The Jimmy Doane Show

Reviews For The Jimmy Doane Show

Thanks Jimmy for getting back on the air. You sound better than ever and I hope more people find this podcast. It's by far the best one out there as far as being entertaining as well as informative. I laugh several times during each show. Great job and I'll spread the word. John FC.
These guys have perfected the political/current events podcast.  They have a great chemistry which makes the podcast a fun conversation instead of a boring monologue.  You will get the Libertarian perspective on current events: political and otherwise, and learn a lot regarding government and economics.  You will also get a nice helping of "light notes" as the JDS guys fill you in on the latest news clippings involving stupid criminals, escaped monkeys, and the like.  Jimmy is the host and the glue that binds this show.  He is aided by co-hosts who provide quality input and much much more.  Engineer Erik brings the fun sound effects, surprising relevant Futurama clips, and most importantly quality editing.  Counselor Curtis brings much needed legal analysis, and Jack Rhodes brings well...  you'll just have to figure that out for yourself. (p.s. If you like the JDS, "The Hangar Dogs" should be your next stop.)
Always funny, thought-provoking, entertaining, and smart - the Jimmy Doane Show is one of the best podcasts I've heard. Jimmy and the regular crew go through the news headlines without the usual democrat/republican/conservative/socialist/liberal spin that we are saturated with today. Especially great is the Hugo Chavez theme song - I crack up every time I hear it - it's as crazy as Hugo himself. I love this show!
As a new libertarian podcaster myself, (the Cody O'Connor show) I look to none other than Jimmy Doane to find out what a great libertarian podcast is. He knows what he's doing, and skilled to a level that I could only hope to match. So, yeah, Jimmy, you've got my support. Together the two of us will combine forces and beat out Jeremy West's subscriber base! ( insert evil laugh)
This is a great podcast! Fun and entertaining with great political content.