Reviews For The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin produces a top notch podcast that both inspires and informs. He covers the technical aspects of photography while providing explanations that make difficult concepts easy. Martin includes his own photographs from time to time and explains in detail how he approached the shot, including camera equipment, settings used and the logic behind why he chose the scene and framing. The podcast is expertly produced with excellent audio quality and editing.
Martin, host of the The Martin Bailey Photography podcast, highlights all aspects of photography and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
An excellent podcast that I've enjyed for years. Martin's photographs are wonderful and through his commentary he gives the perfect belnd of technical explanation and artistic integrity.. Highly recommended.
Unlike most of the photo podcasts that are primarily news roundups, Martin actually shows a lot of his photographs, which are excellent. I enjoy hearing him explain his subject, composition, and exposure choices.
Martin's podcast is on my "never miss" list. Always a pleasure to listen to. Informative, interesting, well organized and thought out. I find something in every episode that's helpful. Highly recommended!
Martin is a very honest professional. He gives great advice on hardware, how to, and life as a photographer. I've been listening to his podcast for years and there is always something good. Highly recommended, very humble man. Also his advice is real and not tied to a sponsorship. Incredibly detailed on his explanations.
I always learn from Martin.
Love the show and look forward to every new episode. Thanks and keep up the great work
I particularly like the episode and images on 'shooting to the right'. I had listened to others explain why this made sense for digital photography but had clung to my my film shooting ways for way too long until I heard Martin's explanation and examples. It also helped me to have the text to follow along, like taking notes to reinforce the concepts. It doesn't hurt that Martin creates wonderful, luminous and stiking images.
This is a must listen to podcast for all involved in photography and my favorite podcast. Martin is engaging and knowledgable and helps photogrpaphers at all levels with his thoughtful approach to discussing making great photographs and prints, skills, and techniques as well as the challenges and issues involved in being a professional photographer and growing a business. He also occasionally does the most honest and thorough gear reviews I have seen. Martin produces a very high quality podcast that is very valuable to beginners, hobbyists and professionals.
Martin has a unique perspective which covers the ambitions of most photographers and wanna-bees. He has a depth of knowledge which beautifully complements his presentation abilities making every episode an information packed yet entertaining listen. One of the best podcasts on the Internet in any category.
I have been listening to Mr. Martin's podcast for years learning from talented artisans and craftsman such as Martin is an inspiring experience. Highly recommend podcast from a word class nature, wildlife and landscape photographer. Farouk CHERCHALI
I am a long time subscriber to your pod-cast and have been very interested in your Namibia trip. I have been amazed at the photos there. I just got an e-mail from Craft & Vision today. I bought your new book and in it was some of the amazing photos you just took in Namibia, I don't know how you could of had the time to ad them to Sharp Shooter. You are truly amazing. Keep up the good work I hope someday to take one of your work shops.
Followed Martin with his podcast since day 1 and this is one of the first ones I listen to whenever it comes out. He almost feels like a brother, even though I never met him. Solid 5 stars!
I listen to the podcast every week and enjoy the mixture of information, inspiration, and enthusiasm in your voice. Merry Christmas and look forward to 2013! Curt
Though seemingly geared mostly towards landscape and nature photography (I am really neither), these podcasts are quite useful. He includes great details on useful products, and lays them down in an pretty easy to understand way. I've picked up quite a bit of good advice, and made an ongoing list of some of the recommended products (mostly software). It's well worth a listen.

By Erc N
Not only has Martin's podcast become my favorite photography to listen to each week, it has been the single most valuable resource in my growth in the hobby over the past three years. The enhanced pictures add so much, and the odd video tutorial is welcomed also. Wonderful work Martin!!!
If you are serious about photography, this is the podcast for you. In 5+ years of listening to dozens of photography related podcasts, there is none that come close to the quality of Martin's. Nor will you find a more professional and helpful community. These weekly podcasts are informative and virtually guaranteed to make you a better photographer and/or help you appreciate what good photography is. I could go on praising Martin for sharing his time and expertise, but will end by suggesting that the time spent listening to this podcast is time well spent.
I've been meaning to leave a comment on Martin's podcast for some time and only now am getting around to it. Shame on me, because this is one of the most useful and listenable photo podcasts around. Martin comes across as an interesting, likable, humble human being, who also happens to be an excellent photographer and a great educator. I think his first 150 episodes or so make up one of the best intros to photographic technique around, and are well-worth going back to for new listeners. His more recent episodes, focusing more on gear reviews and photo-shoot how-to's, are also excellent in their own right. A great show and one I listen to every week.
You will learn a lot from this podcast. I especially like the fact that this is an enhanced podcast. Martin will display the images that he discusses in the podcast. This is one of my favorite podcasts and will be one of yours too.
These podcasts have so many great tips. Many thanks to Martin in being so generous in sharing the things that he has learned.
This is a great podcast. It is not too comercial and Martin Bailey shares his insights in a clear and down to earth way. I highly recomemnd this podcast and I listen to most of the photography podcasts.
Martin's podcast has so many endearing elements - great stories, knowledge, experience, Q&A, photography assignments/challenges, gear reviews - and a soothing voice that you can listen to all day. If you have a passion for photography, regardless of experience level, you will get a lot out of this.
This podcast is for everyone, new or old, to photography. Martin has one of the best photography related podcasts, on the net. In each podcast you will be expertly informed on a topic AND given a reason behind each step he takes. Mr. Bailey takes that extra step, many other podcasters neglect. Some might question if photography is art, but after just listening to Martin's thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, you can tell he is as passionate about his art. A truely great and inspirational podcast. MUST LISTEN
Martin is a very generous guy to share all of his expertise with strangers and he has a lot to offer, no matter what your skill level. Gives me an insight into the world of the professional photographer from both the business and aesthetic angles. The images and his comments combine to inspire me to do better and aim higher when I take a shot.
Martin always brings a well thought out and thorough discussion to his podcast. I think he has the most consistent photography podcast. He covers many aspects of photography with an informed, yet personal presentation. It is suitable for all levels of photographers.
The most informative and consistant photography podcast available. Group discussions, "how to's" and "how I did it's", philosophy, humour (listen to the "Eyes" podcast and hear the crack about his mum). This podcast and author have a dedicated following that strive to beimprove and to help other to do the same. Kudos and thanx!


By Gerv76
This is one of the few really good podcasts on photograhpy. Martin is thoughtful and intelligent and provides useful examples and techbiques in nearly every episode. There is great website that suppliments the show with tons of referential information.
Tranquil + educational = Martin Bailey Photography Podcast. If you've ever taken a photograph on your point and shoot, your iPhone, or your full frame sensor digital slr accompanied by an f/1.4 IS USM L lens mounted on a Gitzo tripod, then do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. Martin's professional and mild mannerism ring soundly on this wonderful podcast. His podcast is really geared towards teaching at all levels, and yet he doesn't come off as many other hosts boasting about his personal successes and worldly travels. Thank you very much Mr. Martin for sharing your special gift with us.
The world is full of scenes, every day, every minute, wherever we are, wherever we look. Some are obviously spectacular, breathtaking, informative, intriguing or memorable. Most appear more ordinary. For the photographer, whether shooting the spectacular or the ordinary, there is a thought process about what images to capture and how to capture them. The details of that thought process, illustrated with his own beautiful photography, is what the Martin Bailey Photography podcast is about. Martin shares, and we learn from, his thoughts and weekly examples of dealing with issues such as, what angle and height to shoot from, what focal length to use to determine how much of the scene to include in the frame, what aperture to use to determine how much of the frame should be in focus and how much should compliment the main subject with blurry and dreamy-looking backgrounds and foregrounds, and how to control the quality of light by paying attention to weather, time of day and time of year. His insights are brilliant and the methods he uses to instruct are easy to follow and understand. - Pete
This is not only the best photography podcast out there, but also the centerpiece of the very active Martin Bailey community on his website. Unlike many other guys he actually knows what he is talking about, being an excellent photographer by himself. (Check out his images !) Great mix of image discussion, technical and artistic advice and Q&A that attracts very good artists to his forums, galleries and workshop activities. Tom Schmitt, USA
I subscribe to quite a number of photography podcasts, and this is one of the very best.
Everything Martin does is with the best quality he can achieve. His podcast certainly lives up to these measures. Production quality and value, varied topics and information, top quality images and audio production. The way he explains concepts, shows examples, discusses topics is second to none. His knowledge is given in a format that is so easy to follow and understand. He only discusses things he knows and gives insight to what he actually uses and how he uses it. The why is also explained along with the how. You won't find rants or flying opinions filling up this podcast. He is a best friend talking about photography and you will not want to miss an episode and will likely listen to many again and again.
This podcast is extremely useful for photographers of all levels wanting to improve their photography. It is high on content and low on idle chat. Martin's use of examples from his own work is particularly helpful. His relaxing and careful demeanor makes for a very enjoyable and interesting listen!
Not that much into the tech but more into compasition and the art side of photography.
Delight yourself with these real life lessons in photography. Dare to grow as a photographer and learn the enchantments of our preffered digital age artistic tool: the digital camera. Let Martin Bailey take you through podcasts with audio and picture samples on the art of Photography; its equipment and technique. Learn to be with Nature and record natural wonders! Learn all that you can with this magnificent Nature photographer: Martin Bailey! All in iTunes!
Martin Bailey is a marvelous photographer, but more important to the podcast listener is that he has a lot to say about photography and he knows how to say it. Martin delivers his photographic wisdom in a very friendly way, which makes his podcast very pleasant listening. The photographs included in the enhanced version of the podcast are always interesting and often stunning.
Martin has a great podcast for 3 key reasons: technique, variety & media. His focus is on technique and each podcast is helpful in understanding a key concept of photography. He is skilled in a variety of styles, whether its landscape, wildlife, macro, architectural, street or even portrait photography, Martin can speak to it and has great illustrative examples. And that brings me to the final point of the podcast that sets it apart from others: these podcasts are truly multimedia where Martin will embed multiple examples that illustrate each of his covered topics. All very well done!
To me this is the best photo podcast out there. And his web sites are great also. He has a laid back teaching style that's easy to listen to. And the tips, suggestions, interviews and assignments are awesome.
A friendly podcast, very informative, with information that you could not imagine. It's exotic and daring, but comfortably familiar in it's delivery. I just love this podcast. Martin Bailey is just incredible!
Great podcast, you will certainly be playing each episode more than once. One of the things I really appreciate is that Martin provides the technical details about the shots which helps those wanting to learn and understand how a shot comes to be.
Some podcasts talk all about the creative process. Some are purely equipment talk. Martin's podcast strikes an almost perfect balance between the two. His congenial tone and pleasant demeanor make his podcast great to listen to. Add onto that his web site that shows the images he references (for those of us still using 4 year old 3rd generation iPods) and his forums and member gallery, and you get the whole package. I often think that if I had friends who were into photography like this, our sitting-around-the-living-room conversations would have a similar feel. A great podcast all around!
If you like photography, you will love this podcast. Watching his Hokkaido workshop enhanced podcast is a must watch. It shows a lot of hard work put into delivering this podcast.


By fotozag
This is a great listen. I enjoy Martins calm and collected demeanor while covering a variety of content. Definitely worth a listen regardless of your experience.
I look forward to this podcast each week. Martin's has a unique ability to show great photographs and then disect them both on an artistic level and a technical level. If you are interested in improving your photography this podcast would help.
This is the best photography podcast there is, period. Martin is a great teacher and his genuine care for others, and the world comes through in this podcast. He has also created a wonderful online community for photographers of all skill levels, where all can learn, share and be inspired.
The Podcast are insightful by my main issue is that he is a bit of a talker and exhibits little self control on keeping the length under control (he'll even go on for a minute or so on that he's sorry for running long-not seeming to understand its just that type of thing that makes his podcasts run so long. Its too funny). This coupled with a very monotone detracts from the value of the overall Podcast.