Star Trek: The Section 31 Files

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I have a tremendous affection for all things Star Trek. I had no idea that radio-serial-type Trek podcasts were available. Section 31 has always been an intriguing element of the franchise. My recommendation for fans of Roddenberry’s universe is to sit in your chair, close your eyes, and soak this great broadcast in.
I have never been a die hard Star Trek fan, but the this show is clean, well produced with an intersting story line! Great for fans and casual observers alike!
This Trek fan production got me hooked on Darker Projects' shows, podcasts and using my iPod and iPhone for more than my ripped CD's. Make sure you listen in order and pay attention to the plot. It is well produced, and you may recognize the voices from other podcasts by now. But this is absolutely worth listening to while you wait for new episodes of other DP shows.
Can’t believe I am just finding this gem!!! Love this podcast it’s by far the funnest time I have ever had in the Star Trek universe.
I'm a confirmed Trekkie, and I always want a new Star Trek series. This series has a great concept with very good production. It would be very easy to get nitpicky about some things, but the bottom line is I enjoyed it a whole lot. Thanks very much, Darker Projects. Please bring us more episodes!
Well done all around. Hope you do more 31 shows
Am I the only one still listening to the great showcase of Star Trek fan fiction. The Trek universe would do well with a new tv series with this podcast as it base. There so little we know about section 31 and I'm sure trek fans would love to see a darker side of Star Trek.
I've passed this podcast over for a while now. For a laugh, I decided to download it. Now I'm hooked...and it's too late, they don't make it anymore =(
In section 2 it becomes an obvious socialism push against the evil corporation which is spreading the "evils" of profit or, as they call it greed. Not always the best vocal actors for some roles but the effort by all is appreciated if they would put the thinly veiled politics aside.
I love the show! It is kinda confusing and the intro is short, but otherwise, it's pretty cool and Trekkie!
Been listening to the same shows over and over! When are you planning to write more? Love your podcast!! As the're saying please come back want more!!
Awwsome ..... Would be interesting as TV series....send more!!!
Good show it need to be back!
We still need you Section 31! This fancast is top drawer--great writing, acting, plot-lines, sound effects and music. I'm starting to listen to the whole series again--something I NEVER do! Please don't abandon us to the dark forces of the universe Section 31!
Love the program, but when are the new stories coming out???
it,s the best star trek radio drama ever
This is an OK podcast: Sound effects and engieering are good, voice acting is so so, but the script is terrible. The listener has to really focus to be able to follow these difficult and disjointed stories. The actual plots might be fine with a little better writing.
This show has one of the best story line's I've heard in a long time, if your a fan of Star Trek like me you've got to get this series, these show's should be on TV !!!
I love this podcast! Darker Projects always does a great job, but this is just amazing!
This is an awesome podcast series! It is awesome acting, great stories, great characters, and lots of fun!! Great addition to your Star Trek Collection!!
I will say that the show is very well put together - nice special effects and music - but the writing and the acting are terrible. The show should be called 'Star Trek: Indeed' or, 'Star Trek: We Have Much Work Ahead of Us' for the amount of times I hear this or that character say it. It's loaded with about every bad fanboy cliche you can think of, and reminds me nothing of the Section 31 we actually saw in Star Trek. All the bad jokes and sarcasm between the characters makes me want to hit something.
This was my first time listening to star trek podcasts and was pleasent supprised how good they are. I hope they keep making them! Great job DarkerProjects.


This is a phenominal series and would make a great show. 5/5 all the way. I hope that you will get the new series out soon. Hope it is as good as the section 31 files
Section 31 is a thoroughly enjoyable Star Trek podcast, with original characters, story, and situations. Great sound effects, a good mix of plots (some remind me of original Trek), and a sweeping story arc combine with the great voices to create a unique listening experience. If you're a fan of science fiction in general, you owe it to yourself to try Section 31 files.
Despite doctor who...
Good solid performances, excellent story lines, and some great audio editing. I look forward to every episode.
In my opinion, best Star Trek content out there. There are a few weak points in the beginning, but the storyline and the quality of the voice acting make this just as enjoyable as Star Trek canon itself. Great job well done! Only complaint, they're not produced fast enough.
If the TV shows had a plot this good, with characters this real, it would still be on !!
love the content and the acting is great a little sporatic in the releasing of the shows but keep up the good work
OMG what a great show This is a divine podcast very interesting Hope to hear more
the sounds effects are very awesome, the acting's pretty sweet, and they've even got a few references to other sci-fi stuff(always good). the script, while kind of confusing, is very suspenseful. however, what bothers me is that some of the episodes are completely and utterly not there. 1.03, 2.07, 2.08, 2.09, 2.10, feels very odd, to listen to the characters talk about recent events and have no clue what they mean. still, great show.
I have just started listening I and I like it a lot! Some of the actors should be a little more animated and a little less monotone, but at least I can understand them. WHERE IS Ep 1.03??????
I wouldn't mind knowing more about the characters backstories, but I'm only at the end of season 1.
This is a great idea for a PodCast. It's pretty well done, though the 'acting' is a little rough at times (I'm only through the first few eps, and you know most podcasts get better as they go). If you're a fan of Star Trek, you should check this out!
I am so addicted to this podcast! I'm always hanging onto the edge of my seat when I'm listening to the podcast. Great sound effects. Good job all around from the writers, producer, actors.
Section 31 is one of the best Star Trek programs I've ever heard. I wish there had been a TV series about Section 31. The idea is amazing!! Do yourself a favor and listen to this Podcast. The only bad thing is I'm getting toward the last one and am dreading not having one to listen to. Come on Darker Projects get some more Section 31 posted!!
... also, incidentally, one of only two such series. This is a FUN show to listen to. The plot is contorted and often seems wandering, and the team only has about nine people to do all the voices (as far as I can tell), but they get the ideals of Starfleet down very well. In fact, their "Section 31" crew seems more Sisko than Sloane. Episodes released roughly 1.25 times/month. Highly recommended to anyone searching for a regular TREK fix post-cancellation.