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I like ants! 🤘
Been listening forever and realized I don’t think I’ve left a review. Thanks for the great content every week for all these years 🍻
I’ve been listening to VGO for years and it has always been a fun experience. The hosts John and Michelle and co-host Matt are hilarious. If you are looking for a podcast that feels like you’re hanging with your weird friends at a bar or coffee shop, I would recommend you give a couple episodes a listen because there’s a good chance you picked one where John was playing his guitar, and nobody wants that.
Been listening for 15+ years. The funniest video game podcast I’ve ever listened to! I look forward to it every week. John, Michelle and Matt have great chemistry and are always a lot of fun.
Been listening for 10 years now. John and Matt are great , Michelle , not so much . She just hates in anything that is Microsoft
PlayStation is dead. Love the show
I couldn’t stress enough how enjoyable this podcast is. I’ve been listening for years and it’s my favorite podcast by far. They consistently make me laugh and I hope they never stop. I love these guys. And for anybody out there who has not and shelled out two dollars a month for the extra content, shame on you. You should give them that just for what they’ve done in the past never mind what they’re going to give you in the future. Keep up the good work gang.
Love this show, wish I would have found it sooner. No blue hairs with nose rings outraged about nothing here.
I love John and all his craziness! Michelle has an amazing voice and your 5 stars are only a shout out away!!! Michelle just shout out to Bud. Please smack the Canadian for me! Also John please say what is the name of the song you decide to play at the end of the podcast. I love the music and would like to download it. This will be changed to a 5 star as soon as I get my shout out from Michelle! .....(update)It has been changed and I so love y’all!
Great show!
John, Michelle, and Matt are amazing. Give the show a shot for funny bits, gaming news, and honest reviews. John is crazy, Michelle is the most quick witted human being I’ve ever heard, and Matt is an all around nice solid dude from Canada. Love you all together the chemistry is great. Thx.
I’ve been listening to the show for a few years now and this crew, aside from Matt, definitely doesn’t suckle on the teats of game developers. The humorous reviews and NSFW content are definitely a fresh take for the gaming world. Keep up the great content. Smash the big, juicy, wet, and moist Go Premium button.
This is the best show of all of the podcasts on the planet. If there are other podcasts on other planets, it’s better than those too. Technically, the greatest podcast in the universe. If John Lennon was resurrected to just do a podcast, it wouldn’t even be close to this one and I love The Rolling Stones so that’s saying something. God listens to this podcast and she’s probably waiting for her rub. Matt Bradford is Canadian.
Been listening for years. Hilarious and insightful!
Love the show and the extra content on the app
All 3 of my Children were raised on VGO. The greatest thing about VGO is their consistent, loyal passion to do a show at least 50 weeks out of the years. VGO is 3 completely different people that have the best chemistry for topics and arguments alike! So if you like gaming or not, VGO is for You! I honestly game some but I use VGO as my gaming source.... I don’t necessarily buy all the games but I do live the games through the VGO conversation. Some people watch gamers on YouTube/Twitch to get their gaming thrill, but I have learned that VGO is the audio way of watching online gamers. Great Community, Great Host Matto, Johnny John and Coastal Michelle and the best 2 hours of my weeks each and every week! As a VGO Elder, Thanks BLK Dog, Coastal Michelle and Mr Matto McFly! VideoGameOutsiders is my New Gaming Console! 🤘🏼🤘🏼👊🏻
The hosts are what keep you coming back to this show... video games are secondary. It’s just as easy to get lost listening to their passionate game reviews as it is to get lost in one of John’s stories about smoking his meat! They don’t sugar coat anything (ahem, Michelle!) and just keep it real (well... except for the occasional Matt lie,) and whether talking games, talking food, or arguing like school children, there’s never a dull episode!
Warning: Not for the easily offended or people who only want 100 percent gaming talk, but this is the best video game podcast ever. Give it a few episodes, get to know the hosts and you’ll fall in love too. Funny, informative, unique and most of all REAL.
The medical talk is horrible! I have listened on and off forever. Show can be amazing or horrid depending on topic or moods of hosts. Really inconsistent. Explain what happened to Kyle sometime on show please. Love when they talk about Jason S. The weasel joker on the show.
They have no idea what they are doing.
I used to love this show but I’ve been noticing Michelle rambles through things really quickly without taking a breathe and it’s because John can keep his mouth shut and listen and let anybody finish their thoughts.. I don’t see it getting better
Listened for the first time tonight and all I hear is one guy that’s trying to take over the show by screaming over the other 2 and some hostility toward Matt (I believe is his name). Won’t be listening again unless the screamer goes off on his own instead of trying to take over the conversations on this one, would be great without him.
And they constantly talk over each other and spoil games. Unbearable.


They sure have been churning out stupidity.
John, one of the main hosts, is the single most annoying human I’ve ever heard on a podcast. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s clever or funny or witty it what but when he speaks I want to drive my car into a tree. Having said that, the other hosts on the show are great and have a cool insight and take on the games we all love to play. Don’t know if I’ll keep listening due to the aforementioned host issue, but if I get desperate for a podcast I’ll probably suffer through another episode
Michelle is the best. John is annoying af. Matt is Canadian
John IS the podcast.
John is unbearable. Just started listening to this Pod and I love it. If there were an option to remove his nonsense from the Pod I would easily rate this a 5. Very informative and entertaining!
I don’t usually write reviews but after listening to about 8 episodes I decided this one needs it because it’s close to being top tier. Matt and John are fun to listen to. They have great chemistry but very different personalities that bring variety to the show. Michelle is the outlier holding the show back. She has an aggressive, opinionated personality that is quite uncomfortable to listen to. Honestly, I felt bad for a lot of the people on the show because of the things she has said to them. If she dialed it back a little and allowed people have their own opinions, the show would be much more enjoyable.
Hey Guys, New listener love the content even the arguments and someone whose entire life has been brought into question due to Halo 3 convo. Just to settle the flight simulator argument from earlier. With having the standard edition downloaded even through game pass you can pay for and download the add-ons individually or just purchase the ultimate edition for all the add-ons plus game. It’s a way to still support the developer but without the total cost of ultimate edition. Hope this helps solve the dispute.
What a great show! I've been listening for maybe three or four years and I still feel like a newcomer as this is one of the longest running video game podcasts in existence. John, Michelle and Matt have a wonderful chemistry. Funny, informative and entertaining.
The greatest podcast in the history of podcasts. 7 stars is not enough. Gaming and current affairs intertwined with wonderful musical ensembles. And Matt.
These people are okay and kinda funny but they honestly come across a little racist and ignorant. I listened to the cinco de Mayo episode and the first half was basically them ( a bunch of white people from America) talking about “hard working Mexicans” and they barley even talked about the games that were “from” Mexico. Then later one of the male Host does the absolute worst impression of a Japanese accent. It wasn’t even funny and didn’t sound a thing like a Japanese person trying to speak English. It was just racist and not funny. It wasn’t the worst podcast I listened to but definitely was a bad one. I wouldn’t say don’t listen to them just be prepared to some really dumb, ignorant and racist stuff.
Great podcast, been really enjoying it. Thanks!
Half the episode I listened to was about politics. I got tired of hearing about governor cuomo and trump. It was terrible. Stick to video games or label yourself a political podcast
One of my favorite podcasts regardless of genre. General video game talk with other pop culture entertainment mixed in.
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast
New to this and only listened to one episode so far and these guys won’t stop cutting her off and talking amongst themselves while she’s speaking.
Reminds me a lot of the old G4 show X play. Production is quality, but it’s not corporate like a lot of the other big gaming podcasts. They’ve been doing it so long they for sure know how to make a fun entertaining show. Love the podcast.
John’s voice gave me a migraine. There was very little actual video game talk. Pretty bad
I’ve been listening off and on for over a decade now. John is hilariously manic...dude, have you ever thought of seeking help? Michelle...I like to hear her opinions, because what she hates I am sure to love. The Canadian loser...I usually like what he likes. Overall, I hate this podcast. Still giving it 5 incredibly fictional 5 stars though.
seem like an interesting podcast but I have different tastes than the two main podcasters except Matt. Ill come around to hear their opinions on games not really rpg focused.
Fairly new listener but I enjoy listening to VGO. It’s fairly light hearted but the back and forth banter makes for good entertainment and helps me get through my work on the night shift. They also talk about a-lot of video games I wouldn’t usually play which is nice cause it keeps me in the loop of gaming in general. I wish the podcasts were longer!
Made it to 2 episodes and couldn’t take John interruptions. Love Michelle’s attitude but couldn’t stick it out.
Went to listen to episode 623, first time listening to this podcast and trying to find something new for work and all I got to hear was some dude screaming and yelling while this lady was trying to calm him down. Just gonna keep looking.
Yeah... I listen to this on 1.5 speed because it’s a little annoying. I’m not crazy about. Listen to it if your bored. Rather go and play the games or do the research BY MY SELF.
So incredibly fun. The dynamic between these three is addictive. Don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun. I look forward every week to the next episode.
Love the amazon shows on blank outsiders and your main podcast is also amazing keep it up from a premium subscriber!