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It’s an injustice against the citizens of California to lie about the state of life and politics here. Californians know we are leading the nation off a cliff, and this outlet is refusing to address it because it’s been at the hands of Democrats. As long as California news outlets ignore the truth, we ignore them. One star, libtards
I originally started listening to this podcast for two reasons 1) to get a daily California news compliment to my national news intake and 2) ingest this in a quick format (most episodes were shorter than 7 minutes). Unfortunately, over the last few months #2 is no longer happening. Most episodes, when I get time to listen in the afternoons, are now closer to 15 minutes. Monday’s episode was a whopping 22 minutes! This is three times as long as I need or expect them to be, especially when they are covering things that aren’t what I’d consider “hard news” like book reviews and rehashing topics that don’t have significant updates. This has unfortunately made this podcast no longer something I can prioritize daily as a working mom and I will no longer be listening. Instead of making the episodes longer, I wish that KQED would release bonus episodes or specials to cover the topics that aren’t as timely or heavily rooted in news. As for #1, it’s still mostly true - although I have been confused as of late about the things *not* being covered by the California Report, like the recent school board recall election in SF which received national news media attention but has yet to be mentioned on this podcast. Unfortunately, exacerbated by the fact that I’ve been a bit perplexed at the topics being covered, the remaining benefits of #1 are not enough to outweigh my issues with #2. I don’t normally provide feedback to podcasts via reviews as I’d like to give them an opportunity to address privately, but unfortunately could not find a feedback form for the podcast on KQEDs website and felt compelled to share why they were losing a listener as I imagine I’m not alone in this sentiment and I want new listeners to have their expectations set accordingly.

By Loo_Z
Short and quick with the daily highlights, although would like more in-depth content at times. It sounds sharp, crisp, and like NPR lol. Lot of commenters seem to think young people make this podcast, and therefore make it political — do you live here? It’s California. I say these guys probably think we’re still in the ‘90s. Things change, generations come and go, and people still want to hang on to the small-minded thinking that took over the state in that era, when things started to really change, demographically!— ridiculous.
Reporting on-site doesn’t increase the effectiveness of your stories. Reminds me a bit of Huell Howser
This show is so rabidly pro-war and pro-Trump it is getting unbearable
I loved the interview with the president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve!
Identity politics masquerading as news. Overall vibe is of a show produced by woke activist students for woke activist students.
Saul and Lilly really put together a great, concise show. I don’t know what about it is attracting clearly out-of-state trolls in the reviews. There’s no political commentary in it, just straight news. I guess we’ve gotten to the point where purely factual statements are considered left-wing propaganda.
Wow. I love to hear what the snowflakes and BlueAnon r crying about. 😂....but no, really.
This is a great show. It always tells me something worth knowing.
Really want some CA news, so this could be so good, but unfortunately like so many things it’s really political. I’m definitely left leaning in my politics but even I have to laugh out loud at some of these things the obviously young people who make this “report.” For ex: They cannot understand how CA voters could possibly reject affirmative action and think CA must be full of racists. Ridiculous! Kids, we already tried affirmative action, and it didn’t work out. Lol hilarious like your generation just thought that up.
I love getting a quick, but detailed daily update on what is going on around the state... along with Up First, this is part of my morning routine.
In my hunt to find some local California news, void of national politics, I stumbled across the California report. The podcast is sadly extremely one sided and has a clear narrative theyre trying to pursue. Take prop 22 for example, they clearly wanted people to vote no, never discussed AB5 and made it seem like prop 22 was going against some long standing laws in california, and finally painted people as corporate shills if they voted yes. KQED should be ashamed of such poor journalism. Like we dont have enough of this kind of garbage from the Fox news and CNNs of the world.
Love listening while I brew my coffee, short and sweet, news relevant to our state that national news dailies won’t cover
I love how The California Report gives quick news updates around the state. While not all-encompassing, it’s a good overview of the hot topics at hand.I also appreciate the anecdotes about people related to the stories. I like being able to “put a face“ to each type of story. My only gripe is that recently—maybe the last few months— there is an episode every once in a while that cuts in the middle of the story. I don’t know why it happens, but I try closing out the app and reloading the episode to no avail. I hope this gets fixed soon because I enjoy listening to the ends of stories. Thank you for the levelheaded reporting!
A short daily piece with California-relevant news from up and down the state (but mostly SF and LA). Your go-to source on PG&E, wildfires, and activism.
Thanks for reminding us about the election! Let’s vote everyone ✅ for what we believe is right, whatever that may be 😁
Too chatty and silliness! And no need for obscenities either. Not accurate. I’m sitting here in No Cal 97’ yesterday was 101’ and now I’m into 8 minutes and no weather. Totally useless!
After living in the Bay area for 18 years I only just now discovered this valuable source of California news. People tend to focus on National news, when it is the State and Local issues that truly affect us the most. Keep up the great work!
In the past a good source of California news. Now, just chatty and silly, with the occasional news bit.
Good show, glad to have it. But why is the audio so quiet? This most recent ep (9/20/2018) had me listening at almost max volume on my headphones; the ads were way louder than the content. Please fix!
Professional, engaging, crisp, dynamic, humane, and smart, Sepulvado reports on news that matters
There are many stories that are important. This is the “California” report. Perhaps I will re-subscribe some time when you remember that and are reporting on California.
Well done podcast highlighting California news that one might not hear about otherwise.
Nice bites of news from all around the state.


Used to love this but no longer downloads so I guess I get news elsewhere and stop my contrubutions to KQED
Always nice to have news from the state level. Gives more perspective than just local or national news. Good stories.
Best, comprehensive California podcast available
Nice 7-10 minute update on all things California that comes everyday.
I've been listening for years, and love the California info. Since the election, the liberal bent has gone too far. Baiting interviewees, then blatantly calling them racists. Let the listener reach their own conclusions. Journalism is best when the reporter leaves their own opinion out of it. The current host can't seem to do that-
This podcast is very informative and has great stories about communities and citizens in CA. If you live anywhere in CA, you should listen to this podcast. You learn so much about this gigantic state!
Won’t download for offline listening in Podcast App


By EJS2511
Recently terriable, the last three episodes locked up my iphone whenever it came up on the play list. I must delete it even though It used to be anacceptable source of California news
This show is where I get my news, unpacked and explained.
I'm not a California native, and at first I struggled to learn more about my new home's culture. This podcast offers perspectives not only on culture but politics and perspectives as well.
This podcast is a must for anyone wanting to know what is going on in California on a day-to-day basis.
I am a Bay Area native currently living in Hawaii. Despite not living in California anymore, I find that my heart is still in the Golden State! The California Report is an incredible resource for news, politics, current events, and other happenings in California. Presented to the listener in a brief, daily report, this podcast is very effective in keeping you up to date with all things relevant to our beautiful and diverse state!
I've only lived in CA for a couple of years and this podcast helps me learn more about my new home. I have some download issues, though. My app is set to auto-download all new episodes for this podcast but it doesn't always do it, and when I try to manually download, it appears to have worked until I leave the page and come back and the download icon is back. These occasional download issues hinder my ability to listen during my morning commute when I don't have wifi.
Lots of statewide reporting that I don't hear anywhere else.
The CA Report does a comprehensive job of covering news in California. Great for locals and out of staters to get a better idea of what's going on in current events.
Though not too detailed in explanation, this podcast is a must for anyone in California or otherwise who want current information.