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You will remember what you care about and how much and why you do and who you are doing your life for.
maria’s conversations are always intelligent and they teach us more about the Latino experience in the current era, a time when thanks to the orange clown the scab has been pulled off latent racism -subscribe to Latino USA, you won’t be disappointed ‼️👍🏻🌈🌺
Maria Hinojosa’s soothing voice delivers a cross section of information on the Latinx communities. Every show is well researched and produced and I’m always excited when a new episode drops.
I’ve been listening to Latino USA for years now and will never miss an episode. This podcast has taught me so much. In particular, about Latino culture, history, politics, music, & soooo much more. Maria is a Latina icon.
Maria is the ultimate host y interviewer. Have learned lots about musicians, actors, politicians y more as well as every day Mexicanos y the problems y successes of their everyday lives. I listen to each y every program. Gracias.


I am an African American woman I love listening and to your show keep doing a great job
I absolutely love the story telling and producing of Latino USA.
Hi Maria, I love your show, I've been listening for a few years now, and find Latino USA very informative and thought provocative. I don't have much Hispanic friends in the area I live in (Washington state, north of Seattle area) so I get an insight into our community through your show. Your episode on the Goya company was great! I learned a lot, I too was offended by their support for the most racist, xenophobic president this country has ever had. I too decided never to buy any Goya products. I now make my own sofrito and sazon and it tastes better than Goya’s,lol. Keep up the great work Latino USA. 😜
I absolutely love Latina USA the topics bring so much light to my heritage. I just can’t get enough. Please continue what you are doing.
I'm so happy I found Latino USA- I love the mix of topics that is presented. From politics to racism to food to entertainment, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, which is great- if it were only about the politics or news (which are important and of course I want to learn about them!) it'd be a depressing show. But since there is a mix, there's the opportunity to learn about Latino culture here in America and abroad and provide a little levity.
The content is on point (I just wish Ms. Hinojosa would stop saying “Latino and Latina” and just say a unified, “Latinos.”)
Thank you, this conversations are so incredible touching! And at the same time so educational. So helpful to try to start the healing process! 😢❤️
Thank you soooooo much for doing this story. It deserves all the attention. It means a lot.
Thank you for this great interview.
I have loved Latino USA for years! We need diversity in ever sense of the word and appreciate Futuro Media’s commitment to that.
The voice of our generation
This podcast is truly a great way to learn and understand current events within the Latinx community while also looking at national issues through a Latinx lens and how it directly impacts our community. The podcast also serves as a great Latinx history resource as it sometimes covers historical Latinx events that most public schools across the U.S. never bothered to teach. Also, most episodes include historical Latinx tidbits to put current items in better context.


By Jen_MTZ
I love everything about this podcast, feel so connected to the stories!


By Isv_r
Love everything about this!
I’ve been dealing with some internalized racism from childhood where I constantly tried to be White by distancing myself from my Mexican culture. It wasn’t until college that I realized that I did not want to be White and embrace my latinidad. This podcast has helped me see the beauty of my culture and Latinos. Thank you the entire Latino USA team!
Maria Hinojosa and her team are beacons of light in our media landscape. Thank you for your consistent high quality work!
No creo que la palabra Latinocidad o Latinosidad es correcto, anglosajónismo quizá?
I appreciate this show’s commitment to expanding the worldview of what it means to be Latinx both in this country and across borders. As a mixed race Latina, I applaud them for addressing issues of race and other inequities head-on both in the larger community and also in within the Latinx community. The music is also a great addition to this podcast.
Little-known stories and themes ✔️ In-depth investigation ✔️ Production value ✔️ Charismatic hosts ✔️ Expertly curated music ✔️
This podcast is so well-done, and it has been around for years! Also Luis Alberto Urrea is the best. :)
This podcast explores many interesting topics and ideas but it is, unfortunately, permeated by nonsense “wokeness.” This is exhibited by the acceptance and use of the nonsense word LatinX.
I’m a millennial born in Zacatecas, Mexico who grew up on the south side of Chicago and now lives in northwest Indiana. Every episode is eye-opening to all the issues and struggles that our raza deals with. Thank you for your dedication in bringing these stories to life. You guys are a great team! Keep up the amazing work.
Maria, Love your podcast. Speak more about potential solutions on this issue. Reporting just hopelessness can breed indifference.
I love this show. It fills me with pride to hear such intelligent, fantastically well made socio-economic and political programs, produced by Latinx. I even love the music used. I can’t reliably hear stories about Latinx from various parts of Latin America and the USA anywhere else. Thank you!
I’m a latino from california, I enjoy my culture but wish what they talked about here wasnt as superficial and more about actual news and stories of normal people
I love this show because it’s not only for Latinos but for those who want to learn about issues affecting minorities in the United States. I have so many favorite episodes. And I recommended it to anyone who wants to have well rounded knowledge of culture in the United States and the Americas in general.


By Karbar8
Why is there a show for Latinos? Why is this continuing to be a growing, cultural, phenomon? If someone wants to immigrate to the United States, they agree to become an American ciizen. How is this show reflective of American values? Why does the largest influx of illegal immigrants in the U.S. given status, priority, clout? This is insulting, annoying, ridiculous. I, literally, heard an episode where "some"singer in Los Angeles claimed to be Mexican despite being born in the U.S. She went on to state "LA" is just a place some people choose to call "LA." It is so clear that the rules simply do not apply to this particular group of immigrants (legal or otherwise). Liberal Democrats look the ohter way for 2 reasons; economics & the fear of being labeled racist. Standing up & saying this is America, we're not perfect, but we're American is not being racist. It is incredibly said to live in a Country that glorifies illegal behavior of a particular ethnic group while, literally, everything else is criminalized. I have a family member who came to this country, legally, when he was 2. He committed a crime and was deported. Now we have sanctuary cities, even for, illegal immigrants who commit additional crimes after entering the country. The liberal media will not cover MS13 & out o control gang violence. SIMPLY PUT -- I don't want to live in a 3rd World Country. That is the impact continuing to exploit Americans by forcing illegal immigration down our throats is having. Jobs are either outsourced if technology allows or cheap labor is imported, leaving wages stagnant for people who live her legally. This is not the America that Americans were promised. It is the promise of a new life for someone who was not entitled to it. If living in South or Central America is hard, try to work to change those countries for the better but do not blame Americans for your hardships.
I enjoy Latino USA very much.
This podcast is incredibly biased, as us to be expected I suppose. Why is it that Latinos are just expected to think a certain way (politically, socially, religious, etc.)? Producers, please don’t let your own political biases drive the content of this podcast.
Absolutely the most entertaining, well produced podcast I ever heard. I love Maria. Her humor and intelligence are the perfect balance. Just wondering when you’re going to have Maluma on your show.
Being Latinx and Argentinian-American like one of the hosts, Antonia, I embrace and affiliate heavily with this show’s overarching motif and message. I love the in-depth and serious stories they tell as well as the more fun ones like Latin artists at Coachella on the main stage for the first time and Maria’s eye-opening sit-down with Pitbull. Special recommendations: The Quevedos and the bilingual one on the public health a sports guy the Tom Flores “Portrait Of:” and as a music guy, the one on how embedded Latino music and artists are in rock n roll history is enthralling as ever.
Really enjoy this podcast, learn a lot from Maria who is an excellent interviewer.
María Hinojosa is a consummate professional journalist. She leads her reporting and production team with such warmth and enthusiasm, yet the interviews and stories are so well edited that I absorb a lot of information for a modest investment of time (usually 30 minutes). Some ways in which this podcast stands above many others I follow or have sampled: —consistency. it is in my feed twice a week, and the Friday episode is always a treat for the weekend —the variety of topics, showing the many ways that Latinx people are vital members of our nation —the audio quality and the wonderful voices, including Maria’s and musicians and an amazing range of ages of subjects —its topicality. Just recently Maria had the most informative show on the novel “American Dirt” and its author, with exceedingly fair presentation of both critical and sympathetic points of view. ¡Gracias, María y NPR!
Pa’Lante 🇵🇷
I love this podcast overall it connects me to my Latina roots. I have cried , laughed and learned so much. This particular podcasts along with any pertaining to immigration resonates so much with in me. As I hear this conversation between mother and daughter I think of my own mother. I was not separated from my mother. I was in there with her and my heart goes out to all the children who have been ripped from their parents. It’s a scary ordeal to experience and the separation has to be even more devastating. My prayers and love to mi gente. Thank you for continuing the conversation and not letting us forget.
I came to this podcast so that I could hear what said female journalists/ writer had to say about “American Dirt” I had not read the book before but had heard different reviews. I will say that as a person I would not want this person that says she represents Mexican opinion even as a friend. Her review sounded like a bunch of gossip; nothing substantial and no real opinion.
I am learning Spanish and this show makes the language have a home for me. Because languages are bland and boring without their cultures behind them to make the words have real meaning. Thank you for teaching me!
An open letter to my author friends: I don't know if you are up on this "American Dirt" scandal, but as a writer dealing with race, class, immigrant, or disability issues, you should be aware of this. American liberalism has become a very vicious place, cries of social injustice justify almost any atrocity. What has been done to the author of this book is shocking. The podcast Latino USA is one of my favorites and I am very disappointed at the persecuting way in which the story is presented. Beware of "telling someone else's story" because they may come for you shouting "your money should have been ours". The brutal takedown of the author at the end is one that may haunt Maria Hinojosa years from now.
I love the balanced journalism here but especially love hearing voice I don’t normally hear. Thank you for making me better informed and I hope to be part of the solutions rather than part of the problems
Maria, Ricardo & the Futuro Media team just slay on a regular basis. Their work makes me think, laugh & cry on a regular basis & help me sobrevivir during these horrible times.
How I Made It with Jesse Reyes seemed like a harmless enough soundtrack for shoveling out from this snowstorm, until I found myself crying at the end of the driveway. ‘10 meters into my heart’ is a quote that caught me off guard and hearing about the moment Jesse opens her eyes to see the crowd brought the chorro. Beautiful moment! Well done, Team Futuro!
Excellent podcast Ruben Blades, wow, what a mind , I really admire his beliefs Keep it Simple
Great Show!! A perfect way to shine a light on an eclectic set of topics in most cases unique to Latinos. I’d suggest you guys collaborate more with #radioambulante. I bet there are topics that could be reported from both of your unique perspectives. Both shows a must, a staple to Latinos who were born or grew up here in the USA and to anyone else who wants to learn more about our stories.
Really loved the false positives story that Angelina did! Really great job