Darker Projects: Night Terrors

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GREAT QUALITY- Voice Actors/FX/Stories! Absolutely wonderful podcast if you Love The Creepy, Scary & Weird! I’ve nothing but POSITIVE things to say about their shows. Give em a listen and SHARE SHARE SHARE! THANK YOU - To all involved in making this a Winning Experience!
Going back to review the better of story telling. Voice actors/actress’ read fictional horror stories clearly and entertainingly .Short intro , audio quality👍🏽, and great choice of written work. We Need more like this show
Is it the writing or the acting that makes this so bad? Both, sadly. I gave two episodes a try and couldn't make it through either of them. I'll stick with the old radio shows, thanks very much.
These are wonderful. Out of all the podcasts that feature plays like this, this is the best one I've ever found. The voices are done perfectly, the sound effects go with the stories and it's a clear, crisp recording, no static or distortion. I really hope they continue to add to these and keep making them.
Well told stories to pass your free time. Worth a listen if you like the strange or spooky.
I was happy to see there is a new podcast story out. It has been out of commission for a long time. I hope to hear more stories.
Many of these stories are very good.Others are lame; however, all are told very well with great music and suspense.
The stories are great and the host is perfect for each tale. When will there be new stories, haven't released any since 2007. The public must have more.


By JMZ123
The stories are good and the host is great but some of the acting throughout is mediocre.
Mark the host has a great voice. The stories are vary good too.