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Well, I just love this Podcast! Whenever I have geocaching "cravings", I just watch these videos! Thanks again for putting these up Icenrye and keep up the great work! -JBcachers!
This is a great podcast covering various aspects of geocaching. The show is well-produced and always interesting. It is unique as one of only a few geocaching video-podcasts.
Your show gets a 110% 5 star rateing from me. Could you do a weekly show like podcacher? Thanks Steelersrull
We've barely scratched the surface of my local geocaches. Lo and behold we come across this fantastic podcast! Thanks for the great info. Time is of the essence, have to go, but thanks for one I can follow _on_ the go!
The only complaint I have for this series is that it could be pared down a little tighter. Otherwise he is a delightful fellow who's love of geocaching is infectious. I love the "on the scene" footage as well as his demo and instruction pieces. TFTPodcast.
Hi I'm new to the poscsting and came across the videozine very neat concept for geocaching etc. So I downloaded all the episodes and have watched about 4 of them now. Keep them coming looking forward to seeing more. Thanks vonjoekasey (NW Indiana)
I'm a US geocacher down in Florida, while geocachine I have discovered some pretty cool places that are right near where I live but some how never seen before.
Looks nice, but all he talked about is his dog.
Great show. I love seeing your adventures. Keep up the great quality work.
Dogs and geocaching. Two of our favorite subjects. Sheldon gets out to some gorgeous areas and shows us what caching really looks like up there. Thanx for the podcast!
There are a lot of good podcasts out there and this it one of the better ones. Icenrye's Videozine covers the basics about geocaching from hiding to finding, from the equipment to a lot more. With his camera he shows us the world of geocaching. One show might take you to a park, the next might go to a city, another will he will go hiking in the back woods. From his studio to the great outdoors this videozine is fun to watch.
Just wanted to thank you for the GREAT videozine podcast. I discovered your show right before leaving on vacation, and downloaded as many as my Ipod Touch could handle. Watching them while a passenger on the 3.5 hour (one way) drive, really made the time fly by! Thanks again for the great show!
Icenrye looks like he's having a great time as he's doing this video podcast. I've learned a couple of things by watching this. Keep up the good work!!!
You don't need to be from Canada to love this show. Keep up the good work!! Love Able and Roxi. Thanks!!


Thanks Icenrye for all the great shows. I enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes with the show. Thanks
Sheldon's geocaching videozine is a regular watch for me. I have enjoyed it since the beginning. Originally I watched on the laptop, but more recently on the iPod. It is a well-produced video. Geocachers from all over will enjoy this addition to the hobby. Well done!
This is, by far, the most professionally produced geocaching show! Thank you for all of your hard work from Team Geofrog!
This is a great show full of very useful information. I look forward to each new show to give me good tips and to help me enjoy my breaks at work. The host knows a great deal on the subject and does not try to steer listeners/watchers away from other podcasts, but encourages viewing/listening to others. He also seems to have a great relationship going with the other one big happy family. The shows are great for geocachers of all levels. The only problem is there are not enough episodes. We need more !
If you're a geocacher you'll love this show. I especially liked your recent show on geotagging photos. I've already downloaded the software you recommended for the PC and can't wait to get started. Thanks again for a great show.
Icenrye is putting together a great podcast that I like to read and watch from time to time.
Greater resolution, wide screen and a new format has made a great videozine even better. Thanks Sheldon.
I listen to several geocaching podcasts and they are good. One reason that I really like Sheldon's podcast is because I can look at it. It is encouraging to "go caching with Sheldon" and to get the step-by-step tutoring on the show. Keep up the great work. Man, I'd love to see more shows if it were possible.
Great video to see whats goin on up north from us southern Cachers!
I've watching this videozine from the very beginning and I must say it was good then and it has only gotten better. I love the gorgeous shots of the BC area and the topics discussed are always fun and/or helpful. Icenrye's passion for geocaching is evident in this must watch videozine.
I enjoy watching the videozine at work, gives me a chance to catch up on what new, plus it move my mind set away from work for awhile. Keep it up.Cacher name, monkeypirate
I find this to be the single best source to learn about better ways to geocache. By actually seeing someone else use geocaching tools I'm much more likely to give them a try. He even gives examples for both PCs and Macs. The production quality is quite professional. I highly recommend this to any new or experienced geocacher. - BSA534
Sheldon puts together a great video show about geocaching. He does a great job of bringing aspects of the sport forward and teaching how to use technology in fun ways on the trail. Sometimes a bit goofy, yes, but that's all part of the fun! To top it off, he's got some great looking dogs as co-hosts! Jump in and check it out!
Just recently discovered this podcast and I really enjoy it! I learn something new with every episode.
I really enjoy all your videos. Love the new format....keep up the great work, thanks!!!!!
Icenrye has put together a great show this week. I like the new format, and the shorter time makes it easier to find time to watch.
Wow, thanks for this one. It sure helps me figuring out GSAK. Thank You! Thank You!
Love the new format, Icenrye! Sometimes I only have 15 minutes to listen - these are perfect for those short rides (between caches). Love the addition of your co-host, too!
I was all set to buy the new Colorado but when I saw the video you aired I changed my mind and got the 60CSX. I'll wait for the firmware updates befor getting it. Thanks. Joe, just hike.
Great podcast!!!!!!!!!! i've been geocaching for around 3 years, and this podcast is very informational!! thank you very much!!! Peace, Joboo
What a Great videozine. I absolutely Love the new shorter format. The Steaks
As a newer geocacher and info junkie, I subscribe to several geocaching podcasts. While they are all good, the videozine is the best! Audio-only formats leave a lot to be desired in contrast. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I enjoy the new shorter format as well. Keep up the good work!
If your into geocaching - Sheldon does an awesome job at giving notes, tips, tricks and a host of other information. Great job Sheldon! Really like the new, HD widescreen format!
This podcast is very helpful to me as I try to think of more ideas for Geocaching. The video is well done and the content is informative. If you are just starting in Geocaching or have thousands of caches under your belt this podcast is a great resource and a fun time.
Shorter is better... forces tighter content & editing. The wide angle shot looks very professional. Hope you can carry that camera into the field. Two shows a month would be about right. Once a week is too much to keep up with. Love the dogs!!
Ive only started watching recently and this videozine gives me my geocaching fix when I cant be outside myself. THANK YOU!
We're still fairly new to the show but wow, we really love it. mightyzinn enjoys this just about as much as Podcacher. Not to be missed!
This is well put together podcast that is very informative. Icenrye lets you know what is going on with the world of geocaching including events and product updates. If you are into caching you should be watching this podcast.
The Videos How To's Are Great....Even after over 1500 finds we still learned some new tricks
What a great video & podcast. I'm a newbie to geocaching in Southeast MO. Bootheel. Icenrye does a very good job of instruction about geocaching--how to find, how to hide and paperless caching. Keep Up the Good Work!
This is one classy video podcast! If you're new to caching, Icenrye is great at teaching the basics and helping you get started. If you've been at it a while, you can enjoy his adventures during those dry spells when you can't get out there and find them yourself. He does a great job of showing how geocaching can take you to some wonderful locations and makes it fun while he does so. Cache on!! KS&k
Great podcast for anyone who is interested in geocaching!
Just wanted to say I've been a regular listener for some time and really enjoy your video podcasts. They're informative and fun, and I love when you take the camera out caching. Keep up the great work!
If your into geocaching this is the show for you. Sheldon is making a very helpful podcast here, whether you're a newby or not. He's given me some great ideas for caches to place in my area. Thanks for making the show Sheldon and "Cache On" .
Just beginning in geocaching and what a great way to learn about paperless geocaching! Thanks for a great podcast and look forward to the next one.