Reviews For The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection

Been listening since having to download shows to iTunes. Keep it going!!


Love the show! Thx


I am an avid audible book listener and stumbled across this podcast after finishing a book series and trying to decide what to start next. I have been binge-listening ever since! I am so wowed by the information I am receiving, and in such a professional and clean series! It’s a bonus to learn that Drew and George are local for me! Hope to meet at a conference or society meeting one day. In the meanwhile, I’ll be continuing my binge until I’ve listened to every episode and can start over again. Thanks to the Guys…you two are awesome! Thanks so much for helping me take my research to the next level.
A good introduction to genealogy and a great podcast to follow to stay up-to-date on the genealogy world.
There are a ton of genealogy podcasts out there. Some are very good but most are pretty amateurish and poorly produced. This is one of the best. If you have any interest in genealogy, this podcast is a must. The guys are very knowlegeable and interesting and even the slight bit of corniness adds to their charm. The podcast quality is as good as any podcast in any area of interest. They love genealogy and are both great communicators. They cover a broad array of topics. Their content has allowed me to break some brick walls and understand the DNA impact on genealogy. Give this a listen and you won’t be disappointed.
The Genealogy Guys podcast is a favorite! Super Informative and always uplifting!
I look forward to every new podcast! I learn something new about my genealogy hobby (obsession?) with every episode and recommend this podcast for any level genealogist! Informative, entertaining, and most importantly, motivating!
I have learned a lot from The Genealogy Guys. I’ve used some of the software they recommend and some of the software created by sone of their guys. They deserve 5 stars!
I really enjoy listening to the latest genealogy news from Drew and George. The interviews with other genealogists are great. I have learned a lot in the 5 plus years that I have been listening.
This is a really good site for a wide variety of information on genealogy, they cover a lot of different topics.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It is always enjoyable and I often learn something new. I eagerly await each new release.
This is a great podcast that focuses on current events and trends. I enjoy it because they are on point and handle the subject without all the discussions about irrelevant things as many of the podcasts do now. If you want current events and great tips without hearing 5 minutes of old music and discussions on family vacations this is a great choice. It is my first choice for genealogy podcasts and I highly recommend it.
I love Genealogy and this podcast helps feed that addiction. Well worth your time and attention. I look forward to each new episode when it drops.
I’ve been listening for maybe eight years. These guys are on top of all that is going on genealogy today from news to FamilySearch updates to answering listeners’ questions. If you’re new or experienced, make the guys part of your learning.
Been listening to these guys since 2008. One of the best genealogy podcasts out there. I like when they answer listeners' questions. Have been able to use their suggestions to help me break down one of my brick walls.
If you are good with someone utilizing genealogy as a weapon to disgrace and discredit political opposition then these are your guys! Irrespective of political agenda we all know skeletons exist in every closet. True genealogists understand this fact. There are better sources for general genealogy information than what you’ll get here.
The Guys are the best there are in keeping us up to date across the genealogy board, also in research advice. If you're not listening to them, you're missing out.
Great podcast extremely informative.
I subscribe to several genealogy podcasts, but Drew and George’s podcasts are my favorite. I have been a regular listener since I first got serious about genealogy in 2007. I recommend their podcast to any genealogist at any skill level. I especially enjoy Drew’s new Genealogy Connection series.
I've listened to the Genealogy Guys podcast almost from the beginning. I believe their show is the lomgest running genealogy podcast but they come up with new information every week. Along wirh their other podcast " Genealogy Connetion" (which I highly recommend) you will learn things with every show.
I listen to a number of podcasts about a variety of topics. Genealogy Guys is one of 2-3 family history podcasts that has remained in my feed all these years. It is consistently good, contains useful information and tips and is very relatable. Thank you Drew and George!
I have been listening to the Genealogy Guys for several years. Their podcast is always interesting, informative and educational. Anyone into Genealogy should listen to this.
George & Drew just keep getting better! I’ve started taking notes on the episodes as I listen, such as the recent Eastern Europe episode. My family on my father’s side is from Slovenia, (like the First Lady). This tiny country has had several name & boundary changes that w/ your guest’s suggestions, I have more places to dig into. As a side, is Oxford an only cat now? Thank you again for an excellent show. Teresa Flanagan
I have been listening to the guys for years. I learn something new with every episode. I feel like George and Drew are old friends.
I'm so glad my friend told me about Genealogy Guys! I've only been listening for about a year, but I can't even begin to list how many topics discussed, record collections mentioned, or tips shared which have helped me try to transition to a professional genealogist. It's not easy to keep up with everything new or important to know in the genealogy world. Drew and George's podcast is the closest thing to that out there. Listen and you won't be disappointed. Thanks, Genealogy Guys!
Love this show!!! Always great content.
Love this show, they provide a great digest for updates and tools across the genealogy world. I also love their interviews with a broad variety of experts.
You can’t do genealogy without listening to the Genealogy Guys,
I have enjoyed the podcast for MANY years. I started listening during the 1st or 2nd year but quit because of the sound quality. It was just too hard to listen to the echos in the room. I began listening again 2 years ago and the quality has improved greatly but there is still some issues with microphone/echos not equalized between the George and Drew. I really like the podcast but wish it had a cleaner sound.
I am appreciative and thankful for this Podcast! I have learned a lot of information in just a few episodes and can't wait to listen to more. Thank you!!
Every podcast George and Drew seem to mention something from a new records listing release or a listener email or a book that helps me further my genealogy research. Both of them are well versed in genealogy research, tools and methods to help anyone from a beginner to an advanced researcher. I have listened for about 9 months and have gone back and listened to their podcasts as far back as 2007 and gotten tips. I hope sometime in the near future I will be able to attend a talk of theirs and meet them in person. Thanks George and Drew!
I have two favorite genealogy podcasts: Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems. Both give you sound advice, the latest news and entertain questions. What more can you ask? The Genealogy Guys seem to take a more personal approach to helping genealogists especially beginners. Try them out. You won’t regret it.
Love this podcast! So informative, never boring. Been listening for a few years now and I always learn something new.
Genealogy Connections is my FAVORITE podcast! I love the format of this and just wish there were more. Maybe they could throw in a show of email questions and answers every few months.. As for Genealogy Guys Podcast you are a close second. I only wish I could see you in person, but the closest conference to me is Rootstech, and due to the season I can’t chance the roads from Washington state to Utah. George and Drew keep me going. I learn so much, that I relisten constantly.
I’ve been listening to The Genealogy Guys for several years now. Drew and George pack the show with news you can use, questions from listeners, and content that is designed to be actionable. Now, Drew has his interview show, Genealogy Connection, which has wonderful, long-form interviews with lots of folks from the genealogy community. I look forward to both of these and wait eagerly for each new episode. For background, I have been researching my family for 30 years but have not yet gone for professional certification.
Listen to George and Drew for the latest news about everything genealogy, from the newest additions to online databases, to tips about working with your DNA findings, and tools that are available to break down brick walls. Queries from researchers are always welcome. This is a podcast for every genealogist, from beginner to expert. The guys are great!
This podcast is the best way to keep up with everything going on in the genealogy world. A great blend of news, answers to listeneners' questions, expert advice, book reviews, etc. Plus the hosts have nice, friendly personalities and a sense of humor.
I've been listening the George and Drew for over 10 years now. Their podcast is the best - always insightful and full of suggestions for genealogy researchers, from beginner to expert. Highly recommended!
Carve out time in your busy schedule to listen to Drew and George. These podcasts are continuing education for genealogists, folks, so don’t let one get by you.
I love this podcast!! Good advice and news about what is new in genealogy world. I really like the interviews in genealogy connection very informative
The genealogy guys do a great job of keeping genealogists up-to-date in the ever-changing world of genealogy resources. Very knowledgeable and deeply involved in genealogy. Plus they are fun to listen to.
I always look forward to each episode, as they are always on top of what’s new and interesting. They are great researchers and give great ideas.
I've been listening to George & Drew's show for 10 years now and the level of education I've received from their show is insurmountable. Their show has not only taught me new things, it's also helped me break through many of my research brick walls thanks to their suggestions, feedback and recommendations. Listening to their show is like listening to two friends have a conversation about genealogy, which makes for an incredibly entertaining -- and informative -- show. I find myself looking forward to each week's show and even after 10 years of listening, I still continue to learn more and more about the world of genealogy!
I've tried other genealogy podcasts, but this is the only one where I subscribe to it and wait anxiously for a new one to arrive. My favorite part of the podcasts is book recommendations. I cleaned out Barnes and Noble for any books it had available from the author, Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Drew and George bring great resources to genealogists of any level.
The podcast is an excellent update of varying aspects of the genealogy world. Can't say enough good things. Keep up the great job
These guys are great. I am always learning something new; either a genealogy products or new genealogy techniques. I throughly enjoy their stories and the readers' stories, especially George's search for Brisco Holder. Definitely worth listening to this podcast! Been listening from almost the beginning of the podcast.
This is probably my favorite genealogy podcast. This is more of a news in genealogy podcast than it is informing listeners how to do genealogy. A lot more discussion than telling.
I've listened since day one...over 10 years ago. I even have listened through the entire inventory a second time as I continue to pick up things I may have missed first time through. A soild and must-linten-to podcast and resource for the genealogist. Their newest podcast Genealogy Connections is a soild addition as Drew presents interviews with others who share their expertise and passion for the endeavor.
I enjoy listening to the podcast and learning new tips for my genealogy work. I enjoy your personalities. I have especially enjoyed the new podcast, Genealogy Connection. I really enjoy listening to the interviews.