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Great show. But where is it now? Are you guys that depressed?
Love to listen to your show. Even when the Bills don't win. Which is often.
The show has improved big time and definetly a great podcast. And were thankful their doin it bc I never get to hear Buffalo talk
This is the best Buffalo Bills Talk there is. Funny, informative, and you can tell they are fans. I highly recommend this podcast over all others especially the 2 douchebags from the Rochester paper thank God they arent in charge of anyhting.
As a Bills fan who is born and raise in Miami, I simply enjoy this podcast. Great personalities and honest analysis. Go Bills!
This is a good show, a lot less pretentious than other Bills podcast, it is really good just to listen to regular fans talk about the game and how it felt rather than hearing people repeat stats for an hour. Good job guys, just wish it was available sooner than Tuesday.
I look forward to this podcast everyweek. Great job guys! Very entertaining eventhough the bills don't give much to talk about.


I'm a bills fan living in Baltimore (Dont ask why Its a long story) and I really dont have any bills news here. but then I found this podcast and I really enjoy it. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!
As a long time Buffalo Bills fan I just want to thank you for this great show. It's great to hear about the Bills from folks that are as passionate about this team as I am. I really enjoy the format and the topics you guys bring to the table. Keep up the great work. Thanks again and Go Go Go Bills.
I am a BIG BILLS FAN! I've followd this podcast for the past 2 seasons and I love every second of it. If you are a Buffalo Bills fan you've got to subscribe to this podcast these guys are smart very funny and they love to "Let it Rip" when they talk Bills football Keep up the great job Greg,Dave and Dre. GO BILLS!


The content is good but because they have people over skype the sound is scrathy and poor quality throughout. It runs a little long and could be streamlined into 20 - 30 minutes. Overall good, keep up the good work guys!!!
The interviews are key here. Key players from the glory days of the 90's like Don Beebe are terrific. Key insight into the present day as well. Doing a great job guys.
This is the best Bills show on the internet. Period. It’s well balanced, light and entertaining, even those who are not into the Bills love this show. Take the challenge, listen to it once and you’ll find you can’t live without it. There was a reason it was featured in Sports Illustrated.
this is good stuff right here
I am not a Buffalo Bills fan, nor do I follow them...but I subscribe to this show and I love it!
This is a pretty well done show. Knowledge, opinions, and passion are exressed and make it fun for an NFL fan to get a feel of what's going on in Buffalo.
Listened to one podcast and there was not one logical thought between the three of them. They know nothing about football and sounded as if they were stoned. Hey "natti" guy that thought was original err Jim Rome. By the way, NC State is a football school-Ever hear of Phillip Rivers???? The guy running the show didnt do a lick of homework and bought nothing. Dont waste your time.


By Sabre
This is great I'm originally from Lockport, NY... I now live in Ocoee, FL.... I can never find anything Bills around here... And I just got and iPod for Christmas.... And I was surprised to find that there was something for the Bills here....
This is the best show in town! Check it out you will never want to listen to another podcast again!