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I was a regular listener until this got all political and out of balance. Both the right and left want clean air, water and land for Michigan. Remove the agenda and then I will be back.
I really have enjoyed listening to this podcast. I feel like they're very informative in such a short time and that they give ample information from both sides of the discussion or topic. Thanks for doing these and keep up the great work!
Very well done.


Covers the entire state, from U.P. sulfur mining to the oil spill, but not just doom and gloom. Covers new battery plants, wind farms, green jobs, farmers markets, natural gas frak'ing. They follow the story.
Easy to understand and learn alot in short time
Informative and relevant. I like the short length, but I wouldn't mind longer episodes.
I am glad to have someone to give me the environmental issues and facts of today, however I have been dissapointed with a glitch...the past few days I have been getting doubles of each day's podcast. PLEASE FIX THIS!
I started listening to this as one of the first podcasts that I subscribed to several years ago. I like the show and really liked listening to it when it came out each week. I just can't keep up with the daily format and have decided to unsubscribe for a bit as I kept getting weeks behind and it didn't flow well putting a bunch of episodes in one playlist.
I love this podcast! Excellent, scientifically based, timely information on environmental/conservation issues. I prefer the bundled episodes though. The daily, 4-minute episodes are tedious.
I love listening to the environment report. I learn about so many important things I would never know about otherwise. Even though I listen to several environmentally-focused podcasts each week, I don't experience the amount of overlap I would expect. The Environment Report always has great reports I don't hear anywhere else. Great people and high production quality too! Sadly, I prefer the old format of just one longer podcast a week. These new tidbits each day get on my nerves. What would be really great would be if they were put on a seperate subscription so that those of us who just want a half hour of environmental news wouldn't have to mess around with four minute snippets.