, and ignores all of Jeff's political opinions and changes the subject back to football. I download this podcast to listen to football news and commentary, not why he thinks Obama shouldnt be President. Stay Away until they change the commentary!!
If you are looking for annoying banter with occasional football talk mixed in then this podcast is for you. If you are a serious football fan that wants to be informed about the game then you should look elsewhere. When they actually do talk about football, most of the analysis shows that they are not any more informed than the average fan. There is simply too much fluff in this podcast. I would not recommend this podcast for any serious football fan.
Absolutely boring! I could only stand 29 minutes. Too much non-NFL content and then when finally getting to the new overtime rule possibility...useless commentary. I'm sticking to quality podcasts like NFL Today!
I used to listen to the guys all the time but after a while they became out of control. They constantly talk over each other (especially Steve over Jeff) and the off-topic stuff seems to be more important than the football talk. I stopped listening in mid-season but maybe I'll sign up again next year.
This is a family guys show. They are very informative about football and still show they care for the family life. You still have to give your opionion and that's great but give them some slack. They do a very hard but fun hobie. I give rant and raves 5 stars because I relate to them. Even though they rag on my team the Raiders. I still love to listen.