Reviews For Gateway To Sedona Travelogue

This is an absolute must for locals and visitors alike! Hear about all the fun, educational, musical, artistic and social events that the community of Sedona has to offer to its citizens and guests in an upbeat format in this weekly podshow. Tom and Shondra give us all the facts in an entertaining and succinct way so that a listener comes away armed with dates, times, and a synopsis of what there is to see and do in Sedona that goes beyond the hiking, jeep tours and psychic readings. Live like a local while in Sedona and relish the culture, music, art, politics, healing, and environmental events that make this a wonderful community to be a part of. Listen to this podcast once a week so you don't miss a thing! It all happens with a smile on Gateway To Sedona's Travelogue with Tom & Shondra. There is humor involved, so be forewarned! :-) JC