Reviews For Movies You Should See

This group of British friends never fail to make me laugh while discussing a well loved film.


Get over yourself.. PC review... I was going to subscribe .. But wth... U can't let the fact that social med.. Now days suicides been going on forever... And your own English brutal history...
Awful "movie reviews" accompanied by mindless hipster banter, I give this a try, hated it, and won't be coming back, neither should you.
The podcast is good but requires a paid membership to access there earlier episodes. The price is reasonable but the website is horrible the audio player is constantly stopping and starting and i can almost never finish an episode. Also several times I was not able to access the episodes even after paying. While i love the podcast i wouldnt bother until they get some sort of app or a better website.
Last night I down loaded your show on War Games, OH my GOD! These two Brits rambled on about the most mindless dribble. This pod cast has got to be the one of the worst I have ever listen to. You guys have got to drink some coffee, or tea something to pic it up. It sounded like to middle school boys. You two wore boring and drab liven it up pleases I couldn't even listen to half of the show. Snoooor.
These people are complete and utter morons. They have nothing to say. Don't waste your time.
I just thought they rambled a lot. I found myself fast forwarding through things because they weren't saying anything if substance.
Another general movie podcast in the long list that fails.
I've subscribed and unsubscribed from dozens of podcasts over the last 4 years or so, changing them out as quality drops, cast members get changed out, interest wanes or consistency fades. Movies You Should See was one of the first couple of podcasts I ever listened to and one of the few subscriptions I've kept for this long. Thanks Richard, Allison, Craig, Will and sometimes Mike? I think?
Honestly, I could listen to them talk about anything.... and they do on this show! Tangents are half the fun. Good stuff. Janet
I am a young kid just looking for free movies and I find old people talking lol not bad
all they say is 'I like him, I don't like her, I like her, I don't like him" blah blah blah. NO INSIGHT!!!!
"Oddly addictive," as noted from another reviewer, is spot on. In many episodes, the movie itself plays second fiddle to the entertaining cast.
Gave this a chance after reading the reviews. These guys have possibility but, right now there's WAY TOO MUCH babble to fill air. I don't have a lot of time so don't waste it with boring self-indulgent nonsense!
Not for the here and now... Maybe for grand parents or the old.
MYSS is a great show. I don't usually listen until after I've seen the movie, because lots of the best stuff happens after they call spoilers. It is a great podcast if you like movies and are intelligent but not pretentious. They crew is great, they've got good chemistry, interesting things to say, and a sense of humor. This is the gold standard of podcasting in my opinion. If you don't like unstructured fun, if you want podcasters to stay on topic, or follow a script, this is not the show for you. Otherwise, give it a shot.
I listened to the IronMan show.... well almost. They rambled on for about 30 mins. and mentioned the movie maybe twice. They spent more time ranting about obscure british TV and opining about Hugh Laurie, none of which has anything to do with Iron Man. This show was a complete waste of Ipod space, there are MUCH better movie podcast out there.
Love it! They are smart,honest, and witty. I really enjoy their specials, such as their animation and Christmas specials. Great listening.
First off, I like you guys. It's nice to get cinema opinions from across the pond but maybe you guys could be prepared with your data beforehand instead of looking it up on imdb midpodcast. Oh, and please do the hard thing and fire Richard. I know he owns the equipment or something and is dating Allison but seriously, folks. He doesn't know much about the topic at hand and is usually corrected or helped out by Craig or someone else.
A group of young people hang out and talk about movies. A lot of the conversation tends toward comments like "Hey, I really liked it when this or that happened." Followed by such comments as "Yeah, that was pretty cool." Not much here that that's thought-provoking.
My favorite podcast series in the world. No contest, all others are vying for a fairly distant second place. Original taglines for this show said it all: a handful of friends who love movies talking about the movies they love (along with other stuff). This isn't the American Film Institute, and not just because it isn't American. MYSS isn't coming at you from the ivory tower with recommendations and words of wisdom carved into stone tablets. My perspective, which has come from months of listening -- sometimes casually and sometimes intently -- is that these are my friends talking about films. Sometimes they get details wrong. So do my friends. Sometimes they call each other names. So do my friends. They always make me laugh, though, and in an odd way feel "welcome." And yes, so do my friends.
Maybe I chose a bad episode (their review of 2009) but this podcast is TERRIBLE! These dullards are ignorant (of cinema and life) and boring as hell. The woman especially with her horrible droning voice just beggars belief- her attempted 'review' of "Bruno" has to be heard to be believed. I must be missing something as it's got lots of good reviews but I'll never know as I had to turn it off after 20 minutes. If you want a quirky, sweary movie review podcast, stick to the highly superior 'Scene Unscene'. AVOID!!!
Plane and simple this is a bunch of friends talking after watching a movie and fun and interesting conversations ensue. Sure some times they get off track but the ride is never boring and the verity of movies is astounding no genera is untouched.
This is a fun show. It isn't really a movie review as much as a podcast you listen to after you've seen the movie. It is like hanging out with some cool people and discussing what you have all just seen. The crew is charming and entertaining. I've started listening to all the Simply Syndicated shows now even though I'm not a Trekkie. Just give it a listen, and you'll be hooked too.
This is a decent podcast. While the hosts seem to be particularly engaging sometimes political slants come up in the conversation that, I feel, should not simply for the fact that this is a podcast about movies and not politics. Stating that the men aboard the U.S.S. Indianapolis deserved to die, as commented by one of the hosts, during the "Jaws" episode was, in my book, out of line and comments like that should not be a part of a podcast that is supposed to be discussing movies. It's a decent podcast but from time to time the anti-Americanism political scuttlebutt tends to rear its head which is fine and dandy on a podcast about politics not on one about movies.
I really liked the first two episodes I tried from this gang, but could not get through the third (L.A. CONFIDENTIAL). The panel can be quite interesting when they're on topic, but when they prattle on with their self-indulgent, lameass pub comedy for minutes on end, it's just annoying.
Awesome Podcast. Interesting, witty, and funny as hell.
These aren't film reviews. These are hilarious discussions which might stray unto the topic of films and that's why we all love them. One of the best podcasts out there, a great way to spend your time.
I love this podcast. I'm a film lover and this group of friends is a good mix of movie fans and opinions. They are naturally witty and it is like discussing a movie with your friends.
This podcast is very facken entertaining. Often the movies being reviewed arn't movies I would watch ordinaly but thanks to them I watch them and enjoy them. Anyone slaging them or giving them one star like an internet gangster, well they can go and subsribe to another podcast.
A great show that has opened my eyes to some of the great movies I've been ignoring for so long. Funny, yet informative, even when they go into tangents galore.
This is what I am looking for in a movie podcast. A group of friends that have allowed us a look into their world and relationships as they disect films in a well thought out and timely manner...ok can't keep going with that thought. Listening to the SS crew is like having a discussion with freinds, tangents and all. I know for me, I have never talked about anything with any freinds without going on meaningful tangents that add to the conversation.
If in-depth discussion of camera angles and tracking shots, or pretentious opinions on what the director 'means' are what you are looking for, then this is not your podcast. If, instead, you want to spend an hour a week with your mates chatting about a movie you should see, then I cannot recommend MYSS enough. These people are more than just podcasters, they're friends and their lively, tangent-fraught discussions are an invitation to pull up a bean bag, grab a pint, and settle in for a fun ride.
I think I started listening about a year ago and at first I was a little thrown by the expletives but hey, it's not like they don't warn you. They do tend to get off topic but to me that makes it more like sitting around with your friends discussing a movie, one topic always leads to another. I really appreciate their movie selections because they are all over the place which has led me to seek out some films I would have never known about. I think it's also great that they do look up stuff on IMDB as the discussion progresses because that's exactly what I do after watching a film or an actor I really enjoy and want to know everything about. And besides, how can you not just love a podcast that sometimes features Barkley barking in the background and podcasters that make fun of American football (thank you, I agree). Please keep doing what you're doing.
This is the most excellent podcast I have ever listened to. If you truly are a movie fan, which I'm assuming you are, you'd understand that despite the fact that they spend only half the time on the movie (and thats not all the time) that is the title movie, they spend time talking about other movies as well, and actors and directors who are related. They are truly hilarious all of the time, and they have nuggets of information that any true film lover would devour. Every single member of the cast is smart and witty. Movies You Should See is never EVER boring.
This show used to be great...then it's terrible. We can always count on Richard to crack on Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, and a few other obvious and easy targets. We can always count on Allison to bring up her job, or her childhood, and to be completely pretentious despite a limited knowledge of film. We can always count on Will and Craig to be nice, easy going, but unable or unwilling to argue their point of view on a film. We can always count on Richard to have lame takes on a film. Case in point, Into the Wild. Nobody ever said the lead character was a hero, yet this is all Richard can say to critique the film. All of this is really too bad. Because before Mike left and Allison came onto the show full time it was a terrific podcast.
Always funny; always informative. Love the banter between the group. My favorite episode, so far, is the Odd Couple, "Spunch in the face." I was cracking up along with you.
Another podcast that's somewhat entertaining but the hosts lack the ability to critically analylize a picture in an insightful and meaningful way.
One of my new favorites. I love this podcast! Everybody is really funny and they are all wonderful characters on their own. Most of the movies I have seen and love hearing some other peoples perspective on them and others I haven't seen and some haven't ever heard of, but love hearing about anyway to decide if I want to waste the time or not. One of the most entertaining podcasts I have listened too. Sorry I found it so late, but glad their still going strong. Keep it up guys!!
Great collaboration and Love the points of views! You guys are GREAT! Thanks for doing this!
No, this is not a very good movie review podcast, as far as reviewing the actual movies goes. Yes, there will be only about 10 minutes of content pertinant to the movie in any given podcast, and yes, the podcasters will probably do some googling on air. But this podcast is not really about reviewing the movies, it is about sitting back and enjoying the hosts' banter, which often is quite witty and is never boring. To enjoy this podcast you have to want to have as much fun as the hosts are having--don't bother looking for information on movies.
First off your show is top notch it is indeed oddly addictive it's the ensemble you guys have that make us trully like to hear what you have to say. I should clarify my above statement about being an "insider". My neice is Jack Black's manager for his band not his movies but she's ALWAYS rubbing elbows with top stars i.e. George Clooney etc not to metion ALL the top bands in GB, USA, Australia. Anyway I'm a film buff but my age may throw you off a bit. Btw just an fyi regarding The Right Stuff if I were there or could have called of text you I could have told you about the man Bob Hoover another Top Gun pilot second ONLY to the great Chuck Yeager would come over and get drunk with my dad who was in the Navy in WWII and later the first station chief to Iran for the CIA. I could have told about the eyesight of these pilots is like superman's. For instance during the war they were stationed somewhere overseas so Chuck Yeager with his amazing eyes would go up in a P-51 and have one of his .50 caliber machine guns to fire one bullet at time. So he went up to go deer hunting and killed a dear from his plane using just one bullet from his wing gun. ALL of those awful rockets that exploded in the start was actual footage. So when we announced we had a space program the nation went bonkers because we all thought all of those guys were going on a suicide mission therefor instant heros. Anyway I LOVE you show if for NO OTHER REASON THAN I FINALLY FOUND A LAND WHERE JULIA ROBERTS is considered to be a complete t**t. Over here she can do no wrong and that is so wrong. I also find your perspectives more in tune with mine despite the age difference. Drop me a line sometime.
I like the idea of this podcast. But in thinking about good and bad things to say about it there are just too many bad ones for me to give it a good review. First of all the episodes are way too long. And 80% of what makes them so long is mindless blah blah and arguing about the same points over and over again and getting way off topic. Second of all, no structure or research is done ahead of time. I'm pretty sure the hosts are looking stuff up live on Google. And not difficult stuff either. Third, with a name like "Movies You Should See" you would think there would be fewer episodes about brand new movies that no one really liked at all. Fourth, I personally can accept when someone has a difference of opinion than me but I HATE it when someone docks their rating on a perfectly good movie as much as two whole points because they didn't like the soundtrack simply because they have no musical taste. You aren't reviewing the soundtrack. Fifth, I'm pretty sure that they draw straws or something each time and choose someone to play devil's advocate because typically the person who didn't like whatever movie is being discussed is hard presesd to come up with any good reasons other than "the character was stupid" or "I just didn't like it". This podcast, rather than being well thought reviews about movies is more like sitting in on a movie club at someone's house but you are not allowed to participate in the discussion.
I look forward to this podcast every week. It is interesting to get the UK perspective on movies that I enjoy here in the states. This podcast helps me explore movies that I would not have seen otherwise. I love that they review classics, as well as modern masterpieces. They might ramble on a little bit about unrelated topics, but hang in there because the reviews are always insightful. As a former film student, I highly recommend it.
The reviews on this podcast take over and hour with about 10 minutes of pertinent content. The rest of the time is spent in self indulgent babel among the hosts.
I tried listening to the "There Will Be Blood" episode but I just couldn't take the mindless yammering of the hosts. The program reminded me of the type of thing I'd record with friends on a tape recorder when I was 13, everyone blabing and talking over one another. The hosts seem to be having a good time much as I did making those tapes as a kid, but for anyone not in the studio it is an uninteresting mess. Skip this show and check out one of the many other great movie podcasts that have structure and purpose.
If your looking for another cut and dry movie review podcast, then this is not for you. If you want to hear real people with a passion for films talk about them like real people then you must listen to this. A group of good friends discussing films and more often than not running off topic on oh so slightly related material. After listening to all the different shows Simply Syndicated offers, each one of these is like sitting in with you mates and just listening to them have at it.
MYSS is the perfect companion piece to a movie. After I watch a great movie, I want to discuss it with people, and this podcast is exactly what I need. It's not always on topic, but that's what makes it awesome, because that's how conversations really go. And everyone is hilarious. I know that when I listen to MYSS (or any Simply Syndicated podcast) that I'm guaranteed at least one huge guffaw. Not just a giggle or a teehee, but a full on guffaw laugh that usually brings tears to my eyes. There are movies I want to see just to be able to enjoy the podcast more.
Been listening for nearly two years now and the cast are as good as ever. Hilarious and knowledgeable... most of the time. Awesome, a definate listen.