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Michelle, you are annoying. John, you are awesome. Enough said.
I love Michelle and John, wouldn’t miss an episode!
PC Master Race show. Michelle complains about anything that’s not PC.
They don’t know what they are talking about. The info they give is flat out wrong and misleading. Please go find a better podcast with correct info.
If you want real folks talking about their experiences enjoying games, if you want to feel like there's a sense of community and wonder that still exists in the game industry, then you've got to give these guys a try.
Not sure where to start…I mean, I still listen in, BUT as a total cringe cast. I even gave them the $2 for week’s extra WEAK 30 mins or so of whining/trying too hard/negative as all get out. This is the reality television of gaming podcasts. Listen for the Dwight-like lols, do not take these people seriously.
The title may seem a little much but i like alliteration and it will make sense. Listening to John and Michelle give their honest opinion about video games is refreshing. They get angry, especially when publishers do something obnoxious, but they also get excited when a game they like is making them happy. They bring on guests who are just average gamers and have valid things to say. I am more likely to listen to their opinions than a show that constantly features people in the industry because those opinions are often biased as to not offend their guests or sponsors. John and Michelle don’t care about hurting feelings or anything, they have honest opinions about video games. But just take the guitar away from John. It’s horrifying. This most recent episode was excruciating and I eventually turned it off (may have been made worse by his drunkenness, but still the singing just ruins the flow of video game discussion) “Job’s done” made me laugh out loud at work though.
John and Michelle are awesome podcasters, game journalists, and games in general. There isn't a better VG duo podcasting right now.
They use bad language when it's not needed. It shows their limited vocabulary. John talked crap about chick-fil-a because they're a Christian company and they're closed on Sunday's. Typical left, talking crap about people they don't agree with. I bet they support radical Islam though.
Thought I'd give it another try... Michelle still talking out of her rear. Don't bother
I'm not looking for the Pulitzer here but at least don't sound like a bunch of kids on Xbox live.
Updating my review for your new website, it looks great. Thank you Michelle for the selfless hard work you do for the community. I still love this show years later, the host chemistry is as strong as ever, and these two are hilarious together. This is a different type of video game podcast. You will not find a more entertaining show with two better people. This is a rare gem in the genre. They are real, and the random topics keep it fresh year after year. John I love your game streams too. You make me smile.
I've been listening to VGO on and off for about 10 years but I'm done. Michelle has turned into some angry, screaming mad person and it is NOT fun to listen to. Maybe having so many podcasts together has made their relationship worse.
I feel like the male host does a lot of shtick and it's hard to tell when he's serious and when he's playing a bit. This has been especially difficult with the last few Switch Episodes because it's hard to tell if he's actually being critical because it's like he's playing a Fanboy character. I dig his co-host, she comes across as more objective and tries her best to keep the show on schedule. His laugh is seriously grating. HOO HOO HOO, HEE HEE HEE
I've been listening to Michelle and John for ten years, and I can tell you there are none better. The show is a great mix of video games, pop culture, music, and listening to an old married couple argue. Just a bit of advice for the hosts... no more Canadians!
I can't wait for this reboot 2017! Goodbye Matt, he was background noise and honestly sucked. Major ego issues and super conniving too. Best gaming show around people, funny, off topic, on topic, it's everything someone could want and more!!
Would be better if John stopped talking over Michelle ;)
New listener, loving the podcast; it really is just two people having fun talking about games. The priblem, however, is that John continuously talks over, interrupts, and disregards his co-host to the point that she's fighting to finish her sentences. It's 2016, man, we know that sort of crap is disrespectful. It sort of spoils the entire podcast for me.
These people are disgusting racists. In podcast 473 one of the hosts (John) goads a host named Michelle into making fun of Native Americans. He gave her some awful fake "Indian" name. He tried to make her say "how" and asked her if she was drunk on "fire water". I don't know what's more disappointing, John bullying her into making fun of native Americans or Michelle following his lead like some ditzy airhead. And no I'm not a Native American, but it's just so sad to be reminded that there are still people this ignorant among us. Won't be listening again.


By Xxxbdh
I've been a subscriber to this podcast for a couple of years and I'm done. Michele is a stuck up b**ch and I feel sorry for Matt. The bias towards PC gaming is silly, why not mention how much more expensive the hardware is, and dealing with virus, errors and all the Windows BS. I do tend to agree with a lot of the points and views from all 3 hosts but I can't take the abuse towards Matt anymore. For awhile I thought it was part of the charm but now I just wish he'd get his own podcast.
I just discovered this podcast 6 weeks ago, and unlike other podcasts about gaming material, i feel this one is the most real. John, Michelle, and Matt give perspectives and opinions on games, hardware/peripherals, and apps from a down to earth, unbiased, unabashed point of few i appreciate as an older gamer (started in the NES era).
I was never really into podcasts much. But video games have always been a part of my life. So I decided to turn to the podcast world since music gets lame and repetitive. I'm also a mailman and walk a lot and it's quiet so I rather try to find some exquisite entertainment. And voila: I found your awesome podcast. It always keeps me entertained at work and in the loop. I like your diversity in games and different views. And you all have comedic moments which comes in so fluently. Overall you guys are awesome. Keep it up! I will gladly listen each time I can. Thanks guys!
The hosts encourage listeners to leave reviews, but they lash out at any that are not favorable. If you leave a critical review, the hosts will ban you from their community and berate you on social networks. They will also report your review to Apple to have it removed. This should tell you a lot about the type of people that host this show.
Easily my favorite podcast. Started listening over a year ago hoping for videogame news, then quickly abandoned that idea and continued to enjoy the interplay between the two hosts and their weekly co-host. Cannot recommend enough! Unless your Irish.
This podcast is LIVE and its so refreshing that you can chat with the hosts in realtime via Riotcast. John and Michelle are great and they provide a charity of sorts by having a disabled person as a part time cohost. His name is Matt and he should be commended on his Rainman knowledge of mobile games, free to play games, free demos, crossword puzzles and those mazes on the back of cereal boxes. He is rarely a detriment to an otherwise fantastic Live podcast.
This show is hilarious. Warning though. The show uses explicit language. If that's not for you move on, but if you don't mind it and want to laugh while listening to your videogame news, this is your show.


By A.Moten
Hey guys just wanted to say I love the show, but it always bothers me that whenever Matt starts his 10 sec, he always gets talked over by John. Yes I know that this is a theme of the show that Matt will forever be a guest host on the show, but come on seriously,give the guy one night just for him to talk about what he's played.
Long time listener and this is one of the best entertainment podcasts out there that also talks about video games. Keep it up VGO.
My job allows me to listen to stuff while I'm working. I subscribe to a bunch of podcasts, but there are only a couple that I look forward to each week. This one is right at the top. If you're only looking for straight videogame talk, this isn't the podcast for you. But if you like a good laugh with gaming talk mixed in, you can't go wrong with VGO!
This is a great podcast. John, the main host is a delight to listen to. He knows what he's talking about and always has great information about games and life. Michelle, another host is every mans fantasy, a no nonsense woman who will tell you exactly what she's thinking. Matt the co-host (just kidding) brings great questions to the topics of the show. At its heart, VGO is about video games, but it's much more than that. It's about people, and their lives. It has and always will be my favorite podcast.
Have never really been into podcasts but since I started listening to VGO my whole work day is nothing but these three making me laugh and giving me great ideas on games to play have also sold me on building on my own PC thanks! Just need some help on websites and best things to buy for it
Horrible podcast! I tuned in for game info, tips, strategic discussion, etc. I listened for the first 15 mins and all I heard was gratuitous cussing and a topic that didn't involve games and was not the least bit entertaining.
I suffered through about 1/2 a podcast. These two are the poster children for the annoying dumb argumentative people who don't shut up about their closed minded opinions who make themselves feel like they're right by speaking over you drowning out anything you could say with sheer volume. IM RIGHT CUS I CANT HEAR YOU!!!
I've been listening for years & will continue.
If you are sick of all the boring neck beard hipsters on the mainstream podcasts look no further. Video Game Outsider's hosts John, Michelle, and Matt have a great Chemistry that makes each episode unique, informative, and most of all truly hilarious. John is the driving force behind the comedy, who seems overly enthusiastic about children's games and old arcade games and who often seems somewhat to totally drunk, but he will make you laugh until you cry. Michelle is truly beautiful, and strikingly clever. She spends most of the show explaining how the world and technology actually work to John. Matt is the new guy from Canada who completes the trio by balancing everything out while occasionally being bashed by John even though Matt is rarely wrong. All I can say is give this show a chance, and unless you are worthless human scum, you will love it! Ghostgoat


Best video game podcast out there!! keep up the great work!!!
VGO is a show about black people, music, door bells, and sometimes feet.. Oh, and there are video games in there every now and then. Matt Bradford rounds out the cast really well but I think the bit about hating on him and giving him a hard time is getting old. It's a great variety show to tune into when you want to enjoy some trolling and rants about nothing in particular. In all seriousness, I like when you guys break into alter egos and go off the rails. That's really why we listen. The video games are just icing on top. Speaking of icing, better cream, whipped cream, other? Discuss. I miss the dynamic on AllGames, personally.. But hope it's going well for y'all on the new network. We secretly miss you.. just a bit. ;o)
I used to listen to this podcast all the time. I recently started listening again. I had forgotten why I stopped listening...Michelle. She's a terrible know-it-all that hardly knows anything. Just because you string 20 sentences together without taking a breath doesn't mean you're intelligent. In this case, it's just because she's full of hot air and loves to hear herself talk.
This is an awful podcast. I tried to give it a few episodes in but I can't take the stupidity or running off topic "constantly". It could be better.
I have listed to this podcast for quite a while, usually enjoying what game content they have. Usually Johns whining and constant Apple TV pushing is kept in reasonable check. In today's episode, I have finally quit after about 30 minutes of the entire cast ranting about a Sony credit card charge with annoying background sound effects and John yelling at Matt like a teenager having a tantrum.
This is by far the best podcast. I can't wait to hear John, Michelle and that other guy every week. I drive a lot for work and this is by far my favorite podcast. Keep up the good work guys...and Matt. Love that PS Plus.
I'm a causal adult gamer who has tried tons of video game shows in the past. They were all boring, contrived, or for kids. When I saw RiotCast was adding a video game show, I reluctantly tried due to my past experiences, but wow, VGO is fantastic. The hosts have becomes more like friends I listen in with, and as I go back and listen to all the episodes, I like them and the show more and more. There's literally something for every gamer, and dare I say it, even non gamers will be entertained. You guys make my work week so much better, thank you! I love the ten second spotlight, how you go from talking about games, and always, without a doubt, then the show unravels into hilarity, keep it up!
I was excited when Riotcast announced they would be adding a video game show to their rooster. Given the caliber and style of most of the shows on their network I was expecting a biting/quick-witted gaming news podcast to add to my weekly rotation. This podcast sticks out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way. It's borderline morning zoo shock-jock radio. I've given 3 separate episodes a go and from what I can tell it's 85% mindless/boring banter and 15% actual video game talk (to be fair I shut them all off at least 30 minutes into it. I don't care about the mundane goings-on of co-host's previous week). I'm a bit insulted by Riotcast to be honest. Do they think this is what adult gamers listen to? Nobody over the age of 17 should be into this podcast. I imagine most of their listeners are super into Call of Duty and energy drinks. If you're looking for a hilarious/in depth video game podcast for grown ups check out the Giant Bombcast and Beastcast, if you hate your step-dad and need something to listen to while you put hologram stickers on your skateboard or edit e-cig smoke trick videos for YouTube than have fun with this crap shoot.
VGO is a magic blend of 3 perfect personalities. John is this wild crazy Republican toy/appmaker and Michelle is this liberal conservative girl that wrote a book and lived happily ever on its profits. Matt is a drug using intellectual and former writer for various blogs and has a budding voiceover/ice cream career. These guys are hilarious and fun, but the magic of those 3 personalities is they give really good game reviews. My only fear with this podcast is that it will someday end... Please stay together forever, guys! You guys are the perfect 3-person marriage!!!
This show tries way too hard to be funny but its more annoying than anything. Plus no volume control and if you have headphones on it will hurt your ears when the do their dumb sound effects or yell. Its just bad.
I look forward to this podcast every week , it helps me get through each and every week that it is on. It is a realistic take on gamers and the reviews they have. I can listen to any podcast that has biased views on games. These three hosts are more in tune with just your normal average gamer out there who doesnt want to hear a bunch of fluff about games. They also have the fun on every podcast, you cant ever listen to this one and not laugh. Matt, Michelle and John are three people I would want to hang with and have a long conversation with about anything. Thank you guys for the awesome listen every week. Keep up the great work, onward to another 400 episodes!!!
This is my favorite podcast (video game related or otherwise) that I look forward to every week. The group has great chemistry. John is crazy, Matt is logical, and Michelle keeps everything balanced and under control in the middle. Though it’s video game focused some of the funniest moments are when they aren’t talking about video games. They don’t break video game news but their interpretations of games is great because they all have different tastes. It’s more like talking about video games with friends rather than hearing someone read a review of a game on one of the "big site” podcasts. I started listening for a couple of years about 10 years ago then had to give it up as I had no time with a new job. I started listening again about 3 years ago and it’s gotten even better. I think this is their 10th year and I’m hoping for 10 more. Great job y’all!