Reviews For DogCast Radio - for everyone who loves dogs

I think Julie does an excellent job. I have listened to about 60 episodes so far and working my way backwards to episode 1. I will be depressed when I get there and have to wait for the new episodes.
This is a well textured educational program for those who love dogs....Julie does such an amazing job of keeping the show interesting. More importantly, the show cultivates respect for this unique species that has provided friendship and service to mankind for generations. Good job Ms. Hill!
I have listened to dog cast radio for ever! I find Julie's voice so soothing. The content is always interesting. I wish there were more available because I listen to them over and over. I enjoy them that much!
This 'cast has lots of variety in its subjects. I have learned a lot, particularly by reading books reviewed on the podcast. The episode on The Dog Listener was especially valuable. I find the speaker's voice very soothing. Thank you!
This is a wonderful show for dog lovers like me. The hostess has a beautiful voice and speaking style - she seems like a very nice person who loves what she is doing. I like every part of the show. It always has a segment on "dog news around the world" which is interesting. They have very good interviews with a varied group of dog people - vets, trainers, etc. Some of the sound quality is occasionally not the best but realizing that this is a labor of love, makes it okay by me. I don't expect Hollywood podcasting sound quality - it is a FREE download! I HIGHLY recommend this - the "5 minute fiction" stories are heart warming and the show ends with a dog joke told by a child named Jenny. It is very sweet - family friendly and just makes you want to rescue more dogs! Enjoy the show. Oh, it is in the UK but the host is very good about relating it to the U.S. and often has interviews with people in the U.S.
I downloaded all the podcasts available and tried to listen to the 1st one today. I couldn't listen more than about 3 or 4 minutes because the host's voice is very monotone and very hard to understand. It's like she slurs her words. I've unsubscribed to this podcast and deleted all the shows I'd downloaded.
I think the host has a lovely, soothing voice! If you don't like British accents I guess you may have a problem with her voice. Also, the show is not boring, it's just very laid-back and literary. There is a regular diary entry from Buddy the Black Labrador which is just wonderful because Buddy reminds me of my own black Lab (who looks just like the one in the show's logo). If you love dogs and don't need non-stop manic action but prefer a quiet and family-oriented approach, this is quite an entertaining show. I subscribe to a lot of dog-related podcasts because I have recently adopted a shelter dog who is the absolute joy of my life, and I find this podcast to be one of the best.
Okay, let me say that I love dogs and animals, but this - this is boring! I have never heard something thing boring in my life! And some of these are super long. I'm getting sick of listening to the narrator's voice!
As much as i love dogs and all, its not very interesting at all. i really like dogs and all but the narrator makes my spine shiver. so all i have to say is, this whole podcast album (to me) is boring.
i listened the the one about the dogs spirit or something and i just started laughing SOOOOOO hard i alost fell out of my chair! dont waits your time listening to this, if u love dogs u should watch Dog Blog TV, i dont like dogs that much but i still love this podcast!
This podcast is cool and informitive keep on komin' the hosts voice is weird but this is cool.
how boring everyone knows i love dogs but this , no way totally boring but good for geeks
I'm sorry but this is just like whoa! I mean I like dogs and all but this is really boring
This is a must have for everyone who wants the best learning experince about dogs.
Great for any dog lover! So much fun! Unlike the other review, I LOVE the narrators voice and find it soothing to listen to. Keep up the good work and would like to see more episodes more often. Thanks!