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I really enjoy this podcast, it shows art in the light that goes beyond a gallery wall -- art in life. Art as something we all create and can be a part of. Way on the fringes, living life as art, as a connection to the spiritual and to the Earth. Excellent podcast.
This latest season is phenomenal. I just love the hosts and feel like I could follow them almost anywhere
What a joy it's been to listen to these! The stories are creative, and have exposed me to many places around California that I'm now wanting to visit. The show is educational without being boring. I love how the show just *feels* arty. :P Hosts are great too. Thanks SFMOMA!
Love art podcasts and this one is so creative! Love land art!
I love that SF Moma is making art accessible via the ears! This is such a cool idea. Can’t wait to hear more about the apocalypse.
the moma has curated something unique and exciting with this poscast. a great host and AMAZING guests.
This season of SFMOMA's podcast is a totally trippy journey into the minds of artists, poets, performers, musicians, and other magical creatures. If you need a break from the world (which many of us do, these days), Raw Material is the thinking person's escapism.
I love the Otherworld series for Raw Material! It's spooky, art-driven episodes are perfect for my work commute.
This new podcast isn't what you might expect from a museum, but it's really interesting stories and perspectives from contemporary artists-- and not just the ones you'd see at SFMOMA. Each episode is a weird and wonderful surprise.
In a world of stuffy academic and "educational" museum podcasts, Raw Material is a refreshing change of pace. An actual fun-to-listen-to podcast about interesting subjects. I say start with the Genesis P'orridge episode. You won't be disappointed.
I also noticed the SFMOMA Artcasts podcast on the apple page and was interested what it was. But I tried out a few of them and I must say that they aren' t very useful. They only talk about things you have no background information of and that music playing along is very annoying. I would only listen to one of them fully, if I was in the museum (what seems to be the concept of making this podcast as a guide). Since you hear it from somewhere else you have no proper chance to imagine anything.
Concept: 5 Stars Execution: 1 Star (only the execution really matters) I am an architecture graduate student. I was tremendously excited when I discovered this podcast on the Apple web site. I immediately subscribed and was immediately disappointed. Whereas I totally support the concept of making art and discussion/interviews about art available in this way, the execution of this particular podcast is severely lacking any worthwhile content. Only 5 of the several dozen podcasts available in this subscription are video podcasts. How can someone actually think that a "radio" - audio only broadcast can communicate anything of value regarding a visual dominant medium? You'll hear things like, "You can tell by the range of color...." What color? It's radio. "The range of textures is.... " What textures? It's radio. If the podcast is going to communicate in visual vocabulary, it is going to have to provide visual content or it is meaningless. The value of the podcast as a marketing devive to stimulate interest in visiting the museum is also lost in an audio only format. Even the 5 video podcasts are borderline useful or informative. It seems that each one is a 2-3 minute edit of a larger interview with an artist about their work. They are so short and lifted from somewhere in the middle of the interview, that it is impossible to get any understanding or perspective. It is as though the viewer of this podcast was walking slowly through a room. In one door, then out the other side. While they passed through, the room where the interview was taking place they overheard 2 minutes of a 20 minute conversation. If you asked them on the other side, "What were they talking about?" the viewer would likely say, "I have no idea. It was something about art but I didn't get to hear much." There is no supporting text to indicate who is talking, who the artist is, what the subject or piece of work being referenced is. No supporting information at all to make sense of the 2-3 minutes of video. It's absolutely useless material in terms of learning about art, artists, purpose, meaning, intent, context, materiality, concept or even the SFMOMA. In it's current state, this podcast is a total waste of whatever resources the SFMOMA is putting into it. (which doesn't seem to be much) It's certainly a total waste of time for anyone interested in learning about SFMOMA or art. I'd skip it and check back in 6 month to see if they've improved the content.
what a terrific idea! this advances learning technology and access to information and user content ~ as a teacher i would encourage students to use this material and to create podcasts of their own
but just as as a concept this is BRILLIANT!! And now to try it out! GREAT IDEA! Give that person a raise!
SFMOMA (and a few other museums) have tapped into a phenomenal technology that brings art and artists into the lives of people who cannot or are unable to be at every museum. ARTcasts/Podcasts from the SFMOMA will use the voices (and sometimes images) from the actual artist which is phenomenal. Yes, it's nice to hear a curator or art historian BUT to listen to THE ARTIST present their own views in their own voices is a brilliant use of this technology. It's also a great way to acquaint yourself with a particular exhibit or artist. When the chance to actually visit the museum or see artwork by a particular artist, the viewer will have a more informed and educated way of perceiving not only this artist's work and views but it will help all viewers understand (or at the least accept) the images for what the artist or artists have created how they intended them to be experienced. These ARTcasts have my highest recommendation.