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I really admire your objectivity & honesty, Your very well prepared material, & your dialog with Manal. Keep it up... Looking forward to more episodes
Jmeeeell jeddaaann
I have listened to two only so far, Saudi Women and Marriage episodes. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and listening to the perspective of a Saudi citizen on these issues. His discussion is open minded while at the same time brings to point issues that I, as an American, had not thought about- certainly not medieval in his viewpoints whatsoever. He makes clear distinctions between Islam and tribal cultural practices, which is important because the two are often blened together in the media and presented as a facet of Islam. I look forward to future broadcasts of a unique perspective of Saudi culture.


By AK0087
3ajeeeeeeb marra!
i was trying to find arabian gulf on the map... such gulf does not exist! do arabs still think world is flat?
I think Turki explains the true Islamic law (which people will find if they read the Qur'an or other books that are written by Muslims scholars in the eighth century) and he also explains the Saudi culture in a vrey candid way that show the real Saudi culutre. Thank vrey much for this podcast. We really need people like you; people who explain and talk about the Saudi culture in a sincere way.
This procast was very interesting and informative. I like it and can not wait for new ones to post.
When I came across this podcast I thought that it would be interesting and introduce a new perspective on certain issues. I really wanted to put all of the stereotypical propaganda finally to rest. So I listen to this cast and sadly it only confirmed popular beliefs about Saudi Arabians and largely arab/moslem countries. You will find the narrator highly offensive and quite biased... almost hateful at times I dare say. If you can get past the broken English and horrid sound quality you will most likely find his dialogue dry, repetitive and be left wondering what he really meant. He makes sad attempts to side-step issues and atrocities in modern Saudi Arabia such as the medieval public killings, open hate and intolerance advocated by the dictatorship (and enforced by the "religious police" in the name of Islam) , the inhumane treatment of women, and anything else a civilized democratic nation would consider even the most basic rights.