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i downloaded a couple episodes thinking that they might be at least funny but they are just stupid dont waste room on your ipod for stuff this stupid
This podcast is pretty darn funny, especially if you like weird random stuff, which I do. Watch it, you will enjoy it or your money back!
This podcast started out strong, with The Battle 2 and You're in Good Hands. However, Teedle's Christmas was utter crap and depressing, We All Scream for ice Cream is pointless, and the Maximum Delicious songs are annoying. I enjoyed the You Are Smart bits, and wanted more. I unsubscribed because the videos started boring me, or depressed me, like Teedle.
After mucking through pages of typical boring Podcasts I stumbled upon this gem. Endlessly creative and, most importantly, funny, this is what Vlogs should be. Subscribe now, you won't regret it.
This podcast may not describe wat the album cover is but how many actually do that HMMM...? Over all this podcast is brilliant and funny if you like randome humor and good videography skills then youll like this.
i must say this is one of the best video podcasts i've come upon. I thought the music was great in Battle 2. In battle 2 they used a mixture of star wars, the lord of the rings and some other stuff. I liked it a lot. One episode to stay away from is My mustache grows too fast. That one was pretty stupid. Keep up the good work!
the cover of the guy running away from an explosion is such crap, all this podcast is, is a lose kid talking to the camera, wat a poor, poor loser, sorry dude
"Cuningham Portals" is a good one. There are some bad ones, i'll admit. BUT most are worth seeing. "The Battle 2" and "You're In Good Hands" are ones that come to mind. The people giving this podcast a one star rating have no taste.


this is the worst podcast ever! i wish someone would make a good one