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I really want to like this podcast, but it's very monotone and puts me to sleep.
The kid tries, I'll give him that. He just really does not know what he is talking about. I had high hopes but after listening to three random podcasts and hearing huge gaps in his knowledge, this causes a lot of misinformation. I really doubt he is doing it on purpose. It's really sad that he used up the name for this sub-par podcast.
I really enjoy history, and at times, I have a hard time understanding why anyone wouldn’t find history to be at least marginally interesting. This kind of podcast is why some people find it incredibly boring. I know this podcast is no longer current, but man is it dry.
About 80% to 85% of the topics are pretty interesting, in my opinion, and with so very many episodes it's easy for the listener to find something that strikes his fancy. Dont expect much in the way of presentation, though. Mr. Hageman just doesn't sound very interested. I'm sure that's not really the case, but I find the dull monotone of his reading to be distracting. In fact, it's so clear that he's reading from print that maybe he ought to find a podcast on broadcasting or podcasting. (Pro Tip: Put a picture of someone you know on your desk, and read as if your speaking to that person. It really helps.) The sound quality isn't very good either, but I suppose free podcasts can't always finance high-quality equipment. Still, lots of good material in here. UPDATE: I just learned from an article printed in the Wall Street Journal fro 2006 that George is only about 24 years old as of the writing of this review. Given that, I say let's cut him some slack while he learns the ropes researching and broadcasting. I'll revisit my rating once I've listened to the full backlog of podcasts, to comare old and new.
The context of the podcast is good but the person delivering the podcast has a dull voice, which ruins the entire podcast!


By Seth W1
This podcast is terrible. Good god.
Yet it's not fulfilled. Good topics ad info for the most part but its just a guy reading a script. Monotone dry and he smacks his mouth a lot. Stopped listening after he said j Wilkes booth was shot in the head in the "exact" spot as Lincoln. Booth was shot in the upper spine and his vertebrae are on display at the smithsonian I believe. Smh. Ruined credibility
I've listened to 5-6 of these and I can't anymore. I enjoy the topics and information provided very much, but the narration is very dry and monotone. A script is obviously read and the narrator fails to engage the listener. What is left is a history lecture that lacks personality and charisma. Interesting content will get me to download and start a podcast, but a lively host with personality in delivery is needed to keep me listening.
Man you must be done with college now!!! How about some new podcasts
Full of errors, empty of substance. Most history buffs could do a better job extemporaneously on any of the topics. Before one undertakes a military history podcast; it would be a good idea to learn to pronounce “Antietam” correctly.
This is a fun podcast, he's got some factual errors as well as clearly bias again republicans and Christianity. But over all, kept be busy at work!
Should start doing these again. Very interesting especially the stuff about the psychology of warfare.
Great podcast. I am really enjoying it!
Please make more!!!!!!


Please continue making these podcasts
I am a huge podcast listener and former U.S. infantry, and this one os one of my favorites. Interesting topics, good delivery, and a lot of facts in a small amount of time. Ignore any rating less than 5 stars! The only problem to complain about is that there haven't been any new ones in a while. Please have more shows!
I give it two stars for good intentions, though it really is a one-star FAIL. This is uninspired stuff. Amateurish production values and some pretty serious blunders in fact-checking and scholarship. Too bad, I was really hoping to find a good podcast on military history. This ain't it.
The dude has good information but you'll fall asleep listening to him. Sounds like he recorded his own voice over a skpe connection or something.


By 90502
Having listened to the Forces of Nature podcasts I regret to find that this podcasts gets a whole lot wrong. As a professor of Latin American history I was disappointed to find a number of long dispelled myths about the conquest repeated here as though they were accepted facts. Since the information about Latin America is wrong, I can't trust the information from fields I am unfamiliar with. So I won't be listening any more.
When are we getting an episode on US Grant here???? One of the great military geniuses.
This podcast seems like it was read by an individual sitting next to an open window in the Bronx. There was a lot of background noise during the reading (like fire engines, ambulances, and police cars) It would probably sound better in an inclosed environment.
Being a military history buff, I knew these ten minute podcasts would essentially be Military History for Dummies, but even with those minimal expectations, I was disappointed. Many factual errors and uninspiring delivery of material seemingly written for grade school students.


By mibrher
Nice try, but needs a fact checker, for instance explosives do not propel neutrons at the U235 in the atomic bomb to start the chain reaction. Also the french foreign legion could not fight in the battle of Dien Bien Phu after 1961 since it took place in 1954. So hopefully now that the author is in college now he with have better access to the information.
This is a very informative podcast. Obviously after 10 minutes you aren't going to know every bit of information on a war or even a battle, but that’s not what this podcast is about. It’s a broader view of historical military topics and it generally sparks interest, making you want to learn more. As for those who criticize him, he doesn’t ever claim to be a professor or historian; he is most likely a hobbyist and should be given some slack for the relatively few mistakes he makes. Great Job George!
George is trying, but he lacks discipline. Numerous, numerous errors are in the podcasts. (For instance, he talked about the "ice bridge" across the Bering Strait from Africa to Alaska.) Nor is he objective. He mentioned the "Iraqi My Lai" incident at Haditha, but failed to discuss the events surrounding the killings or the subsequent legal proceedings. Arm Chair General is to be commended for supporting the effort, but the fact that such poor quality is still produced after all these years is disappointing. Go to the Pritzker Military Library for quality military history. Not Mr. Hageman.
This podcast is like an encyclopedia some people buy them, some don't. This is a Truley great podcast that is a wonderful source of infromation.
awsome podcast with lots of info, love it
Very nice delivery and topic choice. A wide variety of interesting subjects often ignored in public school. Yea, there only 11 aircraft carriers, but were all human. Nice Job.
Presented in a monotone voice, some of the infromation is of interest. However, I was taken aback when listening to the Joan of Arc podcast to learn that "Barack Obama has absolutely no experience to be President of the United States." Say what? I was attracted to this podcast because of some of the titles, but will not be coming back. I get too much current political commentary as it is from the newspapers and TV!
George, I have learned a great deal about history from your podcasts, You have made me realize that knowledge of history, is not complete without the military history that go's along with it. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, I really enjoy listening to your program. Sincerely Utahscookie
this show is an incredibley realible source for anything having to do about the history of military conflict and anything even remotely having to do with military affairs. Although thier is room for some inprovment such as a more about ancient medieval military affairs, such as the hundreds year war or the crusades. Altough this sould not be a deturent for any new listeners. I encourage more people listening for this is not a bad podcast.
I love this podcast, it is on my list of must listen to podcasts. First my negative observations: George is a teenager, with that comes some limitations that show up in his production. I assume he has a limited budget so his equipment is fair. I wouldn't complain about it though. His content is good although sometimes he does make assumptions or outright errors. Having said that, history is full of mistakes. Another problem is that he tends to read and the podcast sometimes sounds stilted. Now my positive comments: George has a very wide scope of topics. With such a wide scope, one would assume the depth would be lacking, yet when George covers a topic, he does so with a good amount of detail. He doesn’t get too deep in the facts and he is certainly not boring. His depth seems to be the perfect level for an audio presentation. The topics he covers sound well researched. I would recommend that he attribute his facts in a recitation of sources at the end of the podcast so people can check up on his details. That way if there is a dispute, it can be resolved. Thanks for a fun resource George, I look forward to it and the improvements I know will come with time.
All the personality of a rock… The historical information may or may not be accurate. It’s irrelevant when the narrator sounds robotic, reading a very basic script. Imagine any historical Wikipedia entry recited by a computer generated voice. Welcome to this podcast. Well intentioned, but fails…. miserably.
Thank you George. I can tell you put a lot of effort in your podcast and each podcast almost always has something in it I didn't know. I try to listen to several a day.
George clearly loves this stuff and it shows. No, he doesn't have a radio voice or expensive equipment, but he consistantly teaches me something I didn't know. just a glance at his topics tells you how much variation in subjects he brings to the project. I look forward to every show.
I listended to the Screaming Eagles podcast today. I happen to be fairly knowledgeable so I did not learn much. George needs a little caffein and to emote. I seriously had to force myself to keep listening. George, you get an A for effort, but a D for presentation and a C for content. I will try a couple more and decide if I can spend my time with this podcast
I tried a few of these... and I thought maybe I had my IPOD set on slow for spoken word at first. The content might be ok, but the reader/author is terrible. His voice is so monotonous and slow... it will surely put you to sleep.
The author's inherent liberal bias is evident in the assumptions on which he bases his unsupported declarations. As a past sniper, I find his segment on sniper warfare to be laughable.
There are several problems with this podcast, such as being boring, having a monotone delivery, and being generally uninformed about the topics he discusses. In discussing current military conflicts, George reveals his ignorance by using a single source, or relying on his own inherent bias. Not a podcast I would at all recommend. I have listened to every single one, and they do not get better.
I have to say that I wasn't terribly impressed. I'm an active-duty Naval Officer, and I found the aircraft carrier podcast almost unlistenable and rife with errors. Carrier squadrons aren't commanded by majors -- in fairness to the author, a major may serve as the XO of a USMC squadron embarked with a carrier air wing, but generally USN squadron COs and XOs hold the rank of commander; we don't have majors in the Navy. No mention was made of the Battle of Taranto, one of the earliest battles of naval aviation and a major influence on Japanese attack plans before Pearl Harbor. The USN has 11 carriers, not 15. (I would have accepted 12 as well, given the recent decommissioning of the JFK.) And so on and so forth. This gentleman has clearly put some good effort into this podcast, but I can't recommend it based on what I've heard.
Mr. Hageman puts together a well researched and interesting podcast. I can't wait for the next one! Keep up the good work and keep them coming.
As a history buff, I appreciate George's attempts to rely the information but his delivery needs work. These are exciting topics. There's no passion in his voice; the monotone quality is, frankly, boring. A little drama in the reading would go a long way here. Mispronunciations and poor enunciation add to the lackluster quality of the podcast. I have no doubt that improvement is possible and would enhance the quality of the project. If I may suggest, George might try doing a practice read before actually recording, or perhaps listening to his own work first might suggest areas of improvement. Sorry, but that's my opinion.


By Nstrand
If you have any interest at all in any sort of history you should check this out! It's very informative and has varied subjects. Keep up the good work!
i learn a lot but his voice puts me to sleep if i'm not very aleet
Read a lackluster script in a monotone.
I've been listening to this podcast while driving to work for over a year, maybe two years by now. Leaders, tactics, weapons, animals used in war, equipment, planning...there's no end to what military history entails. Because humans have always waged war, we might as well try to understand it.
My 10-year-old son begs for more episodes of this podcast weekly. We have learned so much about the history of the military through these. My favorite episode was on Sniper Warfare. There is such a broad range of historical data available in these: Ancient Battles and Modern. Keep up the great work, we love your show!!!
listen everybody. george knows what hes talking about in this. hes a smart guy. george is the man.


By ur_m0m
Sounds like a robot talking. But hey, they talk about Star Wars!!!!!