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Mike is an incredibly personable, very knowledgeable, and highly professional host that not only preaches excellent practices in general, but also has a wealth of information about the industry and about how things work for a true computer tech. I've binged most of his shows, and it's so entertaining to hear about various issues arise and, over the course of different shows, get resolved. The Mike Tech Show has cultivated an amazing community of knowledgeable people, and as much as this is Mike's show, it's very much a collaboration, and its so fun to see everybody come together to solve tech issues ranging from laptops, to PCs, to Surfaces, to cell phones. All in all, this is a phenomenal podcast, and I'm so thankful I stumbled upon it! I'm not a tech myself, but I enjoy computing, and the recommended software is worth the listen by itself- many of Mike's favorite programs have found their way onto my own PC, and have all been excellent. This is certainly the best tech podcast I've ever come across, and I wouldn't doubt that it's one of the best out there, overall!
Very informative. Great podcast.
Mike does a great job with this podcast. I also listen to TechSNAP by Jupiter Broadcasting and Security Now with Steve Gibson.
This is one of my top three podcast and mike is in two of them, i highly recommend it
I seem to always learn something with each Podcast. Mike does a wonderful job covering current topics and to the point, at the same time sharing enough details. I like the way he traets his customers, which helps me to relate to this podcast all the more. Great Job Mike! Thanks.
This show and it's companion show, Tech-Vets, are the best podcasts for tech out there. Cutting edge every week and nothing but tech and without all the fluff !
This is a great source of information about operating PC's and PC systems by a great communicator concerning technical subjects in a way that most folks can understand. Lots of hands-on experiences, or case studies, which are excellent tactics in helping explain or understand this technical area. It's as good as any of Leo Laporte's shows with his bigger studio and support and addresses topics that Laporte and his staff have not touched. Thanks Mike.
Thanks for making the show continually interesting and engaging.
The MikeTechShow is a wonderful tech podcast. His knowledge of computing and the way he makes you feel at ease during the show is second to none. He makes it look easy. Mike is a podcast pioneer for good reason.
This show helps people from the smallest of windows problems to the hardest of Linux Server problems. The round tables of listeners really give an excellent laymans perspective on how to resolve issues. A great show but the final 3-10 minutes are filled with independent music that seems out of place.
Mike, keep up the great work on this podcast! The Mike Tech Show is a wonderful podcast, and a great resource for novice PC users up to the professional IT person. I seem to learn something new (and useful) from each show. Thanks again for such a wonderful job Mike!
Simply the Best Computer Tech Podcast out there for the average computer user for both windows and Mac. Listeners get answers to computer problems and questions on the air and in the show's forums.
Great Job Mike. A variety of technical information, professionally delivered. I enjoy listening to your show. Keep up the good work. Ovie CyberSpeak