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Very well and informative.
I appreciate hearing the stories we don’t hear on major news outlets. Thank you for what you do
This is a great podcast for those who feel pretty ill-informed about what’s going on in the Latin community. You will get a great dose of social injustice that many Latinos endure on a daily basis as well as culture that brings relevance to the global community. Give it a listen!
Love this podcast but it seems that some of the early episodes are disappearing...? I’d like to go back and re-listen but they’ve disappeared from here and other platforms (Spotify, Stitcher)
I absolutely love this podcast. It gets me through my work day. Thank you for such a well thought out and insightful podcast. Keep up the great work!
This podcast is a must for all NPR listeners, not just Latinos. Been listening from the start and the quality is consistently great! I would love to hear more stories on Latino identity, escpecially those of mixed race trying to find their place in society and the Latino community.
You’re my commuter companionship! I look forward to listen to you guys. I appreciate that the content of the podcast -Is informative, fresh sin tapujos and relatable. Gracias por mostrar el otro lado de nuestra hermosa cultura en el radio! 😍
This is my morning cafesito, wakes me up and reminds me of the much needed stories that need to be heard.Latino USA tells the complex stories que vivimos en todo USA.
One of my favorite podcasts! Maria Hinojosa and her crew are brilliant. Great interviews, always relevant topics. Strongly recommend for latinx and especially for non-latinx 👍🏾
Love learning about new topics that concern the Latinx community. Bravo!
Can we find TTacos in NY? :)
I really enjoy the stories and voices that they bring forward.
I find myself enjoying and relating to most of the stories here.
Such an amazing podcast and the topics they discussed, hits home!
My favorite podcast everrrr must have in your life
I love all the episodes, very informative!
It’s ok, some episodes better or less biased than others
As the heading reads: EVERY EPISODE IS EXCELLENT. Intelligent, funny, informative, high quality productions. Episodes are just the right length, too!
I just started listening after listening to In The Thick for a long time. Loved the ep with Gina Torres and now I’m going to check out Pearson!
Just discovered this podcast, the stories are excellent, highly recommend it. Never stop making such engaging stories.
I love the broad range of topics covered by this podcast and the smooth transitions back and forth between languages.
Please never stop making this podcast! So topical, well-researched, and informative.
You guys are amazing!!! I love how this podcast covers different topics that relate with Latinos. I know Maria for many years and remember her telling me to check out her podcast. Glad I did. Always looking for the next one!!!
Thank you! Gracias! For a great episode(s)!
Gracias por tus episodios and remind me that I belong and that I matter. Gracias infinitas!!! 🙏
I have been listening for a little over a year and I’m so very grateful to you all for helping me see and understand my roots and be proud of who I am ! Followed on Twitter too ! @ken__molina God bless you all and thanks so much for making me feel the love ! ❤️
The lawyer in this case should be disbarred. He is an officer of the court who took an oath to uphold the laws and Constitution of his state and our country. He is held to a higher ethical standard. The adoptive parents and church are also at fault. But it’s the lawyer who made the adoption possible. This podcast was excellent. It reminds us of the tragic reality that vulnerable immigrants and asylum seekers are also exploited by other Latinos.
I found this episode title and summary statements misleading, and it does make me question your editorial intentions. You strongly suggest that the woman lost her child because English speaking people (read white people) took advantage of her. But the facts that you present seem like the Spanish speaking adoptive parents really orchestrated the illegal adoption. Yes, the white, English speaking lawyer assisted in this deception, but it didnt sound like he instigated it. I don't think you placed enough emphasis on the immoral actions of the church and the adoptive parents.
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Makes me feel so much more connected to our culture, and very informative for anyone interested in learning about Latin American politics/history/culture.
For giving Latinos a voice.
So I grew up in a household with a very controlling White mother and a too distant/uninvolved Mexican-American father. While I have the basics down, the loss of culture within just two generations has been astounding. Now, I’m trying to reclaim as much of that culture for myself as I can. I started listening to Latino USA a few years ago and it is easily one of the best radio programs out there, no qualifiers needed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again— everyone should be listening to this show, Latinx or not! But, as someone who is starving for context and content to fill all those gaping holes in my family’s heritage this show has done wonders in that regard and has ultimately provided an access point for me to feel comfortable enough to start engaging in many aspects of my culture that growing up I felt very distant from. Thank you to the Latino USA team for sharing such all of these amazing and inspiring stories with us every week! I greatly appreciate your work.
As a transplanted nyourican now living in Michigan, this podcast is a godsend. It keeps me in touch with the border Latino community and I love hearing Spanish being spoken on the radio which is non existent where I live now. Thank you for the great work you do!
Love it! I was hesitant at first no reason why but I’m Glad I gave it a chance, it’s amazing how much Latin/Hispanic influences are out there in USA history. I can’t wait for my half Mexican kids to grow up and teach them all the great history I’m learning from this podcast! Thank you! From you new #1 fan -Juan Pablo Oregon USA


By MMB1745
Love your programming, thank you!
Love hearing Latino USA. It makes Chicago traffic bearable and enjoyable! I always look forward to hear new stories!
I dig Latino USA in ways that surprise me...! I mean it had segments on Danny Trejo and Grupo Fantasma, that last of which was new to me! Being a caramel-colored Journalist, and being ever-curious I wish there was a podcast like this for the Asian disapora...!
LatinoUSA recently doctored interviews and obfuscated who guests were in relation to their anti-chicanx editorial line on the events around the 50th anniversary MEChA conference. The continued disrespect that producers of NPR’s “Latino” programs show to chicanx and Mexican descent people is unacceptable.
Though I'm black American, I try to stay informed of issues affecting the latinx community. Latino USA has impactful and well-told stories and topics. And the mixture of English and Spanish helps to challenge my fleeting Spanish language skills. Great job. I look forward to every episode.
I feel like I am sitting in Maria’s living room listening to a casual conversation that totally captivated me. I have never been able to listen to just half of a show. I love downloading podcasts prior to a cross country flight so that I can listen uninterrupted... Thank you María for such an awesome program!
Thank you for an eye opening informative podcast!
I LOVE latino USA. It helps me feel connected to my latino community in my sea of white in Northwest Missouri.
Being Latina in the south can be weird. I listen to the stories and I don’t feel so out of place. I love that there is journalistic integrity in the stories. I cry almost every episode. Sometimes prideful, sometime happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry tears. I wish the local NPR station would play your show I the lineup. Keep producing. I will keep listening.
Every episode that I’ve listen to has opened my eyes and mind to the great contributions and talents of Latinos. First class production and storytelling! Thank you!!
i come from a mexican-hungarian background (mom hungarian dad mexican) but i look very white. before my parents divorce, my aunts, my grandma mita and other relatives on my dads side watched my little brother and i so i picked up a little spanish. growing up in a very white school i was made fun of because i would mix up my sentences. for example, instead of saying ‘can i have some ice water?’ i would say ‘can i have some water of ice?’ teachers didn’t have the patients for me so i was put into ‘special reading classes’ which only increased the bullying. listening to this podcast let’s me have this sense of belonging. even though i can’t speak spanish well or ive never had a quinceanera or never been punished by a chancla (for a hungarians it was a wooden spoon) i love listening to the interviews and the deep dive research this podcast gives. i have a better understanding of my families rich history and i feel more cultured and also empowered. my favorite episodes are the ones that involve musicians and how they use their talents to inspire a revolution. maria is a fabulous host and i can get enough of this pobcast. educate yourself! thank you mucho!
This podcast has been essential, a way to learn and understand the incredible multiplicity of the Latinx, Hispanic, Chicano, Nuyorrican and ever so evolving community. The stories are always changing and I am learning more and more. I really enjoyed themes I have not always wanted to read or be exposed to. The interview with Immortal Technique was fascinating, and I am not a rap fan, but this opened a door to that experience. These stories are fundamental and they are needed to give strength to la resistencia.


Enjoyed all the shows thus far. What about a segment on a quince for a girl more American than Mexican and trying to keep the culture alive in her? My dilemma nowadays with my daughter Siena who has decided she want her quince.
I've been a long time listener.....and I mean a very, very long time! I love Maria Hinojosa has helped to create something incredibly special! This latest episode on being Asian AND Latino was remarkable. Growing up in El Paso, TX with a Mexican father and his extended family and a Korean mother definitely resonated with me!
Excelente producción que amplifica el volumen de crónicas de experiencias de Latinoamérica entera. 💓
I have really enjoyed listening to you guys. I continue to learn so much about the historical events that have affected Latinos. The topics are engaging. I also love the variety and the use of Spanish. Great job!