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Izzy Video makes learning more about video shooting and Final Cut Express exciting because it is easy to apply and put into practice. I appreciate Izzy's easy-to-understand lessons that always leave me wanting to learn MORE! I also listen to Izzy's other podcast - Foolish Adventure. I am learning so much - it is business-changing information. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I think it is actually life-changing material.
Get your trailers here or become a member on Izzy's website and get basic great tutorials.
The Long: I'm not quite sure why I'm just now writing a review for Izzy Video as I've been subscribed since episode 8 if I remember correctly. If you're interested in video production whatsoever, whether you like to shoot and edit video for fun or you want to get into the business of video production, I can't recommend this podcast enough. The host, Israel Hyman, will teach you all you want to know and more: from lighting to camera angles to audio and even to editing. So, in conclusion, if even a tiny part of you is interested in shooting video, subscribe to this podcast right now. Go on, click that Subscribe button right up there; you've got nothing to loose, it's free. Oh, and if you like it enough (and I don't see why you wouldn't), go on and become a member. This'll give you access to exclusive members-only episodes and the complete archive of videos.
I've been following this podcast from the early days, and is pretty good all around. The main idea/content is usually pretty solid, but there are a few down sides. For one, Israel Hyman is always talking to you like you're 10 years old... and that gets kinda old. (Yes Israel, we know what Lat. and Lon. are, please don't take so long in explaining simple things. It'll cut down the show time, and save both you/us time.) Secondly, his facts/information/content is not always 100% accurate. For example, the terms/vocabulary he uses in lighting are not always an industry standard. Not a major deal, and by no means a deal breaker, but I would suggest to test and approve his ideas/suggestions/content. Besides the negatives, pretty interesting to watch, and keep up the great work!
i really need this podcast for my video skill , but it has downloading error.. can somebody fix asap plz??
I really like the way Izzy teaches. Seems like a humble guy that is really good at what he does and wants to help others.
Israel does an excellent job at explaining some of the most complex situations videographers face. I highly recommend this to anyone. Keep up the great work--glad I found this podcast... it will definitely help us with our production!
Well worth the subscription price
Good podcast, but now requires a subscription to get most of the episodes. Meh.
I had watched just about every video and told a lot of people about this podcast because the content was great and also free. Izzy used to accept donations and now has changed to request a membership fee for his podcasts only offering a few for free. I will only watch the free tutorials if any in the future and have lost a lot of respect for someone who gained a lot of fans/viewers based on the fact the podcast was free and the tutorials were very easy to understand as well as very informative. Now only a few people will benefit from them. Until someone pays the fee, records and reposts them on youtube.
I'm an enthusiastic Dad with a camera and the desire to take better than average video of my kids. With all of the sophisticated tools and processes availble to document your memories it's helpful to have a guide. I consider Izzy Video one of my best tools. The show is educational, informative, humorous and entertaining to watch. The podcast is so well constructed with the content and of course visuals! If I were to create a podcast, I'd do it just like this. I learn something with every episode...not kidding. Hope you do too. -Warner Ps- I shoot with a Sony HDV-HC3 HD camera, I edit with iMovie and Final Cut depending on the size and scope of the project. I only do home movie stuff. Thanks Izzy!
These are exactly what I needed as an amateur videographer.
Hey Izzy! Thanks-a-million for your exellent video tutorials! I'm a fairly new film student at the Art Institute of Dallas and your videos are quite the inspiration. I embarked upon this journey specifically to change the world of digital education by allowing everyone to explore life and find the future of their dreams. Anyone interested in the film industry should check these out. With well thought-out steps and professional quality editing & voice-overs, Izzy's pro-it-yourself-tutorials are a step above the others.
This podcast sets a new standard for podcasters. Proffesional, quick, intelligent, I learn new things each time. If only school had been this good. Thanks Izzy.
I have recently gotten into Final Cut and digital video editing. The tips here have saved me so much time and I always look forward to the next one! A great guy doing a great thing that so many people benifit from. Thanks, Israel!
What's not to love here? I've been a music and technical director in church for close to a decade, and Izzy is where I come to learn the tricks of the trade for everything video. His "how to podcast" episode is fantastic! Keep it up Izzy!
I love this podcast and can't wait for the next episode!
One of the best on iTunes. Great, accurate, information on a wide variety of topics. Great to see it up every week. I'm sure people would like to even see more detailed episodes because the format is very to-the-point and not bogged down ads or things to kill time. I would like to see more episodes with post tips, like FCP.
I purchased a video ipod less than two weeks ago and came accross your podcast for instructional video recording and editing and have downloaded every one of them. I have been doing video editing for years but have learned quite a bit from your short segments and have become a fan of your techniques. I'd have to say my favorite would be episode 5 where you are talking about speeding up and slowing down video for effects. I even purchased the album by Jim Fidler for the song Lillian (A portrait in sound), what a great song and your presentation with the use of this song had me watching it a dozen times. In every podcast I have learned something and that is something for someone that has been doing this for a number of years. I felt guilty buying at first, but your podcast have made my home videos so much better, it was a great investment as my friends and family are enjoying the little tricks I have learned. I own 5 video cameras and wasn't putting them to good use, but after seeing your episode on thirds, and camera angles, when ever I shoot all 5 are now recording and I'm looking to purchase a few more with the wireless capabilities for voice. I'd be very interested in seeing some scenes at a lake, or beach to see what the master can come up with to make the shots look great. Please, keep up the good work, you have a fan in Dallas Texas
I'm a director for my church's media team. I am looking for quality material to use for training new team members and have found a pot of gold with Izzy Video. Each lesson is brief, to the point, yet filled with very helpful insights for cinematographers (green or experienced). Thank you Israel. And thanks to your very patient children!
As a beginning videographer, I found every one of these tutorials extremely helpful and easy to understand. Israel's tips have helped me make my videos about 10 times better than they would have been otherwise. These podcasts are a must watch for anyone who wants to learn about shooting great video.
I stumbled upon this poscast after receiving a video iPod (had to load it up!) and have been hooked ever since! I have decent experience with a video camera, and find these tutorials so informative and inventive. The content is super easy to digest and retain, and I've recommended the series to numerous people, from friends looking to record their newborn to those going on vacation. It will help you make home movies that people actually WANT to watch!
Israel's style of simple, un-intimidating, real-world examples and application will help any new videographer break clean of the obvious beginner mistakes. Highly recommended.
All i have to say is that this vidcast is top-notch....THANK YOU IZZY....great for Prosumers who want to learn more about shooting better video and for pros who need a nice refresher.
Congratulations from Laredo Texas, you are a great inspiration for an audio-visual generation. Love the way you teach others more than just the art of media, the way to enjoy the family
Personally i don't even own a digital camera, mines analog. My friend ben has a digital one and i since the first time i picked it up, i've always been better at using it now.
These are wondeful basics for digital video. They are concise, easy to remember, and designed to stay with us in our next shooting. I just wish there is a podcast like this on digital photography. Something for Mr. Hyman to think about.
I love this podcast. I can sit down and learn some professional information in under five minutes. This stuff is used in the real world and enhances any small or large project you are doing.
I think it is a excellent video podcast and it's not as junky as others
I have become the guy who shoots and edits videos everyone wants to see. Whenever anyone asks me my secret I just tell him or her “Izzy Video.” Keep them coming Israel, you are the best.
I am a Media Production student in Minneapolis and this is a great supplement to my video classes. I love this Podcast.
I found this and watched all 20 episodes in one sitting. These are VERY helpful tips to beginning film makers (which I am). I really appreciate the examples and clear directions in each vidcast. Thank you, and please continue to make these.
Anyone who shoots and edits amateur video will LOVE these tutorials. They are short, concise and extremely helpful for anybody interested in creating videos that won't cause the family to go, "HO HUM!!" Using his family (children) as examples is GREAT! Izzy is a great addition to my iMovies and I thank him for Making these tutorials available. Save them to your computer to review before you shoot your next family videos.
Israel has done a great job with his Izzy Video podcast. His podcast is entertaining and educational.
I am a young filmmaker, and this podcast is an amazing aid. It has single-handedly improved my directing style. It does have quite a bit of focus on video taping your children, but it is a great tool for filmmakers, novices and experts alike. I hope this podcast continues for quite a long time. I will remain an avid viewer. Thank you Israel for making a podcast that is entertaining and informative. -Thanks
Truly Amazing! Israel produces the most informative and useful podcast on the web. The content is spectacular, and his presentation style is similar to a certain CEO and co-founder of Apple. If you only subscribe to one podcast, let this be the one. I do.
I really enjoy watching Izzy's tutorials, I've learned alot so far, cant wait to see more pods from him...
These tutorials provide real world advice and examples that anyone can use to dramatically improve the quality of a production. The tips and tricks are things that the average person can pull off (some with a little more practice than others) without the need for expensive equipment investment. The time spent watching these tutorials will pay off with higher quality and greater awareness while behind the camera. Israel Hyman has nailed the style, content, and timing to make this series an award winner!
I just so happened to breeze by this podcast and I must say that I am quite impressed. I found myself glued to my monitor and at this point my eyes are burning! I kept telling myself, "okay, just one more episode" but I'll be damned if I didn't sit through each and every one of them. It's now almost 4:30am! Izzy--these videos are a God send. Thank you for taking your time to help a fellow video enthusiast! And God bless your kids for helping you out... I really liked the end of the sound option video--you should put those outtakes in more often! Keep up the good work, as I'm sure I'll be tuning in. Thanks again!
I bought my G5 to learn how to edit video. Little did I know that I had no idea how to shoot it! Izzy is a great coach for the novice videographer. I hope Izzy gets into editing (perhalps pair-up with Screencasts online - another good podcast - to do so)


By Xisor
I just found your VP last night. I started watching from the beginning and could not stop. They handle the fundamentals, are straight to the point and concise. The editing is clean and the video is bright. They are awesome. Thank you for sharing these. Will anxiously await the next one.
Great job Izzy. I want to shoot more video now that I somewhat know what Im doing. Keep it up! I cant wait for the next podcast!
I'm a professional producer/director of educational videos. It's amazing how all of us, whether amateur or pro, get stuck in cliches when shooting video. IZZY VIDEO allows me to review my skills and reminds me of techniques that I haven't used in years. I loved the "zoom in while dollying back" trick he presented in a recent show. These short tips should be used in film schools- he states in 3 minutes what some professors take 2 hours to present. I'll continue to upload each and every new video podcast. Thanks IZZY VIDEO for putting in the time and effort to refine our skills!
Very useful information for making better videos. Short and to the point as any "how to" podcast should be. Thanks for the tips Izzy!
Izzy's video blog is fantastic! If you're new to video or need a little refresher on the fundamentals, his blogs will be invaluable. And kudos to his daughter for putting up will all of it. Thanks Izzy!
Useful tips for anyone wanting to improve their home movies or other DV content. Lots of useful tips and a notch above the "intro" stuff. So it is more useful than what you get elsewhere.
This is a great podcast. Izzy obviously plans his videos to give the most information in a short amount of time. Each episode has given me a lot of insight in how to take good video. I can also easily review a topic because of each toipic being in a different episode. In other words, I don't have to shuttle through a long show to find the topic I need to review. Some podcasters talk and talk about nothing before getting to the point. Thanks for your time and keep teaching us. -Rob
Basic video production tips that will help you to make a more professional looking video. It gets right to the point and doesn't waste a lot of time.