Reviews For Old Fashioned Revival Hour Broadcast

I like a great verity of music but I really wanted to start listening to more hymns so I could sing-a-along in church, so after coming across this, old program I truly believe I found a treasure. There is 15-20 minutes of hymn and the rest is a message; I was more into the hymns but once I started hearing Rev. Fuller I was blown away! I have to say I truly enjoy the maturity of the message and the, I won’t hold anything back because people might become offended speaking. The recordings are old (1940’s-1950’s) but the clarity is fine, and if you don’t like the hymns please listen to the messages. The points Fuller makes are right inline with the bible and you should fined it to be deeper than most ministers of the word speaking that you get today. Well I hope this was helpful, take care and please enjoy the ultimate riches of Christ.