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By Fire51
If you hate your brain, listen to this podcast. I thought it was be interesting, entertaining, funny. No, no, and definitely no. I unsubscribed after listening 2 minutes into one of their shows.


Last update was 2007???
this is soooo pretentious...... get a life! waste of time....grrrrrrr
it's great that this demographic is represented in podcasts. also good that it's in english so us gringo-fied pilipinos can listen too. i find their banter really pleasant, and somehow, nostalgic. obet's laid back-ness plays really well against chica's energetic outbursts. it's a casual, fun podcast about random things that tickle their fancy. try playing it at work. you don't really have to pay attention, but every now and then something silly will make you quietly giggle to yourself.
If you don’t sit and listen to this podcast with an open mind you will never get it. You got to not want to analyze what is being said and just take it as it is. Which is a hilarious poodcast with much to say. Chica, Dre, and Obet say what’s on their mind and that’s the truth that people don’t get. This isn’t one of my favorite Filipino podcast, but one of my favorite comedy podcast.
I regretted downloading this. They are so embarrassing that they make my hair stand. I wish they spoke in Tagalog so the rest of the world will not think that all the other Filipinos are ignorant. For example, they make embarrassing comments about Filipina maids in their contrived, painfully fake American accents. It would be more tolerable if they were funny but they are not. They are boring young people who have nothing much to say. Nothing makes me angrier than filipino FOBS posturing to be americans while making fun of their fellow filipinos. Really embarrassing. The other reviews were most likely writen by their equally ignorant, pathetic friends.