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Loved C-SPAN PotW when it was a news podcast. Please place the historical First Ladies series into its own podcast, and put newsmakers back on this one.
Cspan is raw unedited and no rambling bs commentary from the talking heads. In addition it let's we the people speak even the uninformed masses. It is democracy at it's finest . Jefferson would be proud.
Of all the American media, C-SPAN is the best. It's the only medium that lets Noam Chomsky and other intellectuals speak.
C-Span is great. They are ACTUALLY fair and balanced. More fair than Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, and every other network combined. On C-Span, they just show politics. That's it. No liberal bias. No conservative bias. The anchors don't give their opinions. News anchors on every other network give their opinions. Great network
Okay, so it's not updated frequently enough, and many times the thing won't download. The reason why that uypsets people is because the content is as good as it is, and we just wish we could have access too it more often. C-SPAN does not edit it's content, and these podcasts are often very important events that few of us could have had the direct experience of being there for. Thus, you get a real insider feel from these podcasts. This the stuff the news programs talk about, not the commentary, but the actual event itself that other shows merely comment on. Here you can make up your own mind what you think about it woithout any interference from a commentator.
Is it to drive people to the C-SPAN website? So much more could be made available here... especially Washington Journal, which is so painstakingly archived at the website, but mostly mp3-unfriendly. Really, how much harder could it be to upload it here as well?
I think there was a delay because the Al Gore speech was so popular, but C-Span has great podcasts and public affairs broadcasting. The Al Gore speech was inspiring.


By umijin
C-span has indicated on their site that podcasting is down. You can see the video of Al Gore's speech for free via their realmedia feed.
The C-SPAN podcast is a great idea. Only problem is that it doesn't work. Don't waste your time being frustrated by it. I have been trying to download Al Gore's NSA speech for close to a week. Doesn't work. Bubba the jokester can figure out how to do a podcast, but C-SPAN can't.