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The vocal fry the hosts have is almost insufferable. The information is great but the one episode I’ve heard so far (humble beginnings) has so much vocal fry from the hosts it would take me out of the story. The information and Walt’s interviews kept me in the episode.
If I wanted a political podcast I’d, well, listen to a political podcast. Leave the intersectional crap out of it. It’s exhausting.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last month now, awaiting each new Friday release anxiously and must say, I am hooked. I’ve since recommended to as many friends as possible and highly encourage most everyone to take a listen! The All Songs Rewind “Worst Songs of All Time” had me laughing the entirety of the episode and made for a wonderful day at work. Thank you NPR for putting out yet another wonderful series!
All Songs Considered is my first stop every Friday to check out the new releases. Last week's show about Woodstock was truly a must listen. I loved the show about the worst music ever. Even though I love the Eagles, I would agree that Don Henley crosses the line. As bad as "Dirty Laundry" is, "Get Over It" is even worse. Love all you guys.
I’m in Bob’s age range but unlike my cohorts I am so over ancient music. Thanks for vetting all this new music. This week’s show (7/7) was a perfect example... and my next stop is Spotify to hear more!
My favorite way to find new music.
I enjoy this program immensely.
I look forward to new music Friday’s with anticipation of my childhood Saturday morning cartoons. It’s safe to say that nearly every album I’ve bought for the past 5 years I heard here first! Thank you!
I almost never miss a new music Friday episode. Bob, Robin, Steven, Ann, and the rest of the gang are a delight. I think my favorite episodes might be their daily and comprehensive SXSW coverage. I love listening to music fans get excited about hearing something new. This podcast is a delight!
All the predictable gushing over Sharon Van Etten has gotten really old. I listen to the show to learn about what’s NEW. Move on from the SVE infatuation please.
Too much of it is small indie artists that nobody knows. Please play more artists that people know and add some new genres to pls pls pls 🥺 but ok podcast.
I really like the host and the music they talk about but I really wish they would just sample the music instead of playing full songs some episodes. I like to listen to the podcast to hear people discuss and sometimes the music makes me sleepy. It’s just a personal preference otherwise I would totally stay subscribed.
I listen every week for the latest releases and new music from my favorite bands and new artists I’ve never heard of. I often skip the “conversations with” and “guest DJ” episodes unless they’re an artist I already like, but the weekly mixes and Friday releases are essential and I look forward to the new music each week.
Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are fun, informative guides to all sorts of obscure, cutting edge, and sometimes even popular music being released today.
Great episode. Love her music! Thank you.
If you listen carefully in his interviews, Bob is actually picking at the musicians. Demystifying the creation and craftsmanship. He spends a lot of time asking “how’d you do that” when, as a smug music nerd, he knows the answer and he’s only trying to pull them down out of his own insecurity. All Songs Ruined. Every ~3 years I try to like this show and each time I’m reminded of how smug and insidious Boilen’s interview tactics can be.
I love this pod for the banter between Robin and Bob and their frequent contributors from the NPR family. I love how these guys bring in music lovers from many genres - from interns to Nashville veterans- so I use this to find new music. I keep coming back because I love the interaction between Bob and Robin, though. Keep up the great work- and donate to your local NPR station...
Best place to get new music. Love it.
This show is great. I pride myself in finding hidden gems of music among some of the noise and you all help me discover even more amazing artists and albums. My record collection is filled with albums I would have missed if not for this podcast. One minor complaint. How do you have a holiday special podcast and NOT mention JD McPherson’s album of all original songs, “Socks”. That’s it. Happy holidays and I cant wait till next year’s new episodes.
Great podcast


Lead me to a lot of good artists.
They clearly love music from the 70s and 80s, as all the indie artists that get played here are neo-70/80s music.... And aren't good, at that. There is so much more exciting, unheard stuff out there.
I’ve been introduced to so many great bands from this podcast. These guys are great!
I listen to between 8-10 hours of audio a week. Many, many, podcasts have come and gone over the years, but All Songs Considered, is one of a very few that I’ve had for close to ten years.
Thank you for highlighting the accomplishments of women and being inclusive with the artists you discussed. I was so excited to hear that there will be more episodes celebrating women.
The hosts, Bob and Robin, have informed eclectic tastes and occasionally pull in guests to discuss their favorite new music as well. I learn something each episode and often think if I had a podcast that it would resemble something like this. Intelligent, fun conversation about music.
You get the typical npr quality I also like that they play most of the songs they talk about. Just wish they’d do a little more regular music and not quite so much indie-rock. While I’m adjusting sliders: Ann Powers, down. Daoud Tyler Amin, up. Beyonce, down to zero.
Zero variety. I had hoped to discover new artists. Almost everything sounds the same. Music Snobs scoffing at anything mainstream. Also not credible since every contributor “loves” the artist they played.
Don’t listen to one episode and write off a whole podcast! The rosewave one had guest contributors (I think) and not the original hosts. Listen to the SXSW lead up or recap episodes, the year end episodes, and the mid year episodes. Hose are my favorites but I’m not a fan of new music Friday’s, guest DJs, or the super short episodes. Listening to the Rosewave episode and hating the whole podcast is like hating the entire HBO channel because they had an Amy Schumer stand up special - you might be right but you’re also missing out on so much great content!
These people put themselves on a pedestal and think they are the authority of good music. Listened to the rosé wave episode and was not amused. Love NPR but this is exactly what you’d expect a bunch of dry journalist to put together in a music podcast. Someone fun/musically cultured should take the concept of this podcast, replicate it, and actually make it good.
I enjoy the music almost every episode I find something I didn’t expect to like .
This show is one of my favorite sources for new musicians/bands to listen to. I can generally count on loving at least one of the songs that they introduce. The hosts share good context while usually not overstaying their welcome. The only drawback is that they could share a wider variety of music—they obviously have their favorite genres and performers that consistently recur.
Normally I love the podcast but the new thing with every song being accompanied by an artists description of the song steals the soul of the show. From time to time a description written by the artist, but read by Robin or Bob is a lovely accoutrement, but artist participation every time is over kill. I always enjoyed wondering about if artists even knew they would be on ASC prior to its release and now my imagination is body slammed every darn time!
Royal Rico - Taste of Gold (Album)
Could you put the name of the songs you mention in the description? I keep forgetting which songs you mention after I'm done listening
Great podcast to hear both the latest music released each week as well as hidden gems - a number of them recommended by the musicians interviewed on the podcast itself. This is a great podcast to broaden your music collection and exposure.
Why do the hosts low key despise each other? They definitely don’t listen to their own show based on how often Bob roasts Robin while he’s out! Whacky.
I appreciate the introductions to music I wouldn’t always hear. I find the hosts a little too self congratulatory when they offer up obscure (and frankly sometimes unlistenable) music while they skewer main stream music, unless the artist has had a fall from grace. Give all music more of a fair shake, less snobbery about established artists.
Great addition to ASC.
Bob may be getting older, but the show never stops staying relevant. I have been listening for years, and been introduced to so much good music that I can’t count any longer.
I can’t say how many bands I listened first on “All Songs Considered” for the first time, and then they became my favorites. Love the show for years. Always sharp. Always funny.


Never would have known about this if the guy from Pop Culture Happy Hour hadn’t mentioned it! Happy 10th anniversary from a new listener! Can’t wait to binge all the old episodes.
Have made many amazing music discoveries thanks to this podcast.
I’ve been listening for about 6 months and about 1 episode in 5, I’ll near a song that I like. Given that music is so subjective, it’s not unusual for that type of hit rate. The problem is, it’s only when they have something completely different than what they usually play, that something will strike me. The music that is consistently played is a) what I would call whisper singing, b) singers that sing out of their range, c) lots of processing and d) lots of echo, lots of echo. No R&B, no country, no jazz. They act like their musical taste is wide ranging, but it’s really not. I’ll keep listening, but I skip through most episodes.
I always a good listen
Ok, I rarely am over the moon with Bob's music selections. But he knows so much and has such a deep history with the last 50 years of music that I always look forward to hearing what has attracted his ear. I'm more similar to Robin musically. But what I most like about the show? That they like each other. I like their kindness and camaraderie. It's so refreshing to hear two friends discuss something they're both excited about. Plus they expose me to music I would never hear otherwise.


Bob is the best. Robin is cloying and kinda ruins the show. I get the sense they are preparing for an eventual transition to Robin as host. I can only hope not.
Great show for all music
Never fails to introduce me to new music. Provides plenty of context for the synthesis of a band or song.