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Bob and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons to help you succeed financially and in life. Highly recommend listening if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your financial goals, all while living your best life!
This show is not giving good, nor biblical, advice.
great advice. info that everyone can use.a Godly perspective for money and how we handle it.
I love how Bob is able to easily interpret the laws and rules of all things money-related! I listen to his podcast as well as the radio show in my car. I highly recommend buying his new book as it is full of important information that will ultimately save you money! Worth every penny!
But the audio is bad. Can hear he talks but barely hear of what the callers say.
I have listened to Bob for many years and blessed by his ministry. He is one of the few voices that gives the other side of the story to that given by the salesmen of Wall Street. If you want to know how to best manage your God given assets, you should be listening! ... Thank you Bob.
Bob Brooks is great when dealing with your finances.
I have been listening to Bob's show for years. It is information that contradicts what the main stream media has to say about money. It is hard hitting and unbiased. Sign up for this pod-cast
Prudent Money offers excellent insight into financial matters that looks at the "other side of the story." Bob focuses on the point of view that isn't commonly talked about, and also brings the balance of a biblical perspective. A wide variety of author interviews from debt, to taxes, to the markets is also featured. To round things out, there is a supporting website full of great information.
This podcast has helped my wife and I through many difficult issues financially. Bob's grasp of a wide field of issues has been a great resource for us as we have tried to get our financial world under control.
Bob takes both a practical and spiritual approach to investing. His program touches the complexities of investments as well as the simple issues of consumer debt with ease.
I would highly recommend Prudent Money as part of ones financial planning
I've been a Bob Brooks fan for years. He really knows his stuff! His historical knowledge is impressive with regard to financial markets, but he always stays current. Easy to understand communication, very genuine guy.
By far Bob is one of the greatest guys on earth. He is so giving of his time and his knowledge, it is amazing that you have a chance to say "I knew him when". So go ahead an subscribe to the free podcast and listen to his words of wisdom and know for sure, when his book hits the shelves and it becomes a best seller, you will be with him every step of the way! Bob is a man of God and only has your best interest at heart. Take my word or establish your own, but give it about 10 mins and you will be hooked! Jimmy Swan I Saw You On TV, LLC
Bob's shows are very informative and helpful. He presents financial information didactically; therefore, useful knowledge can be gained by those with even little understanding of the world of 401k's, IRA's, etc. More importantly, Bob's disposition on finances is from a Christian perspective.
One of the most informative shows on the air! Bob's honesty and genuine care for each caller is felt in his response. Wonderful knowledge of the markets and explains the current flucuations in a way that everyone can understand. I make it a point not miss one broadcast!
Bob's timely advice and information is great. He lets me know exactly what I need to know in a way that I can understand.
These podcasts offer a fresh view on making informed financial choices. Prudent Money has smart advice that seems to be ignored by most advisors. Whether wealthy or struggling, Bob never talks down to listeners and has solutions I've not found anywhere else.
I have been listening to Bob for a while and I particularly enjoy all the advice with actionable steps to take to begin reducing my debt and start my investment strategy. Great guest speakers and solid advise. Thanks Bob. Keep the faith!