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I loved the episode about Peruvian soccer, I do not miss an episode. Keep it up Latino USA!!
I don’t know how it took me this long to find this podcast. The topics are always relevant, diverse and interesting. The conversations are rich, and complex issues are explored really well. I love it so far. Really nice work from a perspective I’ve been searching for. Gracias!
I learned a lot from this episode, which frankly strongly reinforced my intense dislike of the Barbie franchise. I would like to point out a misstatement in the episode, that the year—1959–Barbie came out, was “just after World War II.” That’s actually more than ten years after the end of World War II.
Maria is a woman after my own heart. I am first generation Mexican American. I love all the podcast but most of all the ones of my heritage ❤️
Great journalism and intriguing stories!
I started listening this week. I haven’t stopped listening. Different topics give it a great variety. So informative. Have learned so much.
This podcast does an amazing job of highlighting the social and cultural issues we Latinos experience in America. It gives everyone a taste of ALL latinos and makes our voice heard. Thank you Latino USA! Please keep up the amazing work!
Latino USA is interesting, edgy, and relevant to our day to day life and worries and politics. It brightens my commute and keeps me linked to my immediate community and the larger people I belong to.
My commute is 45 minutes and I really miss the longer set. I am no longer able to listen while I drive and I feel a lot of the topics still need a more in depth conversation.


One of the best podcasts
I love this podcast. It presents Latino issues in a way that are easy to understand and has taught me so much outside of my Mexican American married to a Colombian background. I’d love to see an episode on adoption and Latino families too.
I loved the old structure. I think old stories are being recycled 🙁.
Great show. Incredibly diverse content coming from POC. A huge asset to the culture. Latino representation is a must and this show brings that to us!
I've been listening to Latino USA for years, and I never miss a show. Episodes like the one about abuelas, the one about bodegas, and the one about the death of José de Jesús are among my absolute favorite podcast episodes of all time. So I always recommend the show without hesitation. But I'm not liking the new 2018 format so much. Having only one story per episode rather than multiple pieces on a given theme makes me feel like I'm missing out on shorter yet important and interesting stories (like the one about TPS). I listen from Colombia, so there's no practical way for me to listen to the full show on public radio. So it would be nice if they either offered the full show as a podcast (rather than burying it in the website) as an alternative to the standalone pieces, or if they made good on their promise to put out many stories per week. Thanks!
In the US in 2018, these stories and voices should be commonplace in the media, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. I love the topics and tone of the show.
I listen to this podcast on my way to and from class each day. It is entertaining, informative, and has more than once brought me to tears on public transport! I originally hail from Australia and Latino USA has taught me so much about the multicultural society I live in in both NYC and the USA. It is so valuable in today's political climate and I urge everyone to listen and learn and understand! Thanks Maria and team for a great podcast
I enjoy Latino USA on TV and this is my first time listening to your podcast. My sister told me about your Puerto Rico death toll segment. I was bothered by your lack of empathy in reporting this serious topic. Laughter, fun music, and some sarcasm at times when talking about lives lost came across very cold and unsympathetic. I'd be embarrassed to share this particular title but look forward to hearing other stories. Please consider the topic being discussed in your interactions with the people and reporters. Thank you.
This podcast is everything. It covers politics, popular media, identity, family and every other aspect of life that you can think of. Amazing reporting. You feel it in your heart, the anger, the tears, the inspirations and the heartbreaks. This podcast is the definition of EVERYTHING/TODO!
As an expat living in MX this podcast is a must
I have been listening to LatinoUSA since I was a sophomore in college. As a Latina, Jewish, millennial woman this podcast speaks to much of my experience and opens my eyes and ears to the lives of others. I am grateful for such an honest and deeply thoughtful podcast, especially in a time when good sources are difficult to find. Thank you for all you do.
This is a great podcast that everyone should listen to. I look forward to new episodes every week and love everything about it. I can’t get enough of Latino USA!
Really interesting stories you won’t hear anywhere else.
Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective and for allowing those of us who are striving to further educate ourselves on topics, perspecties, and issues related to latino usa. This is the podcast I have been looking for!
As a white male who works in a majority-white school teaching Spanish, and who is married to an Afro-Latina, this Podcast helps me to stay informed with issues that are close to me, my wife and family. This Podcast helps me to stay in touch with issues that ultimately help me to share and teach my students. Thank you Latino USA!
Came across Latino USA by way of the NPR One app and can't get enough. Not that it matters, but I'm a white guy and my partner is Puerto Rican, but I mention it only because so much of what is discussed on this show gives us fodder for conversation. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful. Always worthwhile! [5⭐️]
Maria and her team inspire and motivate me to be a stronger and more vocal supporter of people of color and to believe in our rights as Hispanic Americans. My story becomes important because of how Latino USA represents all of us!
Thanks you Latino USA for talking about Latinos/as as active members of the US National narrative and not just as peripheral subjects. I love your stories. Un abrazo!
This is an interesting podcast that covers human perspectives on the Latino experience in the USA. That said, it does not meet the standards I expect from NPR journalism. It's important that a line is drawn between editorializing and reporting. This program fails in that regard. If this is going to be an editorialized program focused on advocacy, it should be clearly presented as such. I don't appreciate advocacy masquerading as journalism, even when I agree with the the goals of the advocacy.
I can't recommend more highly. All podcasts should be this well-constructed, thoughtful and thorough. Brava!
I love this show. I try not to miss an episode, but sometimes I'm not in my truck to listen. I get to listen even before it come on satellite radio. The stories are excellent. The reporting is great. I learn things I didn't know and see things in a different light. I can't give up this show


By MuBear!
This show is so good and definitely relevant to what is happening to my country(U.S.) and our neighbors.
I learn so much from this podcast! Thank you for all you do to create this program!
Love listening to Maria and her colleagues and guests. Gives my heart hope to listen to them in this time of trump.
I am a Boricua working in Mali for the United Nations. I download Latino USA and save listening for long missions by road to support education programmed across the country. keep up the great reporting!!!
I look forward to Latino USA and Maria Hinojosa every week. It feels like a home away from home. I laugh at the familiarity I find in their reporting on Latino culture and have cried listening to the deeply intimate portraits they capture on Latino life. All the stars from me!
Proud supporter of this show. The caliber of this programming is riveting, thought provoking and timely. For some of us who didn't get an opportunity to take Latino studies in college, can now learn about our history in the US through this podcast.For those interested about where Latino issues are in current time- this show is perfect.
Latino USA allows me to learn about other Latinxs experiences and views. I always look forward to a new episode. You all do a wonderful job covering all sorts of topics.
Gracias por este show. I appreciate the wide range of perspectives and stories from the latino community and greater spanish-speaking world. Gracias!
Latino USA you have kept me in touch with my roots. Thank you and keep up the great work!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. There's such a diverse range in stories, and even when I read the overview and think I rather not listen to that topic, I tune in because Latino USA manages to present it in such a multi-faceted way. My mind has been opened to a whole new world because of these stories, and I feel that much more connected to a global Latino community. Keep up the excellent work!
I love this show. It is relevant informative and helps me connect to my culture in new ways. I love hearing stories from successful latinos everywhere it is incredibly inspiring and empowering. I recommend this podcast to everyone
Build the wall!!!!!
I heard about Latino USA while listening to "In the Thick" and it's my new favorite podcast. It often makes me cry and always makes me think. The show gives incredible insight into the beautiful complexity of Latino culture in the US. It connects me to my Mexican roots, and I frequently call my mom, who also listens, to talk about recent episodes and share the moments that hit us most deeply. Should be required listening for all Americans.
Just discovered podcasts, and needed one where my latino blood can connect too. Glad I found this one.
Absolutely love this podcast!
They cover from a wide range of topics which makes me want to keep listening what are they going to cover next. Not boring. Very interesting and informative. I love it!
This a great show. It is something that I can listen to with my kids, and discuss with them. The kids love to sit down and engage in debate over topics discussed on Latino USA. It's a safe place for all Latinos! Thank you Latino USA
This show is such a great resource and I've learned so much. The stories are really engaging and well produced, and Maria Hinojosa is so awesome. Everyone should listen to LUSA!
Thanks for the unique and relevant programming!