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I found Karen's podcast earlier this year - and have grown to enjoy each new episode. She does such a nice job of striking a balance of playing songs by new performers and mixing in some tracks from the past. However, in both situations, she often features artists / bands that may not be really familiar to the masses. This tends to make so much of what she includes in her podcast fresh music.
Americana music is a very large tent under which one may become lost amid the myriad choices. It is always nice to find a knowledgeable guide to lead you through the confusion and feed you great samples of music one right after another. Karen Miller is your thoughtful Shepard on this great show.
It's ironic that the best Americana show I'm aware of comes from Scotland. Always a great selection, nice balance, a very pleasant listen. One of my favorites.
I have tried them all and this, hands down, is the best podcast for alt country/americana/roots/folk. No weird "morning show chat" or painfully bad intro music. Instead TONS of wonderful gems, an enthusiastic/knowledgable podcaster. Karen - good on ya! This is brilliant!
Karen Miller's podcast is absolutely excellent. With a minimum of chat and a maximum of good music, this is a winner. Music is mostly Americana, but with a good mix of music from Australia, the UK, and more. The connecting theme is that these are the best in independent individual singers, mixed with new voices heard for nearly the first time on this podcast.