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I really like this podcast! I hope that maybe you’ll do an interview with Thomas Ogden, a great psychoanalyst and writer, who has a new book coming out soon!
This is one of my favorite podcasts, i resonate and learn so much from it.
The guests are intelligent, well educated and come with a wealth of experience and wisdom. A lot of times I seek out their books or websites for additional information in their field based on the interview. However, the host is incredibly disrespectful to the guests by interrupting them to share his thoughts and opinions rather than listening (and allowing his listeners to hear) to these experts. There are other great podcasts along similar lines that I choose going forward. This is just too annoying to listen to any longer.
This would be a good show if host didn’t constantly keep interrupting his guests. It’s choppy and disruptive
I looked up rap not this bull crap
David and his wide variety of knowledgeable guests have done an excellent job at building a platform on which everyone is equally entitled to their own opinions. If you’re looking for a place where you're encouraged to use your own mind to learn and grow intellectually then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for putting out such a superb show David- keep up the great work!
Informative and entertaining. I appreciate the honesty exhibited by Dr Dave and guests. Although, I must admit that I skip the reader's mail most of the time, because it's so depressing, and I need to buffer myself in that way. But I think it's amazing that you let those voices be heard!!!! Feeling alone is horrible & dangerous, and you help alleviate that.
Love it ❤️
Great resource!
The guests are great, but the questions asked really cover what I want to know most.
If you're a therapist/mental health professional or not (i'm not), this is a wonderful podcast. I find the topics very current (hip even!) and Dr. Dave is one of the greatest interviewers available in my mind. His questions reflect a thorough grasp of the content of each guest's books and his reflective manner adds perspective to every episode. check it out, you won't regret it.
Only wish there was a bit more of practical application of psychology principles for they lay person. Great info generally
Extreemly though provoking but best of all is makes conversational enough with other poeple to get their buy-in and to push you down your independent readings and reseach.
I have been listening to Shrink Rap Radio for over a year now I recommend this podcast to anyone that loves psychology or learning in general!
The content is in depth yet comprehensive to the lay person. The talk radio format may take a half an episode to get used to but it is well worth it.
I've been listening to past episodes (several per day) during the past month. I have learned so very much about myself, my relationships, and human behavior in general. I can't suggest this podcast highly enough!
Thanks Dave for such great brain food. I'm new to the world of Psychology and you make it easy to listen to and understand. I can't get enough and I'm even thinking of majoring in psychology, thanks to you. This podcast has had a tremendous positive influence in my life. I am very grateful for this show. Keep up the great work Dr. Dave.
Besides being simply fascinating, your podcast has been enormously helpful to this upcoming senior pschology major with no real clue what to do. It's revealed areas of psychology I didn't know existed and explored those I did, thereby giving me plenty of exciting options for future research and professional career options. As a side note, it's also helped me drive more slowly, now that I have a reason to enjoy the trip. ;-) Advice for the show: I love the more recent introduction. I find myself imitating his voice every time! Please continue to explore East-West connections, ACT therapy (and mindfulness-related research), and connecting psychology to current social issues as in the interview with Michael Stone. Thanks Dr. Dave! You've gotten into "my" head!
This has become one of my favorites. Shows like this prove why podcasts are so great. Great guests diving into complex psychological issues is niche radio at it's best!
Great format and credible guests...always something new to learn.
I followed this podcast for about two months. Some topics were interesting, but between the mostly Jungian centric topics, the very bland dialogue, and the annoying side segments about the site, the website, and how great he is, I couldn't anymore. Michael Britts' podcast is a much better, more condensed listen
Dr. Dave's wide-ranging interests in psychology topics and his personal experience make for fascinating conversations. I have recommended this podcast to students in my graduate classes and to psychotherapist supervisees, and on occasion to clients.
In my car or at home, Shrink Rap Radio attracts my ear like a magnet. With consistently excellent content, interesting guests, and such a genial host, why listen to anything else? Even those episodes I am skeptical about at first turn out to be fascinating!
I have been enjoying the podcast for years now.
I'm not a psychologist or a psychology student but I find this podcast fascinating! I really enjoy it and hope you keep making it because it helps me get through my work day! I usually listen to it at work :) -A fan from Texas!
This is what podcasting should be. Outstanding! Thanks for offering this service.
No psych. degree required to listen and understand! All topics current and relevant, excellent interview style. Dr. Dave's personal anecdotes and reading of listener email at the end of interviews creates a definite feel of community. Thanks, Dr. Dave, for continuing to bring such a high quality podcast!
This is the most consistently informative psychology podcast available! I can't get enough of Dr Dave's awesome interviews. He has wonderful guests, thought provoking questions, and awesome insights. I am still trying to catch up with the entire backlog of episodes. I especially like topics of dreams, relationships, and cbt. I look forward to each new episode. Please do keep up the good work!
Thank you, Dr. Dave for everything that you contribute to the ever-expanding world of psychology. I am a new listener and have learned a great deal already. Keep it up!
This is a wonderful podcast for those interested in psychology. I am so thankful that this exists and hope that it continues to spark interest. I recommend it to almost everyone I meet.


This podcast is most excellent. Great host and topics. Thanks Dave.
Dr Dave is a great interviewer -- these exchanges are not the pressured, interruptive kind you hear on mainstream radio or TV. He actually lets the guest finish their sentences for a change. Every episode is unique in that he brings a great variety of topics to the table. Very informative.
Shrink Rap Radio provides a balanced and thoughtful approach to reviewing the practice of psychology and psychotherapy. This podcast breathes life back into the heart of my profession. I listen regularly.
I am nuts about this show! Fascinating and eclectic subjects. Most of all, I love Dr. Dave's ability to actually listen to his guests. He lets them talk quite a bit, which brings out all sorts of interesting nuggets of information. Nothing is too weird, "woo-woo", touchy-feely, or spiritual for this show. Everything is taken very seriously and respectfully. Great show.
Dr. Dave does such a fabulous job of his podcasts. He interviews quality professional, and his programs are extremely informative, very engaging and entertaining. I've been listening to Shrink Rap Radio for the last 4 years and have enjoyed every episode. Thank you Dr Dave!!!
Shrink Rap Radio is such an excellent podcast! It is not just for psychology students. Everyone can benefit from learning more about the studies of different areas in Psychology. I especially like Dr. Dave's approach in conducting his interviews. I am sure you will enjoy Dr. Dave's podcast too.
With a doctorate in Educational Psychology, an M.B.A., and degrees in agronomy, French, polical science, and plant pathology between the two of us, my husband and I are disparate spirits with a common thirst for learning. We couldn't be more different in our "day jobs"(i.e. teacher and commodities trader), but every week this podcast consistently gives us topics for conversation and information immediately applicable to our personal and professional daily lives. Dr. Dave is an astute, skilled podcaster who is a great interviewer and teacher. Thank you, Dr. Dave, for showing us that the real work of life may begin when it seems that one's official"career" is waning. What a service you do and what a gift you give to your listeners! Impeccable, varied, treats every week!A+
Dr. Dave has wonderful guests who are thought provoking and often inspire me to learn more. Dr. Dave is a great inerviewer. His listening skills really come through with his thoughtful questions. I am a counseling student and have found this podcast to be entertaining as well as a source of cutting edge information and knowledge in the field of psychotherapy.
My background is in experimental psychology; I subscribed to this podcast in the hopes of learning something more about research in clinical and personality psychology. I have been sorely disappointed in the quality of discussion. Although the host is clearly knowledgeable about his guests' ideas, there is almost no critical thinking about those ideas exhibited in this show. Extraordinary claims are not followed up with hard questions to see if they can stand up to scrutiny. For example, in the interview with parapsychologist Dean Radin the host failed to ask his guest about the possible exclusion of null results from meta-analyses that seem to show evidence of telepathy. Instead, outrageous claims seem regularly to be accepted at face value. I am personally embarrassed at the way this show presents my discipline.


These podcasts are a great blend of popular psych topics and psychological science. Dr. Dave has real warmth in his interviewing style and terrific range in his knowledge of the field. This is the best podcast I know of on any topic!
Dr. Dave brings great energy and curiousity to very interesting topics. Engaging guests, fascinating dialogue.
Dave presents a plethora of subjects on modern Psychology in a way that is both entertaining and informative. I found that even those 'casts that I thought I would not like ended up giving me new insights about areas I had never considered before. Dr. Van Nuys has a real knack for tracking down very interesting people with fascinating ideas and approaches. This program will truly stretch your mind and I highly recommend it. As Dave continually reminds us; it's all in your head!
I love this show from David. His combination of a more enlightened approach to psychology and his conversational approach are such a pleasure. Plus, he has an amazing archive of knowledge.
I have been listening to Dr. Dave's podcast for about half a year now and will continue to listen, provided he continues to broadcast. I am a currently a personal trainer and aspiring psychiatrist. I have always been fascinated with the human body, especially the brain, and Dr. Dave's podcast provides me with pertinent information as well as great suggestions for reading material. He is very easy to listen to, even for a novice like me, and his guests are top-notch. Check out Dr Dave's other podcast; wise council.
Got a problem- Dr. Dave can take care of you. Get some help the most convenient way possible with Shrink Rap Radio and take a seat on Dr. Dave's sofa for a little while- you'll feel better. Love the show!
I'm a graduate student in clinical psychology so this podcast is right up my alley. I've been listening now weekly for about 6 months and I love it! Dr. Dave covers a wide range of topics in psychology and appeals to all audiences. Be sure to check out the website and listen to the older shows online. Perfect for people who love to learn about psychology!
Dr Dave does a great job of taking topics and making it easy to consume. I've met him in person, and he's just as cool "off the air" as he is on.
Great interviews, always entertaining, and never fails to deliver. Check out what this show has to offer. The insights of the guests on that thing we call our mind is worth the price of entry, which just happens to be free, which is a great bargain. Add it to your subs now.
There aren't many podcasts out that give you something to think about and Dr. Dave does that with every show.