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First of all, you have one of the most enjoyable host voices to listen to - it’s like David Attenborough but for project management. Greatly enjoyed ep. 476, like you, our entire company has grown up virtual from day 1. That being said, your guest brought up some perspectives we have not considered but look forward to applying within our projects.
This podcast was very helpful for me while preparing for my PMP exam for the past month. I listened/watched Cornelius go over the pitfalls to watch for during the exam and how prepare. Cornelius was right about ensuring that you read the agile practice guide; I would not have passed my test today 5/29/21 without studying this one besides the PMBOK and other material. Thank you Cornelius!!!
From my phone, I see episodes from 2020 only however on laptop it’s available for pre-2020 dates. How can I listen to those on phone as well?
How how to register in your website?
Cornelius and his knowledgeable guests are truly rockstars! They deliver quality (and free!) project management tips in each and every episode. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show Cornelius - keep up the great work!
As a newly certified PMP I find this podcast very informative! And I love that I can claim it for my PDUs.
This is the first podcast I ever listened. My husband introduced it to me when I wanted to find productive activity to multitask (entertain my brain) during mundane tasks. At first I was not hopeful as I’m not a “listener” and more of a visual person. But I’m pleasantly surprised about this podcast and below are why: - Intro music: Makes me happy. It’s mildly upbeat, just enough to set a lighthearted tone, which relaxes my mind automatically for incoming information. - Speaker’s tone: Borderline playful which makes sound less like a news reporting, or political radio debate or any that serious stuff. - Interesting/fairly wide industry coverage: although mostly are around technology, which I love, it’s more of technology in various industry. - Time sensitive: Covers industry newest trend, attitude, suggestion for further education. - Hosting: Very good at always summarizing at the end, giving a straight to the point big picture summary. Also he asks very intelligent question. Some of the guests aren’t very engaging and their answer is a little blah, but the host’s questions itself almost always fixes that.
I originally got started with Cornelius’s podcasts as a PM PrepCast student (an awesome value for PMPs-to-be, by the way - excellent content at a fraction of the cost of week-long cram sessions). As my PMP recertification deadline started to poke its head over the horizon I rediscovered the PM Podcast, and it has been a great way to spend my daily commute. I’ve been able to quickly knock out my PDUs while listening to interesting, relevant interviews with folks who clearly know their stuff. I sprang did the premium membership (definitely worth it!) and had the opportunity to go back and listen to the original episodes, when the format was still evolving, with various segments coming and going over time. Where he’s landed - shows focusing primarily on interviews at or around half an hour each - is right on the money, with just enough content to be useful without getting bogged down in the weeds. The thing I like most about this podcast is that it isn’t overly role-specific despite its title. While I have managed projects many times in my career I do most of my work as a project team _member_ working in training and/or change management roles. That said, I still get a ton out of these episodes that I find applicable as a professional in general, not just for PMs (though obviously that’s the lens through which the content is usually presented). I’d definitely recommend this podcast to anyone who works on or with project teams as a great way to get relevant, right-sized content and to start building a foundation for personal and professional growth.
Listening to Cornelius and guest allows me to earn PDU’s and stay abreast of other perspectives while running long distances. A multitaskers dream! I also used the PMPCast to supplement my PMP studies. It’s always good to have multiple perspectives...
I started listening to the podcast a week or so back. The content is crisp, useful and very much relevant to the area of project management. I have read a variety of books and have gained knowledge on various PM skills over a period of time by experience. And these podcasts are very much to the point and covers a wide variety of subjects. I will definitely be coming back to these sessions to listen to them again.
This podcast is very informative and relevant to day to day situations in project management. It helped during my preparation for the PMP exam and it helps me now to obtain PDUs
Cornelius selects and effectively interviews thought leaders in project and business management from all over the world. The information is very useful in promoting the project management profession.
Coming up on my PMP recertification date, I was looking for a way to collect a lot of PDUs. I found this site and I have really been impressed. The podcasts, even ones from a year or two ago, are concise, interesting and informative. All the folks being interviewed are obviously subject matter experts and are passionate about sharing what they know. Nice job, Cornelius. (From Marlton, NJ, USA)
All project managers are looking for ongoing education, but cannot always afford a week-long formal education opportunity. To fill in the blanks, this podcast offers the opportunity to listen to others’ thoughts and concerns about project management as a podcast. While some of these ideas are not necessarily new - they do offer the opportunity to remind oneself about things we ought to know and practice, but may have gotten away from during the daily project grind. This is an excellent opportunity to access self-directed learning while driving, waiting for a flight at the airport, or anywhere you have 15 - 30 minutes in your day!
I've just discovered this wonderful resource. The interviews are interesting, relavent, and entertaining. Cornelius engages both the listener and the interview subject. This podcast is not to be missed if you are interested in Project Management.
I passed my PMP Certification five months ago and have been listening to the pocast ever since. I studied from a popular book and took a weeklong in class session to the tune of $1,200 and a week of my life. At the end of the course I took several on line free quizes and didn't do as well as I thought was needed to pass the test so I started looking for another training method / course and found the PMP Prepcast by Cornelius Fichtner. It was well worth the money and the on line streaming videos and the helpful emails with tips were great! I also bought the formulas worksheet for about $20 which was very helpful. I would recommend skipping the week long in class training and do the on line training to take the test then continue your training and PDUs by signing up for this podcast!
Always get very useful information from Cornelius!
Cornelius delivers the goods!!!
Excellent and informative. Well worth the time. The interviewer is articulate, pleasant, knowledgeable and engaging. The topics are very relevant and interesting without being contrived. Even long standing PM topics take on a fresh new look. Highly recommend!
Busy work schedule and demanding home life precludes too many classroom/online learning options. Podcast makes it easy to stay current....listening while driving in my car! God bless and thank you.
I was drawn to the podcasts to get PDUs and am so glad I found Cornelius. He has a true gift for presenting informative PM content and making it engaging and applicable, Please keep it up!
I'm a new listener to the PM podcasts. I've found the podcasts to be very interesting and useful in a wide variety of topics. Having 37 years experience in working government projects, the podcasts keep me up to date on current trends and useful experiences of other PMs. Thank you, Cornelius, for putting forth the efforts to engaged in the podcast medium. Bill Flink
I have been a regular listener to Cornelius podcasts starting from my PMP preparation.Its been a treat to listen. The wide topics that get covered in PM Podcast and the opportunity to tap into the vast experience of the project managers that he invites is awesome.
Congrats on the success so far keep up the good work!
Excellent podcast for those of us in project management. Help me with my PMP certification. I have been listening for about a year. Great job Cornelius!
Listening to it for about year. A lot of new things and methodologies. Great job Cornelius!
I enjoy my flights with the PM podcast
I have listened to three episodes so far, and have already learned a lot about project management. This podcast is going to help me in my career as an engineering consultant, this podcast. I look forward to future episodes.
The podcast did not live up to my expectations. Seemed to me that it takes them a long time to actually say something; too verbose.
I sampled an episode entitled "PMO Trends" expecting to learn about PMO trends. I left the episode at the 4 minute mark, having heard nothing about PMO trends whatsoever. I sampled a few more episodes and heard the same lengthy introductory and chatty remarks, still not getting into the posted topic. A good idea to be sure, but would be much better if topics of substance were begun with only minimal preamble.
This is the best project management podcast out there. Good quality recording, timely topics, regular updates, and great guests.
Cornelius is undoubtedly the podfather of all project management podcasts. His is the podcast that has launched a thousand other PM podcasts like my own. I have been listening to the PM Podcast since Feb, 2007 and as a result I have learned all kinds of things about project management through both his PM podcast and PM Prepcast. Both are excellent in quality, content, and creativity. His interviews are informative and Cornelius definitely knows his subject. Keep up the good work! Ron Holohan, PMP The Project Management Podcast
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. The sound quality is very high & the episodes are very intersting. I have learned from these podcasts -- especially the helpful & unhelpful resources.
I have listened to the first year of this podcast and its Great!
This podcast is well worth listening to for anyone who is a project manager or wanting to learn more about project management.
Talks way too much before getting to the content.
This podcast consistently has excellent guests being interviewed on the show. The beginning of each podcast spends time reading email and listener feedback which I usually skip past, but then Cornelius gives useful websites to look at and most often has an interview with a guest project manager. Cornelius' clear love for project management tools and resources comes through. This podcast is a very nice introduction to the nuts and bolts of project management topics such as PMI, PMBOK, PRINCE2, Agile methodology, etc. If you don't know what those are, listen to this podcast.
I just wanted to let you and the readers know that I recently found your show on ITunes and not only have I enjoyed the most recent episodes, I have downloaded all the previous episodes and am working to listen to them all. The recording is of excellent quality, the information you present is relevant for all listeners and the variety of information and guests keep me wanting to listen in on each new episode. Keep up the great work! Brian Kilcrease a.k.a AZBizman
Cornelius consistently delivers quality project management content with excellent sound quality. The variety of topics he covers makes for an entertaining mix of educational food for thought. I especially enjoy the interviews focused on specific aspects of PM or methodologies. If your job is related to project management in any way or your career may be headed in that direction, this is one of the best podcasts for you to listen to!
I have been listening to Cornelius Fichtner, PMP for nearly a year now and have been continually impressed with the breadth, quality, and relevance of his weekly podcast. Not only do I learn something every time I listen, Cornelius is a pleasure to listen to. His easy going demeanor and positive disposition side by side with a high degree of professionalism throughout. Each show provides a variety of information, helpful resources, and interesting guests. Keep up the great work!
I always thought I knew enough about project management, but after listening to this podcast, I realized there is so much more to learn. The shows are a bit long, but every bit full of useful reviews, suggestions and interesting interviews. Definitely check it out.
The Project Management Podcast is well written, well produced and an asset to all those interested in project management. I have a small web development company and am looking to implement some standards to our project processes. I have learned more from this podcast than from many of the other resources available to me. Well done to Mr. Fichtner.
Cornelius Fichtner and his Project Management Podcast are the "pause that refreshes". In the demanding / hectic world of project management, his weekly podcasts provide me with an enjoyable opportunity to recharge my batteries while regaining my perspectives. Kudos Cornelius!!!
One of the greatest things about podcasting is being able to connect with many people and share in the experiences of those who have similar interests like our own. The information shared in these podcasts comes from someone who is not only experienced, but also has a real desire to connect with others in his field and share his experiences. While many people are hoarding information in order to try to make themselves more valuable, Cornelius and his associates take a higher road and pool their knowledge through collaboration rather than competition. I encourage everyone to listen to these podcasts and hear what professionalism and good business sense sounds like.