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Been a loyal listener for years but can’t stand all the bickering and console hate on top of Michelle’s constant talk about everything being woke!
I’ve listened to this show off and on for a few years. Every time I stop it’s because John is just too much. I like the discussions but he talks over everyone else all the time. His bits last way too long. The first 15 minutes of the Halloween episode is the most skippable radio I have ever heard. Matt talks about feelings too much


Michelle 5/5 John 4.5/5 Vídeo game outsiders 5 4 3 2
Tried listening to the Diablo discussion and it honestly gave me a headache. Do they not plan on what they’re going to discuss before recording?
I've been listening to these three for what feels like a lifetime, and not only have they become my favorite video game hosts, I'm happy to say they've also become my friends. John is a great guy with tremendous musical and comedic talent. Michelle, though she tries to put on a tough as nails exterior, is really a secret sweetie pie with a heart of gold. And Matt... Let's just say his wife is a lucky gal. The conversations sometimes turn into screaming, but the comedy bits, songs and in-depth conversations about gaming always shine through. John and Michelle, with the later addition of Matt, have carried this show on for the better part of 2 decades with their tremendous dedication and chemistry. If you love true gaming talk that isn't filtered and is completely genuine, listen to VGO.
I’ve been listening since they won podcast of the year on Gamertag Radio. Years and years ago. Stopped listening to Gamertag but never (hardly ever 😁) miss an episode. John and Michelle are the best. They both have great opinions and are very funny. It’s good that they have a third person (Matt) that has mostly different takes and opinions. While not to my thinking, it makes for fun discussion. Never change!
I have been listening to this podcast since 2007 and it always makes me mad how they John Jacobson, Michelle Madison.. always use the third host as a prop for them.. his name is Matt, the Canadian loser. Why he takes the abuse from this stuck up rich woman, whom got rich by selling some crap book with no writing in it??? And this other guy? John jango jango Hailey Smith, something like that!! They feel superior to the other guy I Matt?? So they make him mad to fight and get ratings ?? Very toxic, there so called reviews? If you play five minutes of a game and call it a review most of the times.. is way off, they like only what they like, and the rest is garbage they say… there are a lot better podcast out there for video games that are not like this that makes sense. They are the video game outsiders because that’s where they belong on the outsiders with Jonny!! Ps Matt, you can start your own podcast trust me, John isn’t the master at podcast!!
Incredible content done by two incredible hosts. Huge back catalog and lengthy history detailing the hundreds of reviews done by these two. A lot of podcasts could benefit from a third host, but not this show. I can’t stress it enough, John and Matt are great! I haven’t missed an episode since I started listening in 2019.
On the road a lot and love listening to them. Definitely my kind of humor
Been listening for 10yrs, very consistent episode release and format. Polished podcast.
The Starfield Direct was the greatest 45 min showing of a game in history, yet hosts panned it. I don’t believe they actually watched the direct. Really inconsistent. Bring Kyle back!
Gave this show another shot for the D4 review. Hosts cut each other off. She just kept saying “okay” every 10 seconds while the other host is talking. They are swearing at each other, no chemistry. Took 45-60 minutes before they got to Diablo talk. Listen to something like Core or any other gaming podcast instead
While it might seem a tad off putting to the new listener trust me, It eventually grows on you. If you want to listen to monotone fanboys without any personality say only nice things about games and only talk about video games there are plenty of other podcasts out there for you. I will admit, Jahn is annoying A LOT! Michelle has a wicked tongue that might even be forked. But rest assured Matt will balance them out nicely that is IF he decides to show up.


By Yun1t0
What more do you need? John is really funny, Michelle knows a ton about games and Matt is the nicest dude ever. Give the pod a chance! - Yun1t0
Don’t listen to the recent bad reviews, they are from this new generation of ‘the blue hairs’ who listen to one episode and either get offended or don’t understand the show dynamic and host chemistry. The is one of the only gaming podcast I can tolerate. No political or social fallacies, and it’s actually funny. I been listening to them for about 15 years and John Michelle and Matt are all great for different reasons. John is crazy and creative and keeps it fun, Michelle is witty and actually knows her game stuff, and Matt is Canadian! VGO is a group of real friends being real and talking real about video games and other relevant and non relevant topics which is usually the best part. Love you three, don’t ever change for this new wave of people with no sense of humor.
Tuned in for Diablo 4, man these guys are excruciating awful. Every host is utterly unlikable, often cutting each other off by screaming. Does this podcast make money? It has to right, otherwise why would these people be doing it. They clearly hate eachother, making it awkward and frustrating to listen to. It’s like listening to your parents argue at the dinner table 3 months before they separate. Please just divorce already, and don’t worry about custody, the kids are better off without you.
I’ve listened to this podcast for 3 years and it’s had its moments of brilliance, but they’ve recently been plagued by misguided information, lazy game reviews, and back and forth bickering/screaming. If they would bother researching their selected news articles before the show, sticking to an actual format for reviews, and cease the yelling/pi$$ing contest, this show could be as much as it used to be. But as of now, much better alternatives exist.
‘Nough said
I’ve listened on and off for a long time and can honestly say that the show was better when micheal took off and quit the show for a period of time. She is very controlling and condescending. She only cares about the games she plays and hurries the others through their time. She comes off as a racist bigot most times. I will only listen again when she is gone. Love you , John and Matt!
John and Michelle are hilarrous and have great insight into the gaming sphere. And I appreciate the takes on games without injecting politics into reviews. Oh and Matt is cool too!


By jjf1978
After listening to Michelle go OFF on John in episode 798 I’m not sure I can listen again
Show is great. Great video game content show. But sometimes John can get carried away with dumb noises and music. When he isn’t being dumb and annoying it is a good listen.
Constantly interrupting the others.. Very overbearing. Yikes.
Jump started my love of listening on demand/ podcast. John is the best, even with Michelle keeping him grounded. Probably needed, keep it up, even Matt!
I like ants! 🤘
Been listening forever and realized I don’t think I’ve left a review. Thanks for the great content every week for all these years 🍻
I’ve been listening to VGO for years and it has always been a fun experience. The hosts John and Michelle and co-host Matt are hilarious. If you are looking for a podcast that feels like you’re hanging with your weird friends at a bar or coffee shop, I would recommend you give a couple episodes a listen because there’s a good chance you picked one where John was playing his guitar, and nobody wants that.
Been listening for 15+ years. The funniest video game podcast I’ve ever listened to! I look forward to it every week. John, Michelle and Matt have great chemistry and are always a lot of fun.
Been listening for 10 years now. John and Matt are great , Michelle , not so much . She just hates in anything that is Microsoft
PlayStation is dead. Love the show
I couldn’t stress enough how enjoyable this podcast is. I’ve been listening for years and it’s my favorite podcast by far. They consistently make me laugh and I hope they never stop. I love these guys. And for anybody out there who has not and shelled out two dollars a month for the extra content, shame on you. You should give them that just for what they’ve done in the past never mind what they’re going to give you in the future. Keep up the good work gang.
Love this show, wish I would have found it sooner. No blue hairs with nose rings outraged about nothing here.
I love John and all his craziness! Michelle has an amazing voice and your 5 stars are only a shout out away!!! Michelle just shout out to Bud. Please smack the Canadian for me! Also John please say what is the name of the song you decide to play at the end of the podcast. I love the music and would like to download it. This will be changed to a 5 star as soon as I get my shout out from Michelle! .....(update)It has been changed and I so love y’all!
Great show!
I’ve been listening to the show for a few years now and this crew, aside from Matt, definitely doesn’t suckle on the teats of game developers. The humorous reviews and NSFW content are definitely a fresh take for the gaming world. Keep up the great content. Smash the big, juicy, wet, and moist Go Premium button.
Been listening for years. Hilarious and insightful!
All 3 of my Children were raised on VGO. The greatest thing about VGO is their consistent, loyal passion to do a show at least 50 weeks out of the years. VGO is 3 completely different people that have the best chemistry for topics and arguments alike! So if you like gaming or not, VGO is for You! I honestly game some but I use VGO as my gaming source.... I don’t necessarily buy all the games but I do live the games through the VGO conversation. Some people watch gamers on YouTube/Twitch to get their gaming thrill, but I have learned that VGO is the audio way of watching online gamers. Great Community, Great Host Matto, Johnny John and Coastal Michelle and the best 2 hours of my weeks each and every week! As a VGO Elder, Thanks BLK Dog, Coastal Michelle and Mr Matto McFly! VideoGameOutsiders is my New Gaming Console! 🤘🏼🤘🏼👊🏻
The hosts are what keep you coming back to this show... video games are secondary. It’s just as easy to get lost listening to their passionate game reviews as it is to get lost in one of John’s stories about smoking his meat! They don’t sugar coat anything (ahem, Michelle!) and just keep it real (well... except for the occasional Matt lie,) and whether talking games, talking food, or arguing like school children, there’s never a dull episode!
Warning: Not for the easily offended or people who only want 100 percent gaming talk, but this is the best video game podcast ever. Give it a few episodes, get to know the hosts and you’ll fall in love too. Funny, informative, unique and most of all REAL.
They have no idea what they are doing.
I used to love this show but I’ve been noticing Michelle rambles through things really quickly without taking a breathe and it’s because John can keep his mouth shut and listen and let anybody finish their thoughts.. I don’t see it getting better
Listened for the first time tonight and all I hear is one guy that’s trying to take over the show by screaming over the other 2 and some hostility toward Matt (I believe is his name). Won’t be listening again unless the screamer goes off on his own instead of trying to take over the conversations on this one, would be great without him.
And they constantly talk over each other and spoil games. Unbearable.


They sure have been churning out stupidity.
John, one of the main hosts, is the single most annoying human I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s clever or funny or witty it what but when he speaks I want to drive my car into a tree. Having said that, the other hosts on the show are great and have a cool insight and take on the games we all love to play. Don’t know if I’ll keep listening due to the aforementioned host issue, but if I get desperate for a podcast I’ll probably suffer through another episode
Michelle is the best. John is annoying af. Matt is Canadian
John IS the podcast.
John is unbearable. Just started listening to this Pod and I love it. If there were an option to remove his nonsense from the Pod I would easily rate this a 5. Very informative and entertaining!