Audible Ajax

Reviews For Audible Ajax

The best podcast I've heard yet on web development. These guys are developers, bloggers and podcasters about the web (well, Ajax); and they live in the Bay area so they have geo access to great interviews.
It used to be the best on the Ajax space. But it has passed a lot of time without a new episode.
If you are into the stuff behind the UI, this is it. Specifically for Ajax, but I've heard lots about Domscripting, some interviews, some application reviews, and a good idea of where it's all going and how it all fits together. Not dumbed-down like other shows, but not full of acronyms, either. It didn't get five stars from me because although it is a great show, it is heavy on the info and light on the entertainment.
Clear and to the point. Very informative information about AJAX / JSON.