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I’m very disappointed in how little these guys care for there fans. They were a solid steady show for a long time, then just started doing it here and there. And then they teased us saying there were coming back with a podcast and nothing for years. I have been listening to Howard Stern for a while, and found John M ripped off allot of his stuff and sounds bites.
I started listening to Jon and Scott at least 6 years ago. They are awesome podcasters and just awesome guys. I fell out of touch with the show when I went to school and didn't listen for a couple years but I came back to them recently and they are still putting on the same great show they always have been. These dudes are hilarious and are great hosts. They are such good friends that the whole show flows so smoothly and naturally, I am always surprised when they end and want more. They just love each other, they love doing the show, and it makes it that much more fun to listen to. They are just completely open to everything and have a perfect outlook on life, I have grown to really respect them and would consider them role models of mine. I would be so happy to grow up and be like Jon or Scott and have a friend like either of them. They keep it real, which is getting harder and harder to come by in the media nowadays. They keep it real.
Smart and funny, can't ask for anything else. Great show!!!
Keep it going !
No complaints for these two fellas. This is hands down the best podcast on the free market. Keep it going guys. Love Always, Steven
Found this Podcast back in early 2008 when I started questioning religion. Listening to Jon and Scott helped me to realize that you can lead a happy and normal life without God, and played a big part in saving me from what was once suicidal depression. Thanks guys!
been listening for at least four years and still look foward to hearing every new episode. i very much appreciate their takes on news , religion, politics, movies, music and podcasting i general.
Total Talk Nonsense brings a mix of politics, religion, and everything else. The best podcast on itunes... no dought! huge fan of jhon, scott, phil, rick, and zach. i hate martey!! i'm pentacostal, but i still enjoy listening to this podcast.
Two very intelligent and talented people making me laugh for the last two years. Great show and interesting topics. -slomo.
This is by far one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to! Jon and Scott rule!
ok ok the title needs work just like these guys love the views of an out right antichristain and fully democratic views... just give it a chance and phil will win you over alone... thanks guys..
Jon and Scott wil make you laugh out loud. Anything from Politics, Religion, Movies, Science, Current Events. Impressive production and sound quality. Simply put these guys are funny. They even play some cool cover tunes with there band.
This show started for me my podcasting addiction!!! Thank you gentlemen for ranting in the name of common sense, and the laughter of the not so common Phil Mcraken! and finally the uncommon TET!!!!
This has got to be one of the best podcasts out there! These guys tell it how it is with no nonsense! Great podcast guys keep up the great work!
This is the one of the best podcasts to ever come out of Chicago. If it's not the best I'd be shocked to know what's better. Jesus must smile upon these two wonderful souls.
Great show! Never a dull moment listening to these guys- their 420 show was hilarious! Instrumental in helping me get through the work day. TTN is definitely worth a try.
Jon and Scott are the most entertaining podcasters going. Just two guys talking about politics, celebrities, current events, music and Da Dubya. Whether they're traveling through time with Stephen Hawking, reviewing the worst movies ever made or just butchering the English language for the fun of it, TTN is always an entertaing , fun listen. And don't forget Phil McCracken Whitcom's news. Give them one listen and you'll be hooked. Tet!!!
When you are looking for a great laugh (I mean the type of laugh where you are about to pee your pants) then listen to this podcast. Fantastic production qualities and the best podcast on the web.


By Parshay
this show has surpassed the mediocre show as my favorite show period.
It doesn't get any better then TTN... period.
Why you ask because its so good they wanna make sure you find it!! These guys rock!
Jon and Scott make a perfectly stupid/serious show where they include stories about politics and poop, and pretty much anything else that comes to their warped minds. Check this podcast out.
Jon & Scott from TTN are brilliant. Jon’s sexah voice and Scott’s slurs really make my week. Phil’s news is award winning in my book. Only warning is try not to drink liquids while listening to TTN it might find its way out thru your nose!. I wish I didn’t live so far away so I could see them perform cause THEY ARE A BAND Jon! *giggle*
Great production and sound quality. Explicit is for very graphic language. Two guys talking and keep it real. Wild thoughts and statements fly, so be prepared.
These 2 guys are a laugh riot! Reminds me of a more intelligent morning zoo radio show. Lots of laughs and plenty of commentary. I'm addicted!
Podcasting just astride commuter train tracks, two dirt-poor cowboys find themselves suddenly caught up in a passion for each other that they have no idea how to name, much less cope with. Neither thinks of himself as "queer." On the contrary, their podcast itself gets both the credit and the blame for the affair that over the next 20 years will endow their lives with an intermittent grandeur, even as in other ways it drags them to the ground. But other than that, the production value is top notch and Jon and Scott are keepin' it real.... real stupid.