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Love the podcast, great insight into the workings of the team. Having said that, I have been listening to the podcast for about two years and the only criticism I have of late, is what I deem as Colby’s ego. The subtle retorts towards Carter’s comments may be intended as fun banter, however, sometimes they come off as snarky rebuttals. I hope I am misreading the situation and keep up the great work.
Will someone please send Colby Cohen to interview school? He cannot stop talking about himself. What a wasted opportunity to get actual information to the fans from the general manager. Absolutely brutal.
I just love the back and forth between Colby and Carter! And what’s more I think they both do a masterful job of giving the hockey junkies insider perspective but also explain things in such an approachable way for those of us just learning the game!!
Podcast is great — but there is sometimes a time lag between when the show is recorded and when it is released, causing the material, which is always interesting and insightful, to sometimes be dated.


Be cool if they were consistent
Perfect way to get my weekly Blackhawks fix!
Great to hear about what's going on with management and development
Love the podcast! Going to echo some of the other reviews here and say that I really wish you put them out more often though. Weekly or even bi-weekly would be awesome. The cold steel on ice podcasts are absolutely incredible. The first one was great and now I get overly excited when I see a new one.
If this podcast was weekly, it would be outstanding. The content is great. LET'S GO BLACKHAWKS!!


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John Scott is my idol!!


Love this podcast. I wish they'd keep up with it on a weekly basis like they used to. Dear podcast ppl: MORE episodes please.
We got the Stanley!! Now let's get one last hawkcast before the season ends!!


What happened this year? Hawks were great and one podcast every month, month and 1/2. Sad so Sad
Adam - Make this a weekly podcast. Sometimes I listen to 670 on my way to/from work and those guys are not pro hockey. I appreciate someone with more than a half a brain talking hockey. Especially about those high flying hawks! Keep them coming!
Adam: Great job as always ~ Puckjim

By MJK05
First things first. This is the most exciting sports team right now in Chicago. Rocky Wirtz is doing a great job. What is the name or who sings the song the UC plays after the Hawks score a goal? This podcast is great.
If you like the hawks and listening to sports radio this is for you. Some good analysis with great guests from the organization. Go Hawks!
The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the most exciting, entertaining, on the rise teams in the NHL today and this podcast ... hardly reflects that. The interveiws are very good and insightful. The host really knows his stuff. But the guy has a radio presence of a wet rag. There's no fun or excitement in him and consequently the whole podcast puts you to sleep. Punch it up a bit, OK?
I love these podcast............................and Patrick Kane
This is an awsome insider on the hawks! Thanks for having it on itunes. Go Blackhawks! Go PATRICK KANE!!
this podcast is awesome. I'm glad there is a podcast so I can keep up with the goings on with my favorite hockey team.
Excellent Podcast but the blackhawks don't have a chance of winning it for awhile. They r the longest team with out a stanley cup and will remain one for awhile. Sorry but don't be knieve about this. I am a black hawks and a wings fan, latley i am more of a wings fan cuz i mean atleast they win.
unbelieveable the best thing ever
I really enjoy listening to this HawkCast. I think the interviews are really good and the hosts provide really good information. I've been a Hawk fan all of my life, and by listening to this it is really easy to be up to date with my favorite team. To that Mark Bell fan, too bad for you that he got traded to San Jose, but Havlat and Smolinski are 10 billion times better.
The hawks rock, they rock the world. The rock the world. They rock my sox. they are the best team ever. Go Mark Bell. Your are a wonderful player. You are my saveyour. You are like a brother to me. You are so tallented and gifted. Thank you for being the best supporter for the team.