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Great way to keep up on the sermons, updated frequently:) really enjoy listening!


By apt342
Stumbled on this podcast and heard PJ Lewis' intro to the gospel of Mark. He is a gifted expository preacher which is what we lack here in L.A. Well done! - 0622/15
Thank you so much for this! I love this..if I miss a Sunday or just need a reminder to stay on the path. This is truly amazing!
I just moved to town and went to The Well (north campus) for the first time and loved it. I left feeling uplifted and convicted. I started listening to the podcast to catch up on the old messages and I can't say enough about how much I enjoy listening. I also listen to the ShoutCast and it definitely helps to deepen my understanding of the sermon.
Always a powerful, rock-my-world message straight to my heart from Christ.
Brad seems to not waste a single utterance. He is to the point and really challenges you to think.
Great to be able to take relevant, sound, theological teaching with me on the go! A heart for God, solid doctrine, and an emphasis on teaching The Word show through!
I attend this church in person and also have it on my ipod. I have to say that this church has a true heart for God and the people in the kingdom! Download! Listen! Enjoy!
It's too bad that this isn't up at the top of list. You won't hear a slow southern draw promising health and wealth, but you will get the uncomprimised truth with application from a pastor who understands what the struggles of life are.
How much more plain can it get? This is just easy to listen to, easy to understand and gets to the point. Thanks--keep up the good work!
I had the privilege of being involved in The Men's Ministry at Denton Bible Church while both Brad and Mike were there. I cannot express how much I learned from these two great men and how they impacted my life. I was thrilled to death to see podcasts from The Well and I praise God for their ministry. Keep up the great work!
that's so cool that you post your messages! I also think it would be awesome to include some of the worship! Chris is the best worship pastor in the world and I'm all the way in Little Rock Arkansas so it's not often that I get to hear him lead any more. I love you Chris! I hope all is well!
Even though we've moved to the Bay Area from Fremont, it's great to be able to stay connected with our family at the Well! Brad - keep up the great teaching, and don't lose that focus for pursuing God in all that you do. It certainly shows through in these podcasts! Brian - any chance on video podcasting? :-)
Now understand that this is coming from two people that are employed by the Well, but how are you going to get any better than this? Melissa Whitehead told me directly, "I laughed, I cried, I feel like a newly post coccoon butterfly. I would trade my Aaron Carter "Greatest Hits-Come to Aaron's Party" for this any day." Jeff Bachman said, "Boy, I thought I knew a lot of words...well let me tell you Brad knows the mostest." There you go. You should Subscribe.