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When you attend a University, there are an infinite amount of fees. This is free advise from a bare boned honest teacher that shoots straight no matter the recoil. Thanks Paula for your time and helpful advise on our writing! I hope you know how much you're appreciated.
it's a writing podcast -- that automatically makes it at least decent. But the name itself made me a little hesitant to try it (I mean, "The Writing Show" isn't terribly original), and it turns out that the title is actually a pretty good indicator of at least the episodes that I've listened to so far. While the topics seem interesting, I'm not sure they're handled in a way that's most effective/efficient for the amateur writer who's listening, nor are they very captivating. My favorite writing podcast is called Writing Excuses because it has 4 or 5 different writers from different genres, which provides a more dynamic coverage of the topic than just one person sitting in front of a microphone. Again, though: it's a writing podcast, so it's at least decent. Just not superb.
There's a few really good writing podcast on itunes, but this one has the best and most helpful workshops.
I've now listened to almost all of the past Writing Show podcasts and have garnered a wealth of information. I've learn of new writing and though them have new places to submit work. And I've learned a great deal about publishing; still haven't decided whether to go traditional or self-publish, but I now know a great deal about both routes and will be able to make a more imformed decision, and I have Paula to thank. As one other reviewer pointed out, Paula does not present much on how to write, but what she does provide, access to other (mostly published) writers, is invaluable; the amount of time I spend writing has doubled or more since I've begun listening to this podcast.
When I listen to these podcasts, I feel like I’m sitting down at Paula B’s kitchen table. I listen with my cup of coffee and catch up with everyone from struggling first-time writers like myself to publishers and editors who have seen it all. Paula B asks all the questions I would ask, but even better, she asks the questions I don’t know to ask yet. Ultra-informative and always entertaining. You won’t regret downloading this series of podcasts.
I had no idea that being interviewed on a talk show could be so much fun. Paula makes it seem like the questions come at you so effortlessly that it makes the time literally fly by. Plus, she's totally got the voice for this. If you're looking for a show about writing, with writers, that is without pretention and shamelessly honest, this is it! -E
Many podcasts manage to be interesting for a handful of episodes, then peter out. This one is different. Paula somehow manages to churn out episode after meaty episode, like Krushkev's sausages. The diversity of topics and guests of this podcast is striking, touching on technique, writers markets, and multiple genres of writing. This encourages writers to consider new applications for their talents, like screenplays and white papers. It also explores the subjective, psychological challenges of writing. If you imagined a weekly radio show on writing produced by NPR, you'd imagine something like this. The back catalog is a valuable resource for anyone interested in writing.
Since 2005, The Writing Show has provided information and inspiration for writers. Paula Berinstein has produced over 270 podcasts with relevant and useful knowledge for writers, along with the encouragement all writers, especially new ones, require. Paula, the author of seven published books and oodles of articles, has interviewed writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplays, comics, and plays, and has also covered nearly every conceivable subject related to writing, such as marketing, illustrating, tax help for writers, and publishing- every writers' dream. There's also a variety of commentaries, guest host interviews, and roundtable discussions. If you're a writer and want to advance your skills, or if you want to write but don't know where to begin, this podcast is a tremendous, FREE resource you can use to boost you're writing to the next level. I started listening in April of 2007, and the education I gained (and continue to gain) is priceless. Not only does The Writing Show offer podcasts about every type of writing, there are interactive features, and an opportunity to be a part of a community of writers. Since 2006, The Writing Show has sponsored the yearly First Chapter of a Novel Contest. Paula also offers mentoring and editing services for one-on-one help with your writing projects. On February 14th, 2010, Paula announced the next new series: The Writing Show Slush Pile Workshop. Listeners will have the chance to anonymously send in the first chapters of their novels and nonfiction books (including memoir), as well as entire short stories. If their work is chosen to be read on the show, it will be tried out on Paula and freelance editor Ann Paden to see if the writing is agent-ready. If not, Paula and Ann will tell the writer (anonymously!) why they wouldn't ask to see more as agents. An agent will rarely take the time to tell a writer what needs improved in the work to make it publishable, and for Writing Show listeners, this is a component of the podcast that can save years of time and frustation. To listen to The Writing Show is to have a teacher, book, class, and a cheerleader wrapped up in an MP3. Best of all, you can pick and choose what you want to listen to (although I highly recommend listening to them all, which I'm still working on), and shape your own writing life. The Writing Show has the tools to help you achieve your writing goals through every step of the process.
I know a lot of this stuff is free on the web, but sometimes I'm struck by the real value being offered. I think it's easy to take it for granted. Paula's show is one of those shows that reminds me of the power of independent radio, and if you're a writer you have to take advantage of what she is offering. It's great content that every writer serious about their craft should be subscribed to!
The Writing Show is an extremely well-presented resource for writers and people interested in writing. Paula B. interviews her guests in a thoughtful and interesting way. Her shows cover a wide range of topics, from writing detective novels to ensuring that you are receiving the royalties to which you are entitled. Paula also presents solo shows which are full of useful tips and techniques to help you improve your writing with especial emphasis on plot structure. There are some really unusual "feature" shows - round-tables and reality shows amongst them. If you want to know more about how writers think and work or more about writing, listen carefully to Paula B.
From publishing growing pains, debates on self-publishing and e-books, what speaks to literary agents, how to edit, tax tips for writers, dialogue mechanics, and eye-opening interviews with writers from all genres, Paula B covers it all with intelligence and pizazz.


By AL105
I like the guests and what they have to say but the host tends to ask some really naive or not well developed questions. She also sometimes gets a little rude with her guests. It's a shame to have good guests with good discussion topics but an interviewer that needs more tact.
Paula B. does a great job addressing all the career information writers need to know and be aware of. This isn't about the mechanics of writing or how to craft a good story, this is a virtual tour of writing as a career seen through the eyes of people who have been there and done it. Paula shows the resources available to writers, the ins and outs of publishing both traditional and self, provides exposure to writing niches rarely thought of, explores new vistas technology makes available to writers, and much more. This is a show worth listening to for anyone serious about a career in writing.
Great substance on interesting writing topics, so much so that I'm willing to put up with the host who speaks as if she is talking to a group of nursery school kids. I especially find her introductions irritating; she is better as the interviews progress.
The Writing Show is simply a great place to find out about the craft of business of writing. The host does an exceptional job of exploring her varied topics and always chooses interesting, informative guests. For writers yet to get their first sales, there's a ton of useful information here. For professionals, this show is a great way to learn more and explore different genres and topics.
If you seek to use words that mean more than just words And commune with some great authors free, And you want to learn craft from skilled artists and nerds-- You'll subscribe to the one Paula B. She probes all of her guests with her interview skill And she knows how to make listeners see. She compels her subscribers to pick up a quill, The encouraging, kind Paula B. You may search the world over to find as a muse None like Writing Show's great Paula B. It's as if she'll let strugglers pay discounted dues As a gift to all writers to be.
Let Paula B, the enjoyably refreshing host of The Writing Show, be your guide through literature’s labyrinth of perils, pitfalls and possibilities. You will not be disappointed. With an unlimited number of interesting guests as well as frequent new episodes, Paula’s podcasts provides writers with an inside and honest peek into the world of writing. Encouraging and inspiring, The Writing Show proves that creativity, no matter how insignificant, never sits at the bottom of the barrel waiting to be scraped, but is always on its constant upwards silent swim towards the top to be heard.
I've been a fan of The Writing Show for a year now. Each week brings a new guest with new tips, tricks, techniques for writing your masterpiece, and personal stories about their writing journey.
For a show that wants to talk about writing, it spends more time talking about already written books than about how to fine tune your own techniques. On top of that, the authors and books often featured on the show often seem to be the bottom of the barrel and not worth hearing about. When the show does focus on writing and publishing tips, it has good advice, but it seems to be more of a side note or after thought than the focus.
I enjoy listening to this show. I find it informative and entertaining.
I have really enjoyed the few podcasts I have listened to. I can't wait to hear more. Makes me feel all energetic and artistic!
Paula B. does a great job in every episode. Her interview skills are among the best in the business and she is really missing her calling by not simply specializing in interviews for PBS or some hifalutin slick magazine! Luck for the rest of us. She inspires a lot of people besides myself into getting back into writing that book! I also, based on her interview with James Cox at Midwest Book Review, have started my own magazine and will soon begin podcasting - Surf Review And Report - Bill Anderson, surfreviewandreport.
I've been a "behind the scenes" listener for about 6 months. I'm excited every week when a new Writing Show podcast appears in my stash. As an ambitious, yet very inexperienced, writer, this podcast has given me a lot of insight into the world of writing. I appreciate the interviews and all that I am able to gain just from listening once a week. I, too, agree the website needs some work, but I can't let my rating go down cause of that! There's too much goodness in the cast itself! Thanks a ton.
....and fans of writing. Paula B is an exceptional interviewer, and chats with fascinating personalities in the world of writing. Fiction authors, video game writers, comic books ... it's all here. Highly recommended. Paula B, keep up the excellent work!
I like the show, but the blog needs some attention. There's no discernible email address and I've tried several times to comment, to no avail. Great audio, though, lovely host!