Reviews For The Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection

I'm so glad my friend told me about Genealogy Guys! I've only been listening for about a year, but I can't even begin to list how many topics discussed, record collections mentioned, or tips shared which have helped me try to transition to a professional genealogist. It's not easy to keep up with everything new or important to know in the genealogy world. Drew and George's podcast is the closest thing to that out there. Listen and you won't be disappointed. Thanks, Genealogy Guys!
Love this show!!! Always great content.
Love this show, they provide a great digest for updates and tools across the genealogy world. I also love their interviews with a broad variety of experts.
You can’t do genealogy without listening to the Genealogy Guys,
I have enjoyed the podcast for MANY years. I started listening during the 1st or 2nd year but quit because of the sound quality. It was just too hard to listen to the echos in the room. I began listening again 2 years ago and the quality has improved greatly but there is still some issues with microphone/echos not equalized between the George and Drew. I really like the podcast but wish it had a cleaner sound.
I am appreciative and thankful for this Podcast! I have learned a lot of information in just a few episodes and can't wait to listen to more. Thank you!!
Every podcast George and Drew seem to mention something from a new records listing release or a listener email or a book that helps me further my genealogy research. Both of them are well versed in genealogy research, tools and methods to help anyone from a beginner to an advanced researcher. I have listened for about 9 months and have gone back and listened to their podcasts as far back as 2007 and gotten tips. I hope sometime in the near future I will be able to attend a talk of theirs and meet them in person. Thanks George and Drew!
I have two favorite genealogy podcasts: Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems. Both give you sound advice, the latest news and entertain questions. What more can you ask? The Genealogy Guys seem to take a more personal approach to helping genealogists especially beginners. Try them out. You won’t regret it.
Love this podcast! So informative, never boring. Been listening for a few years now and I always learn something new.
Genealogy Connections is my FAVORITE podcast! I love the format of this and just wish there were more. Maybe they could throw in a show of email questions and answers every few months.. As for Genealogy Guys Podcast you are a close second. I only wish I could see you in person, but the closest conference to me is Rootstech, and due to the season I can’t chance the roads from Washington state to Utah. George and Drew keep me going. I learn so much, that I relisten constantly.
I’ve been listening to The Genealogy Guys for several years now. Drew and George pack the show with news you can use, questions from listeners, and content that is designed to be actionable. Now, Drew has his interview show, Genealogy Connection, which has wonderful, long-form interviews with lots of folks from the genealogy community. I look forward to both of these and wait eagerly for each new episode. For background, I have been researching my family for 30 years but have not yet gone for professional certification.
Listen to George and Drew for the latest news about everything genealogy, from the newest additions to online databases, to tips about working with your DNA findings, and tools that are available to break down brick walls. Queries from researchers are always welcome. This is a podcast for every genealogist, from beginner to expert. The guys are great!
This podcast is the best way to keep up with everything going on in the genealogy world. A great blend of news, answers to listeneners' questions, expert advice, book reviews, etc. Plus the hosts have nice, friendly personalities and a sense of humor.
I've been listening the George and Drew for over 10 years now. Their podcast is the best - always insightful and full of suggestions for genealogy researchers, from beginner to expert. Highly recommended!
Carve out time in your busy schedule to listen to Drew and George. These podcasts are continuing education for genealogists, folks, so don’t let one get by you.
I love this podcast!! Good advice and news about what is new in genealogy world. I really like the interviews in genealogy connection very informative
The genealogy guys do a great job of keeping genealogists up-to-date in the ever-changing world of genealogy resources. Very knowledgeable and deeply involved in genealogy. Plus they are fun to listen to.
I always look forward to each episode, as they are always on top of what’s new and interesting. They are great researchers and give great ideas.
I've been listening to George & Drew's show for 10 years now and the level of education I've received from their show is insurmountable. Their show has not only taught me new things, it's also helped me break through many of my research brick walls thanks to their suggestions, feedback and recommendations. Listening to their show is like listening to two friends have a conversation about genealogy, which makes for an incredibly entertaining -- and informative -- show. I find myself looking forward to each week's show and even after 10 years of listening, I still continue to learn more and more about the world of genealogy!
I've tried other genealogy podcasts, but this is the only one where I subscribe to it and wait anxiously for a new one to arrive. My favorite part of the podcasts is book recommendations. I cleaned out Barnes and Noble for any books it had available from the author, Nathan Dylan Goodwin. Drew and George bring great resources to genealogists of any level.
The podcast is an excellent update of varying aspects of the genealogy world. Can't say enough good things. Keep up the great job
These guys are great. I am always learning something new; either a genealogy products or new genealogy techniques. I throughly enjoy their stories and the readers' stories, especially George's search for Brisco Holder. Definitely worth listening to this podcast! Been listening from almost the beginning of the podcast.
This is probably my favorite genealogy podcast. This is more of a news in genealogy podcast than it is informing listeners how to do genealogy. A lot more discussion than telling.
I've listened since day one...over 10 years ago. I even have listened through the entire inventory a second time as I continue to pick up things I may have missed first time through. A soild and must-linten-to podcast and resource for the genealogist. Their newest podcast Genealogy Connections is a soild addition as Drew presents interviews with others who share their expertise and passion for the endeavor.
I enjoy listening to the podcast and learning new tips for my genealogy work. I enjoy your personalities. I have especially enjoyed the new podcast, Genealogy Connection. I really enjoy listening to the interviews.
I've been listening to Drew and George for a few years now and I look forward to each new episode. The Guys offer the latest happenings from the big online providers, news from the societies, interesting case studies, and tons of helpful hints. Highly recommended.
I've been listening to the guys for several years. I never fail to learn something new. I'm always impressed with their generous spirit and sincere desire to help others interested in the pursuit of their genealogy. Thank you, Drew and George.
Drew and George are fun to listen to. They inform, entertain and keep listeners current with the news in the genealogy world. There is always something to be learned from them.
If you are just getting started in doing family history, then this show should be a foundation piece in your education. Download the back episodes and keep them stored on a hard drive and just listen to them while you are driving, sitting on a bus, the subway or just walking. I've been doing genealogy since I was 11 years old and know most of the ins and outs of research, but I still look forward to their show each week because there is always some nugget that didn't know or had just forgotten. It's a good show.
This podcast is full of great information for both the genealogy enthusiast and beginner. Highly recommend. Wish it was a more regular - or at least had a schedule (i.e. Weekly, 2x month, or monthly) - to know when the new episodes were coming out.
Always enjoy the news, education and ya'll great sense of humor. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.


By Bryan B
This is a solid podcast for anyone interested in genealogy. I appreciate the normal first segment which is focused on news in the world of genealogy (although sometimes the news turns into strictly press releases from companies.) My favorite part is the user questions, as that gets into hands on and in-depth genealogical discussion. However, if you are not into the world of "genealogy politics" or discussing the happenings of the certain societies, parts of this cast will do nothing for you. Also, the one podcast-er here has an insufferable habit of interrupting the other one thinking he is right and or the other is wrong. This episode I'm listening to alone he wasted almost half a minute trying to say a word the other had used isn't a real word (it is) and even longer trying to contradict the other on a historical point that had no contradiction. This habit of his has caused me to stop listening to episodes. Perhaps it would be a better podcast with just the one gentleman who doesn't so the interrupting.
There's always some tidbit of info to learn from the G Guys to further your research.
I am as completely hooked on these podcasts as I am on genealogy. They make you feel as though you're stopping by for a cup of coffee and a chat with very genial and knowledgeable friends. They never talk down to rookies and still give lots of new and good ideas to gen. veterans! They try to be objective when discussing books, websites, and sources --- and there are a lot of them out there. Especially enjoyed Drew's interviews with experts and presenters at Roots Tech 2012 conference earlier this year. Keep the podcasts coming! They make doing laundry fly by;)
The Guys deliver a lot of information. Their love of genealogy is evident. I take away a new idea for my research from every episode and frequently check the dhow notes to find a particular website they mentioned. They are responsive and friendly when responding to email questions. I've listened to every episode. My only regret is the Guys stay so busy with conferences and societies that the episodes aren't as frequent but well worth waiting for!
Each episode sheds light on something to help me in my research whether it's a tip on a "how to" or a fact about something. I'm just amazed at how much I've learned from them since I stumbled upon them while surfing the net. I have listened to all 160 episodes and they've read some of my emails and answered my questions during a few episodes. I haven't met them yet, but I will soon at a conference. I highly recommend this podcast to beginners and genealogists of all levels of experience. You will love these guys!
This podcast contains a lot of interesting information and advice. However, George Morgan's constant interruptions and comments are annoying. His presence makes this a 3-star podcast. Ignore him, if you can. I find it difficult to listen for a full hour.
George & Drew keep you up on the latest news, community issues, & research tips. They will also keep you laughing. This show is a continual boost to keep you moving in your genealogical quest!
This is an excellent podcast - The hosts, George and Drew are just very nice guys with loads of information. They know their stuff. They are obviously good friends and enjoy what they are doing. The fact that they are experts in family history makes this a GREAT resource. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast.
I listen every week and love the show. If I had to give a more objective review, I would say that I would like the show to be more substantive, i.e dealing with specific subjects, like the National Archives or specific types of documents. But for the price, it is more than wonderful : ) I feel like I know these guys, so I also feel I can say "George! let Drew finish his sentence!" (said with much affection : ) You can count on the Genealogy Guys. Thanks to both of you.
The genealogy guys have a great repartee and each week share their wealth of genealogical knowledge. They discuss varied topics and are always interesting and informative.
George and Drew are my very own genealogy mentors (even if they don't know it.) Listening to them always gives me the drive to push through the brick walls.
This is one podcast I really look forward to every week. Their conversational style is easy going. The ideas and concepts presented really helped me as a beginner. Now, after the 103rd show, I find myself going back to listen to old podcasts and getting even more out of them. Truly a resource. Thanks Genealogy Guys!
I was fortunate enough to meet George and Drew on a 2006 Genealogical Cruise. They are great to listen to and great to talk with. I've listened to all 100 podcasts and look forward to the next 100. I recommend them highly. While other podcasts have come and gone, or been put on hold for some time, the "Guys" have managed to produce a weekly podcast even when on the road or getting back from a cruise or the hospital. Keep it up.
Great show filled with current events in genealogy. More of a discussion format than a how-to. One of the podcasts I look forward to hearing. Only sorry I finally listened to all the back episodes and now must wait for new ones to come out.
I find myself listening with a pen close by. They've recommended so many resources, I haven't checked them all. The Genealogy Guys also keep up with the latest technology and books. My only complaint is that I wish they talked less about genealogy conferences. I don't really care how the food was, who they ran into, etc. Otherwise they give great information and interviews of interesting people. I highly recommend them to anyone starting out.
These weekly reports include news, genealogy training, and announcements of upcoming events. George and Drew are very informative and do an excellent job of communicating to both the novice and the experienced researcher. They show up at events where "it is happening" in the genealogy community and in turn find and review the best opportunities available. Many hours of research time will be saved by listening and learning from the podcasts. These podcasts will definitely improve your research work.
The podcast usually begins with a review of recent happenings in the world of genealogy, followed by selection of a topic to review. The podcasters also periodically discuss basic searching strategies and must have publications. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in genealogy.