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I am thankful for Watt and his show. Love that EVOL NOW track from 1/1/21 and all the Coltrane. Thank you!
The great long form music interview series of our time.
What do you think of Machine Gun Kelly’s (Colson’s) new punk band? They’re really rocking man. 🕯 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 I miss music like you and your buddies made. God help us. 🕯 In closing: Blink 182 are my Stooges/Minutemen.... -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
I love this podcast and don’t miss an episode. But for the love of God: the guests sound crystal clear, the music is awesome, and Watt sounds like he’s 10 ft away from a mike that’s covered with a pillow. Drives me crazy that I have to mess around with volume a bunch of times just to hear what the man’s saying. EQ!


MY man.
If you are ever lucky enough to see Mike play live, you know he is a consummate performer and one of the most talented bassists ever to throw down. This podcast is a peak into the music that drives the man. We live you Mike! Thanks!
Mike Watt is the only person out there who knows what he is talking about. His interviews are in depth and insightful, full of the love of music and boats. Run don’t walk to listen
I love the podcast, but I'm missing out on the episodes since January 11, 2018. The reason is the RSS feed for the podcast has disappeared completely, so neither iTunes nor any other podcast app can access new episodes. I hope someone on Watt's web end of this can straighten it out and we can continue to enjoy his show via podcasts.
Can anyone really dislike Mike Watt? The music is actually pretty hit or miss, frequently pretentious, and Mike Watt talks over his guests constantly - but the show wins major points for charm. It's so much better to have someone making conscious decisions about which tunes are played than some stupid Pandora or Spotify playlist that's just running an algorithm based on what you've been listening to. He tends to kick the shows off with really good jazz.
Pretty please?! It's nice to tune in and get schooled. Shazam wishes it could keep up. Long live the Watt from Pedro show.
I like the show, but you have to put yourself in to Mike’s head to be in the write space to listen. Each show is 3 hours. He has a guest on but chunks up the conversation between sets of music. For some people he is interviewing I don’t know if they realize how much time it will take to get through the interview which is pretty hilarious and Mike sticks to the format; cutting people off mid-conversation to listen to another chunk of music. Can’t imagine trying to do a skyped interview this way where guests are sitting for long periods of time while music is being played…. The music is all over the place which I like and you can go to his website to see playlists. Other advice would be to let your guests finish their thoughts (less interruptions) and let the conversation breathe a bit. Thank you, Mike, though for being yourself and giving us a great free show.
I really admire Mike Watt for sticking with this for so many years. I'm sure that putting together each show is a lot of hard work, but Mike and Brother Matt have outstanding work ethics and continue to crank out great shows on a regular basis.. By subsribing to this podcast, I learn about a lot of new artists who I wouldn't hear anywhere else. Mike and Matt have turned me onto a lot of cool music and for that I am thankful. Keep up the good work!
Seriously, every new podcast I find at least one new band that I become a huge fan of. FIDLAR, Toys That Kill, The Potential Lunatics, Hickoids, and so so many more. Your taste in music will improve.
I just found out about this awesome podcast . So much greatness to catch up to. Thnk you.
This show is why podcasts exist. The only thing missing is D Boon. Great shows, musical adventures, commentary, Coltrane every show. Brother Matt and Watt. Excellent. Still jammin econo.


By J Nolan
I drive an hour and a half each way to work. At 4am this is what you need.
I love those words at the beginning of every podcast! Every Saturday night I grab my IPOD and a cigar and head out to the Lazyboy in my garage to listen to Mikes show. Great mix of music from an icon and great guests too. I would love to head down to Pedro and sit in for a show and meet the man! Check it out....
Just came across this show via Mike Watt's Wikipedia article and I'm sad that I hadn't heard of it sooner. I'm a long time fan and just saw the Missingmen on tour and was doing some snooping around and found this show. I just wanted to say thanks to Mike for introducing some amazing new sounds to my ears. If everyone cared this much about music and played bass with his intensity the world would be better for it so again, Thank you Mike! I hope after the tour there will be some new episodes -goody from richmond by way of portsmouth va.
Such a great range of music, and he keeps cranking these out. These will be the soundtrack for my next 20+ roadtrips
Listening to this makes me feel like I did when I was first turned on to punk rock as a youngster. The music is great and the speil is even better. Watt's heart is as big as his Econoline and he wears it proudly on his sleeve. Lots of love and respect for Watt and Brother Matt!
Thanks Watt for bringing on the great music and guests week after week. I especially enjoyed the recent Tony Kinman and Tom Watson guests shows.
I doubt there is another person int he world thathas introduced me to more wonderful, exciting, powerful, and importat music as Mike Watt has. (I am vaguely excusing the tremendous ody of work he has given the world via Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and various soloprojects- that's for other reviews.) Thank you, Mr. Watt. If it weren't for you, your educatin', you heart, and your labor, I likely wouldn't be playing music today nor would I have ever left a rural town in Oklahoma to pursue more of a life and some enlightenment. It's much appreciated.
This is truly a phenomenal podcast. Mike Watt mixes, with aplomb, a true mix of music from around the world. Maybe that's what makes it enthralling; or, maybe, it's listening to Watt himself (one of my heroes). He will go down as one of the truly great punk/other musicians of our generation, and his spiel only adds to his persona. I listen to this podcast at the gym, on the road, everywhere. It really is a variety radio show for the podcasting generation. Subscribe today.
Every show gives another nugget that was completely new to me, which makes this podcast very valuable to me, as I've been a huge Minutemen/Mike Watt fan since the great Double Nickels album, It's big fun to listen to Watt spiel. He's all over the map, talking about the old days and his myriad recent collaborations and gigs. He's usually personal, and occasionally emotional. Always real life. It's great getting other insights into the man simply by listening to the tunes he choses to play. Always a lot of Coltrane. Nitpicking: I wish to God Watt's voice was louder on these podcasts. I'm endlessly fiddling with the volume when I listen, which is a major drag when listening while driving, as I do. Note to Brother Matt- I mainly listen to hear Mike Watt speak, so turn him up! Also, I could absolutely do without the Moon Over Morocco stuff. Nearly a third of the podcast for that? Gimme more Watt! Fix these, and this is a five-star pick, easy.
This must be what it was like back in the early radio days... glued to a box that, by sound alone, could elevate your spirits and guide your soul around the globe. Watt and Bro Matt offer vicarious living room banter as we follow the true working man's punk hero of our time on his stints with The Stooges and his countless other musical projects. Mixing Coltrane with (get this) REAL UNDERGROUND music, it's a veritable music feast for people with an open mind.
I have been listening to the Watt from Pedro show for quite a while with all its technical problems and loving it. This will be a great venue and medium for the show. Watt is the man! I finally have a REAL justification for my IPod.

By 38
"punk is whatever we made it to be." 'nuff said.
What a great podcast. Can't wait for more. Genuine. Entertaining. Ear-opening.
I don't like too many podcasts, but this one done by a true original, a man who has turned his life into art. It could be punk, it could be jazz, it could be rock and roll... it's Watt's world and he is doing his thing. And if you ever wondered why the Minutemen were one of the five best bands of the 1980s (see Clash, REM, Husker Du and Public Enemy for other top four) IMHOP), then here's a clue. Listen! This podcast could be your life.