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Thank you for checking in with Nikole Hannah-Jones. My two biggest heroes that I turn to for truth telling and courage.
This program is extremely PC.
Everything that Maria Hinojosa has done is excellent, and the podcast with journalist Peniley Ramírez on Genaro Garcia Luna, the top security director in the Mexican government now on trial for being involved in drug dealing with the cartels, is over the top excellent. They are both incredibly intelligent, funny, human, and totally thorough as journalists. This podcast is not only highly listenable, educational, and entertaining, is makes very important connections between the money and arms that come from the global north and how they distort and harm people and institutions in the global south. I work as a Spanish interpreter in different venues, including federal courts, and this podcast reflects completely and deeply what I have been seeing and saying to people for years- that the drug war is just an excuse for social control, taking what was a health problem and turning it into a criminal one. Maria Hinojosa and Peniley Ramírez deserve every journalism award possible for this incredible podcast; thank you, mujeres!!!!
Just a note thanking you for this podcast. It makes my soul, my heart & my head feel not so alone. I graduated with a BA from San Jose State & the majority of students were white. I went on to graduate school in San Antonio & 95% of the students were of Mexican descent as were the instructors. It felt so good to be with my people. In my professional life, my peers have been white also. Presently I am volunteering in the county’s grand jury. In the beginning, my opinions were discarded, I had to actually provide documentation & professional literature to validate the foundation of my opinions. You see I had to prove that women of color are intelligent & are successful. So again thank you
The Garcia Luna episodes are outstanding!!!
Es muy frustrante ver el tiempo pasar y ser testigo de que el brazo de la justicia No llegue a quienes fueron los principales responsables de las desapariciones de los estudiantes . La herida de AYOTZINAPA sigue abierta.. MEXICO Pide justicia. Love your podcast. JcmtzNYC
Love to hear your voice. Always was a fan since the days of you having a show when you would play Music from many Spanish Speaking Countries.
I guess we had to hear Maria & her potty mouth on one podcast! If a guest curses like they don’t care for the audience its not in her control. She drops “F” bombs like they were M&Ms. If I want to hear such language, I’d move back to the ghetto I was raised. No, I’ll never go back!
Great podcast but please please please stop referring to us as “Latinx”.
My name is Cristina and I am the great-granddaughter of Maria Grever. My younger sister Michelle wrote a review as well. I loved this podcast about Maria. You did a fantastic job! I knew quite a bit about her since my grandfather, Charles Grever, lived with us from the time of my birth until his death. I was very close to my grandfather and always ask questions about his mother. I spent many hours trying to learn her music on her piano, which I now have, but was never quite as talented as my grandmother. Thank you for a remarkable podcast for a remarkable woman.
This is Maria Grever's great granddaughter, my dad was Bob, and I want to say thank you!! I knew she was awesome I didn't know she was AMAZING!!! Im named after her Im Michelle Joaquina. Thank you this made my day and made me so proud.
Like the diverse topics. Never miss an episode.
The more I listen to this podcast, the less I identify with the “Latino community”. These spaces solely promote the very outdated idea that Latinos are this one-dimensional entity… know one, know them all, I guess. It continues to perpetuate the idea that all Latinos are immigrants, undocumented immigrants, first generation, brought here illegally, low socioeconomic status, against immigration enforcement, brought up in the ghetto, have a ghetto accent, etc… all so friken’ predictable and tiresome. Live a little outside of your echo chamber. Yawn… Because if I don’t yawn, I might become outraged. Sincerely, a mujer mexicana.
Really enjoy the political, historical, and community-focused podcasts. The journalists on this podcasts are top notch and wonderful storytellers. The Alzheimer’s podcast deserves all the awards. Downside: There are a lot of music podcasts that I find boring and uninteresting. The Faketinas podcast lacked the research and journalism seen in other podcasts.


I feel seen! Thank you again
I love this show and the great content they cover. Most recently, I noticed they are promoting alcohol- an industry that increases their profits at the expense of our communities well-being. The alcohol industry purposely targets and hurts our communities, a show that promotes Latino resiliency should NOT be promoting industries that intentionally perpetuate addiction in communities of color. Thanks
Really interesting podcast
I am haunted by the story: Mississippi Rising episode. The way Maria Hinojosa weaved history from the 60s to immigration and labor was so powerful. And at times painful to hear. My heart hurts too. I am grateful for this kind of investigative reporting that brings so much humanity to the forefront.
You guys used to be a lot better and more informative. You used to touch on subjects that actually mattered to the Latino community Now all y’all do is whine and talk about random none sense Please step it up or point us in the direction of a podcast that actually helps the Latino community.
Thank you for this great interview. I just put a hold on “in the Dream House.”
I love this podcast. It has something for everyone (focusing on Latino stories ofc). I don’t listen to art/music episodes (just bores me) , but I’m glad they focus on diverse topics.
In response to your last Listener Survey, I mentioned only hearing women’s names during the episode credits. I expressed a desire for the Podcast to provide opportunities for talented Latinx people regardless of how they identify, if it were not happening. Were only women involved in production? Were men involved but excluded from the credits? There was no way of knowing as a listener. Whatever the reasoning behind the absence of men’s names in the credits it needed to be corrected. It pleases me to now hear both Latinx women and men’s names in the credits of this fantastic podcast. Thank you for mentioning ALL these talented people. And thank you, all of you, for producing this wonderfully informative and constructive podcast. #alatinxally
This is an important podcast for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the Latinx community in the United States. Especially during these tumultuous times. Maria is a talented journalist and a great storyteller with illuminating insights to share.
I feel like this was a conversation a long time coming! I’m so happy that it was explained and put out there. I don’t personally use this word but in my Peruvian family it’s used common as a term of endearment but then it was confusing when it was used to also insult someone. To me, it’s like using the N-word and I know not many feel this way but I am very deeply proud of my indigenous roots and there are many more positive words to use instead.
Really bad podcast.
I love this episode. It’s all I think about because before I’m Latino or whatever Spanish I’m indigenous. I think its base on three races. White, black which it’s always talked about and the indigenous I barely hear. This episode made me subscribe, I hope I hear more about indigenous. Thank you.
I love, love this podcast. It’s very informative and entertaining. I also admite a lot Maria Hinojosa and her work as a journalist. Keep up the good work!
With the latest iOS update, 14.4.1, I am unable to see the latest episodes. The last one available is from 04-23-21.
Joshua is the best! Such a great host -


By 002930
Hello, are you guys are having more episodes of Suave ? Or it was a few episodes pod cast and it’s over, I really like it, thank you.
You will remember what you care about and how much and why you do and who you are doing your life for.
maria’s conversations are always intelligent and they teach us more about the Latino experience in the current era, a time when thanks to the orange clown the scab has been pulled off latent racism -subscribe to Latino USA, you won’t be disappointed ‼️👍🏻🌈🌺
Maria Hinojosa’s soothing voice delivers a cross section of information on the Latinx communities. Every show is well researched and produced and I’m always excited when a new episode drops.
I’ve been listening to Latino USA for years now and will never miss an episode. This podcast has taught me so much. In particular, about Latino culture, history, politics, music, & soooo much more. Maria is a Latina icon.
Maria is the ultimate host y interviewer. Have learned lots about musicians, actors, politicians y more as well as every day Mexicanos y the problems y successes of their everyday lives. I listen to each y every program. Gracias.


I am an African American woman I love listening and to your show keep doing a great job
I absolutely love the story telling and producing of Latino USA.
Hi Maria, I love your show, I've been listening for a few years now, and find Latino USA very informative and thought provocative. I don't have much Hispanic friends in the area I live in (Washington state, north of Seattle area) so I get an insight into our community through your show. Your episode on the Goya company was great! I learned a lot, I too was offended by their support for the most racist, xenophobic president this country has ever had. I too decided never to buy any Goya products. I now make my own sofrito and sazon and it tastes better than Goya’s,lol. Keep up the great work Latino USA. 😜
I absolutely love Latina USA the topics bring so much light to my heritage. I just can’t get enough. Please continue what you are doing.
I'm so happy I found Latino USA- I love the mix of topics that is presented. From politics to racism to food to entertainment, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, which is great- if it were only about the politics or news (which are important and of course I want to learn about them!) it'd be a depressing show. But since there is a mix, there's the opportunity to learn about Latino culture here in America and abroad and provide a little levity.
The content is on point (I just wish Ms. Hinojosa would stop saying “Latino and Latina” and just say a unified, “Latinos.”)
Thank you, this conversations are so incredible touching! And at the same time so educational. So helpful to try to start the healing process! 😢❤️
Thank you soooooo much for doing this story. It deserves all the attention. It means a lot.
I have loved Latino USA for years! We need diversity in ever sense of the word and appreciate Futuro Media’s commitment to that.
The voice of our generation
This podcast is truly a great way to learn and understand current events within the Latinx community while also looking at national issues through a Latinx lens and how it directly impacts our community. The podcast also serves as a great Latinx history resource as it sometimes covers historical Latinx events that most public schools across the U.S. never bothered to teach. Also, most episodes include historical Latinx tidbits to put current items in better context.


By Jen_MTZ
I love everything about this podcast, feel so connected to the stories!
Love everything about this!