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I love k-love because I’m not only 9 years old but I am a Christian I love church so much I listen to k-love #love #the best #church #k-love - Aiyanna 9
I’m from Odessa. And I just love this lady. I have learned so much and my children appreciate it ❤️
Love to listen to all of these especially after a difficult day.
K-Love has been an incredible blessing in my life!
I love Kloves music because I love God and every morning I listen to Kloves music. There's so good , forgiving , and loving songs. There singing these songs because they worship God , love God , trust God , and just can not wait till they can see God and Jesus. They love God and Jesus because they died on the cross for us , they created us , they heals us loves us and want us to be friends and be healthy , and strong. If it was not for God and Jesus we would not be alive right now or if it was not for Jesus people would hurt other people and kill other people so you should listen to it and if you do you still wouldn't love your music or love God and Jesus better than me. God and Jesus are my savviers.
I listen 2 u guys every day. I'm only 12.
Great ministry for God!!!!!!!!
K LOVE Is my number one station i have two stations where i live and they both are programed in my car. When i am having a bad day i turn to k love. K Love has stopped me from having an accident while i am driving and it stopped me from doing some bad things. K LOVE YOU SAVED ME FROM MYSELF.
I love K Love! Im only 14 an I listen 2 K Love almost every minute Im awake. About 1 year ago on my birthday my friend turned on the radio an they were talking about Lord Jesus Savior Christ an I asked my friend who that was and she told me. I told her that I wanted to learn more about this Lord Jesus Christ. So she took me to church the following Sunday and I became saved about 6 monthes later. Now I have the K Love radio app on my iPod and Im listening it 27/7.! Thanks K Love for the positive and encouraging words! :)


By :)jo
I love k-love I listen to it 24-7!!!!!!
Klove has changed and saved my life, each song, each encouraging word... Its all really brought by God. Honestly i used to listen to other stations.. But i dont like that they have so many innappropriate things on them. I dont want to listen to anything other that Klove. I gotta thank my boyfriend Cliff for who introduced me to klove Thank you every one supports this ministry. I will support it sometime in the future. God bless all. -Angela, age 15
KLOVE is a BLESSING from GOD the Father and Jesus Christ the Son! I always listen to KLOVE because it's always POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING!!! Be Blessed brothers in sisters in JESUS CHRIST name! Amen
Klove has been such an inspiration to me. My life has been hard and Klove helped me through hard times.