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Wish there were more talks on C Wright Mills. Elite theory. Marxism. And the subject of City stated not just like Washington DC but NYC as a city State and the benefits of city states. Also hope for more talks on Democratic confederalism with what the Kurds are doing is magnificent
Greatest info available but may cause headaches. Suggestion: turn volume down for listening. Or, maybe put some space between yourself and the microphone? Keep it up! The world needs to know the truth!
This is the best voice for those who believe in real Progressive politics. Dennis covers so much with an incredible fleet of journalists. I'm a huge fan of Ray McGovern's critique on the National Security State. As well as Kay Jay Noh’s valuable information on South East Asia and the Pacific Rim. I also really appreciate your partnership with Consortium News, this is a real movement of truth and clarity.
I listen to this podcast much less than I might if descriptions of the episodes were always, instead of only occasionally, provided. In fact, I'm now thinking of unsubscribing, because I just don't have the time to listen to each episode regardless of content.
I love the episode I heard today, really powerful voice and presentation.
Not watered down by grants and commercial interests. Wonderful cast of analysts.
Flashpoints is an exceptionally powerful program broadcast each weekday on KPFA, in Berkeley, CA. Topics covered include live reports from Israeli occupied Palestine, post-coup Haiti, and other hotspots, along with reports uncovering corruption wherever it is discovered. This is a rare offering that we listen to regularly - often recording notes for later study.
Along with Democracy Now!, Flashpoints is a daily must. At least it is for me. :)