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Enjoyed this inspired by it as I have started my own podcast THE LAST THING I WISHED I SAID & I am quite a novice listening to Betty’s podcasts inspires me to continue going forward I am so amazed she commenced this show at the north of podcasting & keeps plowing on We’ll done Betty 👍👍👍


By Ssssky
She is impossible to listen to. Laughing at her own jokes, stupid sound effects. Calm dawn, please.


I love it! This podcast is so funny!
Came across this podcast when looking for travel. Best podcast ever! Now that I’m traveling again these stories are hilarious and makes you appreciate what flight attendants do every day.. thank you. Keep telling those stories!
Long time listener here! You're amazing and I really hope you never stop! I love your stories and how you share others stories! Your laugh is infectious and you always try to be positive even with everything that's happening in the world!
I heard that someone gave you a negative review & you were thinking about quitting. Please Don’t! So many, many people love your work, don’t let one a$$hole ruin it. Much love from a long-time fan.


By Geronia
I am sorry someone put you in potential jeopardy at your job. I love your podcast. My 12 year boys love your stories You are a ray of sunshine. I hope you will continue.
I love your podcast and other modes of storytelling, Betty! Five years ago, I began listening to you when I was commuting to my teaching job 1 hour away and have been a loyal listener ever since. After a listened to all the older episodes, I now wait for the 7th of each month. Your stories make me laugh and remember my 20s and early 30s when I was traveling around Europe. Also love the Pgh references!
I drive a semi truck nightly. Betty always makes me laugh and the miles go by so quickly. I can’t wait to listen to all her shows! I enjoy the travel stories and most the other stories ( I don’t need to like them all) I know I will always have something to laugh at. Please keep the stories coming!!!
A fun podcast I look forward to. The stories about working as a flight attendant are hilarious. Working with the public does give one an endless amount of material. I truly hope you continue, even if you decide to go with personal travel stories.


By cgow49
I love this podcast. Thanks, Betty. Love you too!!!
After your latest episode where you revealed you are having “thoughts” about the podcast, I had to review! I look forward to every episode of this show. You are funny, adventurous and have a voice for podcasting! Flight attendants do not get enough recognition and you show the honest and often comical side of the job that the rest of us don’t see or hear. More than ever this type of podcast is needed to audibly show all of the world, the people in it, and even what-not-to-do when traveling. No matter what you decide, I’ll keep listening, but don’t let the haters bring you down. You have never spoken poorly of the company or industry you work for and most of us not rude (and not on drugs) people really enjoy all of your stories! Keep it up!
Betty’s podcast is such an absolute delight! She is so bubbly and friendly; I really wish she was my flight attendant every flight! I don’t write reviews very often, but in the most recent episode she mentioned a negative comment from a listener. So I just want to help drown out the negativity and let Betty know how incredibly loved she is! I hope she doesn’t end her podcast! We love you, Betty!!! <3
Betty is funny and humble and just makes you want to do as the show tag line says. Travel the world with her. The airline and travel stories are great and you will fall in love with the story teller.
Clearly Betty looks down on overweight people, based on several comments about them that were disparaging.


By RustyN
Wonderful, funny stories of flying and travel. Betty is so fun to listen to, and I look forward to a new episode! Keep up the great work!
Betty’s podcast take me to places and let me listen to all kinds of people and places I’ll never get to go to. She is so blessed to be able to travel and share her adventures of her colleagues. Don’t ever stop, Betty!
I know it’s rough out there. So many keyboard warriors want to drag down content creators for no reason but the satisfaction of being a jerk. So I want to let all the podcasts I listen to know that I love and appreciate everything you create for me (for free!) and please keep up the good work! I don’t know what my life would be like without having interesting facts, reports, and stories to listen to on my commute and at my boring desk job. Thank you!
I love listening to Betty’s adventures. While I am not such a big traveler, I love to hear about her stories from her perspective working on a plane. This is one of the only podcasts that make me laugh out loud(LOL) while listening.
As a traveler for work I ♥️ listening to Betty when I am in the air. People think I am crazy laughing sometimes so hard. Honestly this is the only podcast I have stayed with. ❤️♥️❤️♥️ betty. And the sky. I have also told a lot of flight attendants an pilots to join the fun
I have listened to Betty since the very beginning. I live an adventurous life vicariously thru her! If I could I would be out there traveling the world and seeing all the amazing things she has! Thank you Betty for making me laugh and please keep up your awesome podcast💙💙💙💙
This is one of the easiest and most entertaining podcasts to listen to on long car trips. I save up several and binge listen when I’m driving. It isn’t so intense that you can’t focus on driving, but I find myself laughing out loud alone in my car when Betty tells a story! Thanks, Betty!
Very lighthearted and fun podcast with great stories about what happens behind the curtain in the flight cabin. Also fun stories about Betty’s travels and travails. Tired of politics in everything? Listen here.
This is such a lovely podcast. It is light hearted and funny. The best part is listening to Betty talk about her travels. I also love that she tries to put music that she’s recorded on her travels into the podcast. She is thoughtful about what she shares and I just love her.


I look forward to every new BITSky episode. Betty has a perspective on the world and life that lifts and inspires.Expieriencing the world through her eyes and ears adds joy to my day.
Betty picks up the most interesting tidbits to share. AND she travels by herself to see all these cool animals. If she can travel by herself, so can I!
Just a blast to listen to. You can really tell how much she loves telling (and hearing) stories and travel. If you like travel stories and inside humor from flight crews, get this one. If you're a terrible passenger, you might want to avoid it because they might be talking about you ;)
Very entertaining (and sometimes eye-opening). Betty is so personable you feel like you've known her forever (I don't know her at all). Well-edited and well-produced too.
Episode 158 had multiple f-bombs dropped towards the end of the episode, but it was not labeled as explicit. I believe that there was another recent episode with an f-bomb that was not labeled. This podcast is not safe to listen to at work or with family members. That’s too bad because this could be a very good podcast if not for the language.
I absolutely love Betty and this podcast. Sometimes I can’t believe some of the things that happen while working for the airline industry. I found this podcast while listening to some travel podcasts last year and have been hooked ever since. I share it with everyone who is looking for a good laugh. My husband and I even listen to her when we travel, hike and explore!! All I have to ask him is “Can we listen to Betty?”
Sorry, but I find your podcast VERY offensive! You are essentially making fun of passengers, the same passengers that pay your paycheck. It feels like more a bully/mean girls, type of podcast. VERY disappointed! UNsubscribing.
I can’t wait every month to hear Betty and her adventures!!
Betty your stories and interviews are outstanding. Hope to meet you on a flight one day.
She's sweet, she's perky, she's a flight attendant that loves to travel and share her stories with you. Betty does not take herself seriously, frequently laughing at her own odd predicaments. her whimsical travel accounts and interviews will make you yearn for more. And hey, you might learn something too.
I really enjoy this podcast. As a new flight attendant currently in training, I love to hear the stories and just know I'll have plenty of my own some day. However there is an episode where she makes fun of a hairy male passenger for simply looking the way he does and that made me extremely uncomfortable.
Laugh out loud funny
I really enjoy Betty’s stories. Perfect for travelers and non-travelers alike. Each one will make you laugh and put a smile on your face. Thanks Betty!
Funny, positive, heartwarming, joyful, are just a few things I can thing to describe Betty. I love, love, love this podcast. Thank you Betty!
I was referred to this podcast so I could listen to Flight Attendant tales but was unimpressed quickly into the first episode I heard. I decided to be fair and listen to the whole thing but I don't find her stories very humorous and that forced laugh- so distracting. She sounds nice enough I guess but her voice is a bit annoying. 3 stars because the setup is alright and for the intended subject matter.
I wish she made more podcasts!
Always interesting and upbeat. I learn something new in every episode. So glad there's a Betty in the world. Err, sky. :)
Really enjoyed Betty and her refreshingly normal sense of humor. It shows that she and her co-workers are loving and chuckling their way through the memories of many flight hours. I'm pretty sure they would enjoy themselves no matter what, even if we didn't. Lucky for us, they're taking us along for the ride.
Betty has been flying for "a major airline" for many years and she still seems to love her job. She would be the life of any party you went to with her work stories. She shares them with us in this podcast.
Betty is the best. When ever I fly now I always ask the flight attendants if they know her!
A lot of funny stories and gives great insight into the other side of the travel industry. Thank you!
Best travel podcast. Fun stories from around the World. Betty has the ablity to tell us escapades on airplanes and travel destination. Most of the stories are humorous or I can’t believe someone would do that in public. 5-Stars 2015
I enjoyed the program until the F***king language degraded to...the F-word. Granted it wasn't Flight Attendant Betty that dropped it, but come on, language skills people!!
I only discovered Betty recently and have been listening to her almost non-stop. I've listened 34 episodes over the last 2 weeks because I've had a lot of driving to do. Betty kept me company all the way from San Francisco driving down to LA! Betty is even to listen to because she keeps everything positive and since the stories are brief it's easy to pause as needed (i.e. listen while doing housework) or listen to episodes back to back to back (i.e. long commutes!) Betty, you had me really considering becoming a flight attendant since I love to travel so much- until I heard you mention sleep deprivation multiple times (and I know I don't do well with that!) Thanks for hours of (mostly) clean, happy stories! =D