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I love all the new music I’m exposed to on this podcast. I love the newer music reviewers- it brings a lot of variety. The old guys/gals are great too!
It’s time to pass the baton Bob Boilen. Let Ann Powers and Stephen Thompson take over the reins. Sorry Bob, but afters years of you turning NPR Music into the Lucy Dacus/Phoebe Bridgers Fan Club, or whatever flavor of the month you are fixated on, like Tom Brady, it is time for you to go.


If anyone could muster up the balls and or labia’s to tell Ann Powers that her endless repetitive predictive femiNazi drivel has become unlistenable - that that - well that would be a pleasure. We get it… Really though we get it
Robin and Bob are great but I love any time they have Ann Powers on the show-her taste in music completely fits with mine, and she always done a great job of highlighting the (usually interesting) backgrounds of the musicians she features.
I have discovered a few great artists through NPR music, but after hearing the top 5 songs in 2020...I just can’t. Unsubscribed.
These guys could not make it more obvious they have no black friends


By Lidror
Cat Stevens— 5 out of 5 Stars 11-6-20 Show— 3 out of 5 Stars Christina Lee— I assume that you are a college graduate and possibly a “Communications” major. If so, please put that student loan debt to use and practice your interview skills. Your vast knowledge was completely buried by the word “like,” which you used approximately 20 times during a recent episode. No doubt you were nervous, but it IS possible to be both “cool” and professional at the same time. Good luck!!
This won’t be a popular opinion, but this podcast has gotten a bit too...weird for me. Whereas I used to get exposed to new songs/artists on a weekly basis that I’d instantly love (ala St. Vincent, Greg Laswell, Hood Internet, Carseat Headrest, Close Talker, etc etc), that happens once every few months now. In between those “love” moments are a lot of “this is different for sure, but not really enjoyable to listen to” moments. Alas.
Can’t music be entertaining anymore
Yusuf Cat Stevens episode is brilliant
I'm always listening to this podcast for new and always fun, interesting, and truly amazing - always having fun listening to this- it's always great to listen to new music while I'm either working on homework or getting prepared for bed I'm always loving this podcast ! 😁👍
I’m not being hyperbolic when I say that just thinking about NPR All Songs Considered podcast makes me feel comforted. It’s a warm blanket to me. Music makes life worth living, and your all’s passionate, informed, emotional, and humorous take on it fills my heart with joy. The podcast, your voices, eyes, and ears, have been a particularly essential antidote for my existential dread during COVID. I was just thinking this and figured I should pause the episode I was listening to (the 2005 flashback!) to be a decent person and write a sincere review right away. Thank you.


New Music Friday is my favorite part of the day on Fridays. I love all the hosts and like that the music isn’t always something I’d normally listen to. Keep up the good work!
I always turn to this podcast for new music! Excellent variety. My only gripe is sometimes it sounds like the microphone is inside of the commentators mouth. Watch out for mouth sounds 😣😖
This used to be such a great show now it's just Bob and a bunch of mopey music for the most part. In these trying times is it not possible to listen to happy music to tune out the despair of the world. I know it's still being made because I'm finding it. Change the show description ffs or bring back Robin! It's kind of sad like when someone has a break up but they leave their profile picture with the ex up for way too long.


By Mc Lav
I’ve been a long time fan, and thank you for all the amazing music you’ve opened me up to Over the years, but appreciate you all more than ever now.
Love getting outta my music rut.
Wow-I love this show, for its new music and for its perspective on a wide range of music. My personal favorite is the Podcast exploding Little Richard’s contribution to Rock and Roll.
Been listening to this music podcast forever. I stay curious and fill my must listen indie queue primarily from songs these guys pick out every week. Thank you and I will send a donation one of these days.


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You guys put all these guys over Ryan Adams Prisoner? Wow.
I appreciate the variety of new music I’ve discovered listening to this show. Tends to skew calm and atmospheric which is not my jam, but also mixing in some metal and pop that gets me moving, stuff I might not have learned about otherwise. I especially love Ann Power’s unique takes and suggestions for new rock and Americana.
I have loved this show for years, but was very upset by the choice to feature Pinegrove again after Hall admitted to sexual manipulation. Aside from that I miss Robin on the mixes, but do enjoy the new music Fridays as I could do with a little less Bob Boilen these days.
This show has been taken over by new music fridays and guest interviews. The new mix shows come out very infrequently. What is bob boilen doing now?
Feb 7 episode, not sure who the female is commenting. But, I couldn't get over her comment, "White people alway have to be careful when appropriating R&B or soul." Wow. I didn't realize certain genres of music were only allowed by certain races.
Lots of music, but not a lot of variety. Still worth skimming.
I’ve been listening since 2007 and it’s still my favorite podcast. Thank you Bob Boilen for making us a place to hear new, quality music. I have been introduced to some of my favorite musicians on your show, like Ty Segall, Car Seat Headrest, Bon Iver, Typhoon, Tank and the Bangas, and hundreds more. I’ve loved all of the contributors over the years and I still miss the type of music that Carrie Brownstein used to share with us. All the guest hosts are great, and there is a large variety of music introduced and with special episodes having different platforms and hosts for different music tastes. What’s with Ann Powers not having her own podcast? She’s got so much to say about the Grammy world, the Nashville music scene, Pop music, female musicians, Americana, Country, Indie Americana. I often wonder why NPR hasn’t given her her own affiliated podcast to properly cover pop/country music.
I know there are a lot more options now than when the show started 20 years ago (loved the recent look back at the first episode, FOR YOUR COMPUTER) but I still find this an incredibly valuable way to find new music, as well as gain a deeper appreciation for things I already know and love (or honestly, even things I *thought* I didn't like, until I listened to them in a new light). I appreciate getting more of the story behind each artist and appreciate the expertise of all the contributors. Every year I anxiously await the SXSW dispatches too; they really capture the essence of what that experience is like.
Gets me out of my music comfort zone and listening to more variety
I’ve listened for years and as much as I enjoy the podcast and it’s hosts, I finally felt compelled to write a review. It happened while I listened to Rodney interview Raphael Saadiq. This was my favorite interview on this podcast, I think you Rodney are my favorite interviewer on NPR. Keep rocking your craft!
Hate this podcast it makes my kid 😞
All Songs Considered is THE podcast that got me into podcasts. I started listening 10 years ago and will keep listening forever. I have learned about so much incredible new music from All Songs Considered, and my music library is forever indebted to their recommendations.
Thanks for one of the best podcasts out there! I’ve been listening to and enjoying this show since the days I had to download from my PC and sync to my palm pilot. I appreciate the exposure to a wide range of genres and new artists. I enjoy the host’s knowledge, descriptive language, sense of humor and good will. Would have given five stars if I didn’t have to put up with the occasional intersectional dogmatizing.
I really love this show but I am writing my first ever podcast review for it because I need to PLEAD that they start including the song names in the show notes, not just the album. For those of us who just don’t have the time to listen to a whole album, but get the song played in the show stuck in their head, I ask PLEASE for the song names. Thank you for heading my plea!
The vocal fry the hosts have is almost insufferable. The information is great but the one episode I’ve heard so far (humble beginnings) has so much vocal fry from the hosts it would take me out of the story. The information and Walt’s interviews kept me in the episode.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for the last month now, awaiting each new Friday release anxiously and must say, I am hooked. I’ve since recommended to as many friends as possible and highly encourage most everyone to take a listen! The All Songs Rewind “Worst Songs of All Time” had me laughing the entirety of the episode and made for a wonderful day at work. Thank you NPR for putting out yet another wonderful series!
All Songs Considered is my first stop every Friday to check out the new releases. Last week's show about Woodstock was truly a must listen. I loved the show about the worst music ever. Even though I love the Eagles, I would agree that Don Henley crosses the line. As bad as "Dirty Laundry" is, "Get Over It" is even worse. Love all you guys.
I’m in Bob’s age range but unlike my cohorts I am so over ancient music. Thanks for vetting all this new music. This week’s show (7/7) was a perfect example... and my next stop is Spotify to hear more!
My favorite way to find new music.
I enjoy this program immensely.
I look forward to new music Friday’s with anticipation of my childhood Saturday morning cartoons. It’s safe to say that nearly every album I’ve bought for the past 5 years I heard here first! Thank you!
I almost never miss a new music Friday episode. Bob, Robin, Steven, Ann, and the rest of the gang are a delight. I think my favorite episodes might be their daily and comprehensive SXSW coverage. I love listening to music fans get excited about hearing something new. This podcast is a delight!
All the predictable gushing over Sharon Van Etten has gotten really old. I listen to the show to learn about what’s NEW. Move on from the SVE infatuation please.
Too much of it is small indie artists that nobody knows. Please play more artists that people know and add some new genres to pls pls pls 🥺 but ok podcast.
I really like the host and the music they talk about but I really wish they would just sample the music instead of playing full songs some episodes. I like to listen to the podcast to hear people discuss and sometimes the music makes me sleepy. It’s just a personal preference otherwise I would totally stay subscribed.
I listen every week for the latest releases and new music from my favorite bands and new artists I’ve never heard of. I often skip the “conversations with” and “guest DJ” episodes unless they’re an artist I already like, but the weekly mixes and Friday releases are essential and I look forward to the new music each week.
Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are fun, informative guides to all sorts of obscure, cutting edge, and sometimes even popular music being released today.