Reviews For Da Sharpshooters Wrestling Podcast Network

One of, if not the best wrestling podcast out here today. I have listened to over 600+ episodes and whether they're talking about wrestling or sports or video games or food, these brothers are the truth. keep up the good work, they are the franchise!
If your looking for a great talk between 2 brother's who dont take anything to serious check this show out and a Aj styles n bobby rude pound to these brother's
I've only listened to one episode so far and they spent as much time talking about the basketball game they were watching and talking to someone off mic as they did about wrestling. I don't get all the good reviews. Since it has such a high rating I'll give it another shot next week.
Awesome show, I just think they should stay on topic more. Also, give TNA a break and stop knit picking the same stuff you gush over when the WWE does it. I love your coverage but usually have to skip the TNA report.
I've been listening to da sharpshooters since 2008 ... These guys are great and they really make me laugh when I listen ... Keep up the good work guys !!!
Really shows who the real wrestling fan is.


By Ion1600
Best wrestling podcast
Best in the world!
This podcast is hilarious. I love you guys! *****
If you put it in order #3 smart wrestling fan more or less #2 pro wrestling report #1 da sharpshooters only whenever you don't have ryan witch is often.
After listening to your "3 star rated" episode I gotta hand it to you guys for fairly assesing yourselves and being fair to me as well. I still stand by most of my comments (like a Eric's defensive wife making side comments lol) BUT class was certainly shown in the way you handled criticism. I was shocked in a great way for the first time in a long time. In no way was I trying to get a rise out of ya or be primarily pecimistic... I just call it like I hear it. You certainly earned my respect though. Oh yea: 1) Marcus I don't think you are annoying, just your voice when excited (which is often) 2) I'm from The Bronx, NY so trust I got ghetto/hood in me... I was just labeling your charm if that's possible 3) In hindsight I place you guys well above Smart Wrestling Crap. They THINK they're funny, you actually are.
I listen to a lot of podcasts on wrestling, and these guys really knock it out of the park. I really like how they focus on wrestling and still enjoy it at times. They have their off days just like all wrestling fans, but they really do a good job reviewing wrestling without covering every move and kick out. These guys are great. Despite whether or not they think they're a 2 or 3 star podcast, they really deserve a 5 star podcast! The grand finale is great!
This show kicks alot of a* should listen to it.
Straight up and straight simple, this is one of the funniest and bestest podcast out there. Never in the history of craziness has there been a podcast like this. Check it out and tell'em the Diz-man sent you.
i love this show and it is really hilarious because of its realness and it has guys i can relate to when i talk about wrestling with my friends, but where are the new episodes?
I love this podcast - These guys make wrestling fun again. On top of making you laugh with their wacky humor, they also seem like really genuine people in real life.
This podcast is one of the best wrestling podcasts around! I listen to the show at work, and I get co-workers looking at me funny b/c I'm busting up lauging at Da Sharpies and their input they bring to the world of wrestling. Keep it up guys! Daniel AKA OldSkoolWarrior
Eric,Marcus,and Ryan are funny as hell plus they keep you in line with wrestling news!! This show is John Blaze 4 real.
These guys are very entertaining! Marcus (The Grand Finale) always seems to say exactly what I'm thinking about any given wrestler or storyline. Keep up the great work guys!
The best wrestling podcast going today! Eric & Marcus complement each others styles very well...sorta of a new age Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Hennan. Often times these days I miss out on the first half of RAW because of 24 and miss Smackdown all together so I just sit back and listen to Da Sharpshooters give me the highs and lows of the past weeks shows. These two are magnanimus!
This is not only the funniest wrestling podcast but its entertaining too it tells you the new and reviews of raw/tna/smackdown, and also i like the reactions to what happends on raw/tna/smackdown. Keep up the good work!
These guys rock and are the most entertaining thing since Vinnie Mac and the WWF itself!!! Insightfull, knowledglefull, up to the point and on the point! If there were a tag team I'd say they were the bomb! If only Marcus good come to terms with himself... lol inside joke. Dr. Dre The Scott Hall of Colorado
these guys are the tyranasaurus' of podcasters. This is two brothers showing their love for the squared circle. I reccomend putting this show on your ipod and getting your workout on. The show covers news and all of the major shows. Good stuff, I highly reccomend it!!!! (Eric and Marcus please send my check for this
I've listened to other wrestling radio shows and these guys have become my favorite....They're freakin funny and they know their sh**!!! DA Sharpshooters Rule!!!