Audible Ajax

Reviews For Audible Ajax

These guys do an awesome job of getting into details without being boring. Would've given 5 stars but the show seems to have stopped last December. Why?
The best podcast I've heard yet on web development. These guys are developers, bloggers and podcasters about the web (well, Ajax); and they live in the Bay area so they have geo access to great interviews.
It used to be the best on the Ajax space. But it has passed a lot of time without a new episode.
If you are into the stuff behind the UI, this is it. Specifically for Ajax, but I've heard lots about Domscripting, some interviews, some application reviews, and a good idea of where it's all going and how it all fits together. Not dumbed-down like other shows, but not full of acronyms, either. It didn't get five stars from me because although it is a great show, it is heavy on the info and light on the entertainment.
Clear and to the point. Very informative information about AJAX / JSON.