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I have really bad anxiety, mainly with school. homework is one of the big causes of it, but this is one of the only things that helps😁(my favorite is the Red panda series) Thanks so much guys love your work so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BANG ‼️
This is my favorite podcast of all time, i listen to it with my dad and it is a great bonding experience, ive been listening for 3 years now and i love it so much, it just has so many good memories
This podcast is great and I still remember 3 years ago when I first started listening it was a great podcast with a great storyline and a great narrator
DRT has been a staple at my house for over 10 years, from back in the days where podcasts weren’t too discoverable. My kids have memorized all the Red Panda episodes, and I dearly love Black Jack Justics, especially Trixie! The good-natured Canadian sensibility of this show and the genuine talent of the cast combined with Taylor’s writing and sense of panache make this a must-listen for anyone. Really the golden age of Radio reimagined.
Love Black Jack Justice, actually love Trixie Dixon more :) Love the love story of Red Panda. You guys are the best! Great stories! Great entertainment!
I love this podcast so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore jack and Trixie, and kit never fails to make me laugh. Greg is such a good a good writer and I am so grateful to you all for this amazing creation. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love how hard they work to get episodes out and how much detail goes into each episode. As some on once said” this is unexpteble,I would have at least given a 10 out of 5 stars, to just 5 stars.@
I have been listening to Decoder Ring Theater (yes, that is the proper spelling south of the border) for longer than podcasts have been in existence and recently thought ‘why don’t i look them up on apple podcasts?’ so i did and they’re still awesome. But now I get to listen to not only Greg Taylor and Clarisssa der Nederlanden (a name I love to repeat to myself multiple times a day) but also whom I presume to be the offspring of Greg Taylor. And what a fine voice actor he is. For years of entertainment “tune in” to Decoder Ring Theater!
I found this podcast last year, and it quickly became one of my favorites. When they started with the audiobook of Black Jack Justice, I stopped listening, waiting for them to get the entire book finished. I bought the book, read it, and pined for the last chapter to drop on it. It finally has and I am "re-reading" it now. Which is to say, I am following along as Jack and Trixie tell me the story again. I have heard them so much that even while I read on my own I heard their voices, but now to hear all of it as they tell me... it is fantastic. Red Panda, Black Jack Justice, and the episodes that are stand alone stories, are all incredible. If you liked programs like The Shadow, or just the idea of old time radio dramas, this is the perfect podcast for you. Start at the first episode, and listen to then end. You will not be disappointed. * * * I have continued listening, and I still love Gregg Taylor’s stories. The audiobooks of late, have been amazing, and I will never give up hope on the full cast returning for new episodes of Red Panda, and Black Jack Justice. Arguably my favorite podcast.. possibly a tie between Decorder Ring Theatre and The Truth Podcast. Both provide amazing story telling, and fantastic productions. I love the old time radio feel of DRT.
Best creation of the Taylor family yet. This piece had heart. Another work that is worth translating to CBC or BBC.
I look forward to driving so I can listen to the stories. Love all the series! Thank you for sharing. Gregg, an excellent writer and play actor.
Abigail Brannigan ~ I’m a fan already, after only one episode... thanks Gregg for continuing to write! And to Clarissa for continuing to read, I’ve missed your voice. Y’all are the best ❤️😘 ...[several months later]...and Bix Banderson!! So great! Thanks for all the terrific pulp-lite entertainment.
Great throwback, fun entertainment
This podcast is great fun. I have been listening since the first Red Panda series -way back when he was Canada's greatest superhero saving Canada from evil. All of Gregg's stories and dramatizations are excellent, full of wit and mystery. They harken back to the hardboiled series of our parents (or grandparents) days. I'm not sure if I reviewed this podcast before, but it deserves another.
Every single thing Decoder Ring Theatre creates is absolutely incredible!!! I listen to the stories over and over, and they never get old. Gregg is a brilliant writer and every single voice actor is amazingly talented and creative!
5 star this one it’s GOoOOoOioOIoOoD
All the stories from Decoder Ring Theatre are fun, witty and entertaining. Recommend it to everyone.
The Red Panda and Black Jack Justice are neatly plotted, entertainingly paced stories peopled by evolving and likable characters. The best qualities of my favorite heroes distilled and improved upon. Abagail Branagan sounds like more of the same. Thanks Gregg and Clarissa!


Cosplaying jack! woo
The storylines; the production; the sound quality; the actors - all Fantastic!! The consistency of all these qualities considering the longevity of this podcast deserves Way more attention!! Greg Taylor and crew - BRAVO!
That’s my favorite
A very informative program on opioid addiction. I understand the problem better now. It is sobering and tragic.
I have been listening to this podcast for the past 10 years and I have enjoyed it since. Even if you were not around when radio theatre 🎭 age was going, you still can appreciate the media form. I recommend it for all ages. -Thank You ;)
This podcast is my favorite and I would recommend it to anyone I know. Pleeeeeaaaasse ohhh pleeaase make mor episodes.😫😫😫😫
Gregg Taylor and his compatriots have created (at least) two universes of triumph and tragedy, with fascinating characters and intriguing plots. Each episode of the Red Panda and Black Jack Justice stands on its own, but each builds a more complete workd within its respective world. Top notch acting, writing, and production values. A joy to listen to, for any fan of superheroes (Red Panda), private investigators (Black Jack Justice), old-time radio, or jsut plain good writing and likable characters.
Very well written and performed. I've listened to probably every podcast in the superhero and detective categories, and Red Panda and Black Jack Justice are THE BEST! They are both fresh, witty, engaging, smart, and free of cliches. I can't believe that each do not have their own tv series yet, because the characters and performers are very deserving.
I have been listening to this group for almost a decade and they continue to produce high quality programs. While others have fallen by the wayside, DRT has just gotten stronger and expand. Keep up the good work
Absolutely love the show! This has been on my very short “wait tensely for the next episode” list since I first heard them.
From the first episode to the last, they're all well written and all well worth your time.
Really enjoy the Red Panda and the strong female character. The repartee is exceptionally good, between the main characters. Also enjoy the other serials.
Fun. Easy to keep up with the individual distinct characters. The Happy Horror host could learn from this. 10/10 Horrifyingly empty coffee cups
This podcast has some of the best content I have heard The shows are some of the best shows - from the production value, to story, to excellent voice casting, this podcast is awesome!!
this podcast puts out some of the best radio drama content there is. the characters are compelling, charming and well developed. the chemistry between the actors the quality of performance and writing for the story arcs are all superb. i love this show.
I love everything these guys and gals produce, keep it up!
A fellow member of the FB group, Podcasts We Listen To, recommended Black Jack Justice to those fans of film noir-style detective stories. As a kid, I devoured Raymond Chandler and Robert Parker, so I thought BJJ would right up my alley, and I was right. I love these characters, I love the minimal sound, and the snappy dialouge seems spot on to the 1940's. Love it!
I've been gone for a while and started back up at Dance of the Dead and I have to say that the visuals, the storyboard/comics that play along with the podcast on my iPhone are fantastic! Not what I was envisioning, but compelling and exciting regardless. I think I'll listen without the visuals the first time and then watch the second time through. Keep it up. I always look forward to the next Decoder Ring Theatre broadcast. There is nothing quite like it made in the last 50 years.
I just discovered this show and what a find! I've been looking for something like this for years. Love it! Keep up the great work everyone and I'll keep listening.
My wife's best friend introduced me to Decoder Ring Theater. My wife likes Black Jack Justice but I absolutely LOVE The Red Panda. And I love what they've done with the Web Comics Podcast version. I totally look forward to each episode. I'm 43 years old and listening to Red Panda makes me feel like I'm 13 again. AND I dressed up as The Red Panda for Halloween! BUT there's more, I got my 80 year old dad to listen to the back podcast episodes as well! He also enjoys it! I would easily give Decoder Ring Theater 10 stars!
I once had a conversation with an audio drama producer about Decoder Ring Theatre (DRT). I was defending DRT's house style of uncomplicated productions using mono sound files, sparce sound effects, and simple old time radio organ transition music. But what make DRT stand apart is the quality of the writing. Creator Gregg Taylor's fluent understanding of story and character is astounding. I don't think I have yet to meet a producer who is as prolific. He is a master of the long game with fully realized story arcs that will span seasons, and characters who are fully fleshed out people in a genre where cliche' is king. DRT's monthly podcast alternates with the masked crime fighting episodes of The Red Panda Adventures, and gritty gumshoe investigations of Black Jack Justice. The Red Panda Adventures details the exploits of Canada's greatest masked hero, the Red Panda who is an amalgam of Batman, The Green Hornet, and The Shadow. I find that a lot of the time what makes this show diffrent is that the story takes place in the gutters between the panels of the huge exsploisons and bare knuckle brawls. Gregg Taylor works out what makes the characters tick, you not only care about the heroes, but also the villians. He really alllows you to see into the villians minds, which does not justify the villians actions, but lays out their motivations. You get to see them as not nessacarily evil, but sometime as tragic and sympathetic. Then you have the cool noire' mysteries of Black Jack Justice. Featuring the Ol' square jaw himself: Privet investigator Jack Justice, and his partner Trixie Dixon: Girl Detective. The banter between Jack and Trixie make listening a joy, but then add the motley cast of supporting characters and you have a smart and sassy audio drama that you will look forward to every month. So if you are looking for a quality audio drama in the style of Old Time Radio, or just a great listen, go no further than Decoder Ring Theatre! Original Review 01/07/2006 This is a really cool Podcast. It is called Decoder Ring Theater, it's a throwback to the Golden Age of Radio. It follows the Adventures of The Red Panda. He is a Canadian Superhero fighting against the Axis Powers in WWII. It's a Humor/Adventure Radio Drama, audio quality is fair, but the writing is smart and fun. Great fun for adults and children. I highly recommend checking it out.
My 10 year old who can hardly put down a book (mysteries, fantasies) is GLUED to her ipod for more Red Panda and Flying Squirrel adventures. Sometimes she even speaks with a wonderful 1940's accent.
Excellent audio drama series. Good stories with just the right touch of humor
Delightfully entertaning, and makes me happy every time I listen. I wish there was more entertainment of this caliber out there!
. . as inspired silliness, the equal of Welcome to Night Vale and Coxwood History Fun Park. Without them, I would rate the show 4 stars (thought there are some 5-star episodes. And it’s worth your time listening to find out for yourself which they are. ;)
I am so pleased to find a witty, sharp, well written take on the old time detective genre. As a listener of clasic radio drama I highly recommend this show as exceeding the standards of the past.
I look forward to more, I neglected all my other pods. My wife said my vocabulary changed. I was willing to drive anyware. I was hooked. It was a great time.
Very creative with great banter. Good character development - best to start with the first and work forward
If you have any intrest in audio drama, you owe it to yourself to check out Decoder Ring Theatre. The combination of respect for the old-school radio shows as well as the snappy rat-a-tat dialog add up to a packeage that is impossible to resist. Check it out!
This is my new favorite podcast! The Red Panda Adventures is like old time radio but eminently modern in appeal. The 30s/40s patter, the plots, the writing, the acting - it’s all excellent. I could let kids listen with confidence, but there’s adult appeal that’s just…amazing! I almost never write reviews, but I think anyone who loves old radio, or superheroes, or suspense drama would enjoy Decoder Ring Theatre. They almost make me want to move to Canada!