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The interviews are really interesting. The audio is always easy to listen to. Very SMART Podcast.
I mostly love this show, but there have been way too many episodes treating religion as equal to all other fields. At the risk of being sarcastic, to the best of our knowledge, faith and belief in gods is belief without evidence. Is faith "knowledge," or is it superstition? The subject of religion is all well and good, but a show that treats religious faith as knowledge, instead of what it is - an irrational belief system, undermines the credibility of this program. PLEASE stop passing these people off as contributors to what is considered the "best" of our knowledge. Why not have more shows that treat astrology as legitimate knowledge? If that sounds absurd, then you get my point.
I listened for years, until finally the religious stuff just got to be too much for me. Please, folks, keep your mysticism and mythology to yourselves. Instead, focus on what you're good at: thoughtful analysis and discussion of topics of substance.
This show delivers some incredibly poignant insights about our world. I love listening to the science and moral paradox content. The political analyses are also quite fulfilling. I do not much care for the show's preoccupation with the supernatural.
This is like This American Life. Fleming is a good host, a little stuffy but that's ok.
Refreshing perspectives and a nice alternative to more widely known podcasts. Smart people interviewing smart people.
Intelligent, funny, sad, you name it, they got it.


I listen to the pod casts of To The Best of Our Knowledge nearly everytime I take my walk to work out. I have even configured me walks to last the length of the episodes. I always enjoy these walks, trying to remember what books they discussed or who they interviewed. Even with topics I did not think would be interesting. Thanks for the great work. And please keep you insightful, though-provoking, and often hopeful and funny reports coming.
The only thing I would add to the other reviews is, that unlike 60 minues, their 20 minute segments are really different discussions of the topic from diverse directions, which gives more depth and clarity. I truly think these podcasts are great!
I was really into this show at first. But after one too many shows about how great and necessary religion is ... I just can't take it any more. I have not seen any equal time given to alternative (not god-based) belief systems. Sorry guys, I am canceling my subscription.
This is a great show. Occasional subjects may not interest you, so just skip over those. But most of the time you'll find a huge wealth of fascinating material here. TTBOOK reminds us of the reason public radio exists -- to give us something better than the usual media crap we would otherwise have to listen to, if we could stand it.
This truly is a superb podcast. You have to hear it to appreciate its thoughtful, cogent presentation of important/interesting topics. I hear this on our local NPR, but also download the podcasts to hear them again. Wonderful host.
My wife and I had to put our Jack Russell Terrier to sleep yesterday (April 11, 2009) 11 days before his 13th birthday. Today's PRI program "To The Best of Our Knowledge" broadcasted the program titled "Good Dog." It could not have been more timely or apropos for lifting the deep grief we were feeling. For anyone who shares their lives with dogs, and considers them their "fur children," this program is the best. You and your dog will identify with many of these stories and much of the information. Many thanks to PRI and Wisconsin Public Radio.


By NeilJam
If you are not listening to this, you are really missing out!
TTBOOK is great - 3-4 almost completely unrelated segments. And yet they work together. If you like This American Life (TAL), you'll probably like TTBOOK. If, like me, you always think you're going to like TAL and then don't, you may well find TTBOOK more to your liking.
Don't know how they do it, but TTBOOK does "themes" better than any other show I've found (yes, This American Life, I'm talking to you). They're terrific interviewers. The format -- interview after interview and interview -- does get a little wearing...sometimes I need a break from them for a little while. But they choose excellent guests, and I always learn something.
One of those shows that always intrigues and entertains regardless of the topic.
Outstanding- Every once in a while I'll find a new favorite podcast. This will be a favorite for a long time.
Shows orgainzed around ideas, sometimes in delightedly unexpected ways. One of my very fave podcasts ever -- I even visited the podcast's site to make a donation, but they aren't taking any.
These reviews are undated, so you may both be right. Prior to November 2007, To The Best of Our Knowledge was only podcasting one 20 minute segment per program each week. But beginning on November 6, 2007, TTBK has been uploading both of the complete 53 minute episodes each weekend. I hope this means they're listening to us, and that this is a permanent change. Love this show!
If you like This American Life, you will probably like this, though in truth they are quite different. Similarity, each episode explores a theme. Difference, TTBOOK uses mainly author interviews (really good interviews, top notch) where TAL uses personal narratives. Also, comments below about the short format no longer seem to apply, each one is now the full 53 minutes.
Despite the review claiming otherwise, this is an incomplete podcast. I join with other listeners in wishing that PRI would put the entire show up as a podcast, as it has done with its other programs. Other than that key flaw, this is a great show and a nice podcast.
I have not listened to this long enough to know how the series as a whole "balances out," but I was extremely impressed that they had an episode on science & religion featuring interviews with E.O. Wilson, Karen Armstrong & Richard Dawkins. Those are huge names! I only wish it had been longer. It almost seemed a shame.
This is a wonderful program, each a collection of interviews based on a particular topic (political, cultural, literary). The interviewers are personable and well-informed, never pedantic, and the results are informative, provocative and often quite moving. And although these podcasts are just segments, you can listen whenever to the complete programs for free at their website or purchase and download a library of archives by subscribing to the station that produces them. (Not an unreasonable offer!)
The format of TTBOOK is a set of 3 20 minute pieces, similar to 60 Minutes (TV). Each podcast is one of those sections. You're not missing out on anything!